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Bored to Death.png
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Couldn't find W2C thread so why not. W2C jacket like this
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Anyone know what shoes and sunglasses the guy on the right is wearing?
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they are like nmds with gum soles or some other trash
I think the glasses are from thrasher. They're $6.66 on their website last time I knew.

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Black bomber jackets > black leather jackets
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well duh
>Black leather bomber jacket
fuck thats ugly kek

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Hey /fa/,

I'm a total newfag to this specific board, usually just post on /tv/ or /fit/. I need some help finding clothes, I don't know what websites are good for men's clothing, with stuff that's currently in style. I can't dress myself because I generally buy terrible clothing (e.g; American Fighter shirts, rock revival jeans, etc.). I want to get away from that particular stuff and dress more like I'm not a total douche.

Currently when I'm shopping online, I always tend to drift towards terrible graphic tees, like Crooks & Castles stuff, I have zero fashion sense obviously.

Locally I don't have many options as I'm from a small town.

Anyway thanks to anyone who helps me out.

(Pic is the last shirt I bought lol)
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What are you trying to do with your life? Fashion is totally context-dependent.
Jesus Christ that shirt is horrendous
Don't hijack this board. Ask stupid questions in fuccboi general

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Name a more /effay/ band than KKB.
>protip: you can't
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my nigga

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Are trucker hats /fa/?
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Hey 4chan, 5'4" manlet here wondering if anybody knows any shoes that'll make me taller. Not like shoes with hidden heels in them but just shoes that'll add 2-3" at most.
>Genetics suck ass
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5'4 here, just accept that you're short, i personally feel disgust when i try to hide my height with shoes.
Either way the only acceptable thing i can come up with are boots but they barely add 3-4 cm to you maximum
get LL niggas damn, they say it doesn't even hurt anymore. +6 inches
>not taking advantage of being a manlet.
my man, just make yourself look as adorable as possible and get those crazy 6'+ chicks smothering you.

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What do you guys do with your used clothes? What's worth selling online? It seems there's a ton of places to list your items, but I've no idea what sells, for how much, and if as a working professional if it's even worth my time or I should just donate the whole lot and be done with it.

Pic comfy but unrelated
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If they're worth anything, are designer or of a relatively important brand, grail them.
Donating them is the last option if they're in really bad conditions
only designer clothes or something relatively rare and desired
I usually donate my used clothes. My mom's a school nurse and they always need extras in case a kid ruins his jacket or whatever
Somewhere there are kids with a bunch of my old Japanese shit and streetwear tees lol

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Is this movie /fa/ approved?
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Prep/Frat General

Brooks Brothers
Ralph Lauren
Vinyard Vines
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>tfw can't get into embroidered shorts but a lot of my fraternity brothers wear them
>fraternity brothers

how'd you fall for that meme
I know this is a bit off topic, but who the hell would wanna live right next a shantytown?

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What kind of bags is the most fashionable?
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Here's the most fashionable bag for normies.

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you think he lurks here?
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Tips for looking better? As in dressing nicer, I have good hygiene
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>No fucking wrinkles
>Match contrast of clothes to skin, hair and eyes
ie brown skin black hair (low contrast), wear low contrast clothes
>No tacky clothes or huge branding
Some branding is alright and sometimes unavoidable but psychologists found that huge branding is perceived as insecure
>When wearing a belt make sure it's the right color
>Basics are good
but if all you wear are basics you may come off as boring
>Jewelry is good, but don't overdo it.
Also don't mix gold with silver, wear either one or the other
Also another tip that helped me in the beginning is that you should dress better than everybody else wherever you are, but not overdress.
So if you're at school, don't wear a fucking suit. But do wear something fancy if you want.
If everybody is wearing suits, wear a tailored one if you can afford it. But don't go fucking black tie.
If people are wearing some shitty summer clothes, dress preppy if you like it, but don't wear a linen suit.

This distinction between dressing better than the rest and overdressing is not something rigid and depends on where you're living, the social status of people around you and stuff like that so you need to figure it out by yourself.

Hi /fa/, first time posting, but that probably doesn't matter. I like looking nice, but I don't know how to put together a super nice outfit, other than a button down and good pants or a v-neck and good looking jeans. Any fashion advice? I'm a straight white male, if you need that information
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>I'm a straight white male

>I'm a straight white male
stopped reading right there
so almost at the end?

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Where can I find this jacket online? I know it is Black Rivet.
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Not sure when a good time to bump is on this board
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Check the Wilson Leather website. I'm considering a Black Rivet jacket as well.
Product number BK6AU301
Appears to have been discontinued.

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