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Anybody know where to find these glasses? i don't think they're to normal shitty orange lens that you always see because of fear and loathing..
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Yeah, those are vintage Gucci cat eye frames with black painted lenses
They're called "Aviators" you stupid fuck.

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Ciao /fa/
vorrei comprare una maglietta bianca ma non so deve lo posso fare.
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Quanto vorresti spendere?
E perché non parli inglese come di norma?
E perché il tuo italiano fa schifo?
Speak English you daft cunt

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I feel like it's difficult to be considered /fa/ when you're socially challenged. I dress really well and I'm a good person but I don't have friends

What are some places where it's acceptable to go alone, and how do you meet other people while you're there?
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jus b yerself op :3
How the fuck do one even manage to not have any friends? Do you not go to work/school? Are you a NEET OP? Anyways, making friends is like becoming rich. The more you have, the easier it becomes.
This, not having at least one friend is just pathetic.
As for ways to get friends fashion might be a way, but in the end of the day it's just an interest, you might want to hit up >>>adv for your intentions, op. Good luck

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I'm really into how this anorak looks and the fact that it looks like it's made out of soft cotton and would be really comfy is inviting but the idea of paying $800+ for it isn't really possible for me. What do I look up to find something similar in comfort/style that isn't more than $200?
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Self bump in desperate attempt to save thread. I just want a not shitty anorak
Id like to know too

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How do I obtain this style?
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shop at walmart
years of parental neglect
i had this style until 5th Grade OP i can confirm >>12579550 is correct and years of parental neglect was the cause

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Is it possible to wear all black sneakers without it being McDonald's worker core?
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i didn't eat anything today

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how's my sneaker game?
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Who is this model?
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w2c Heroin core?
thanks mr skeltal
tfw no skeletal nipple gf

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A while back on ktt I saw found this one brand that made a blue bomber jacket with stuff embroidered on the back of it. I think one jacket had all of South America embroidered on the back of it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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yeah, nigger

it's sold back the way you came

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Does kanye have no talent in fashion wise or is he just doomed to be criticized every time because of his name?
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nah his brand is young. Give it time. Fashion is a very biased industry where they prefer the established brands more.

Kanye can still move units with his core following whether the fashion world accepts it or not. He's carved a niche for himself so why deny it?
>Kanye can still move units
no he cant
yzy season 1 was a total flop
he can sell his shoes via adidas and thats it. his target demographic doesnt exist.
if you're gonna quote me at least use the whole sentence nigga damn

i said his core following. He has a rabid following. When TLOP dropped, it damn near broke the internet. When the man moves, people pay attention. The other yeezy seasons were pretty successful.

Brand, Name? pls help I really like them
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adidas edgy
yeah they look like etnies kingpin

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What are some /fa/ decks of playing cards?
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Any will do the trick
tarot cards
>/fa/ decks of playing cards
Neck yourself faggot. Do you ask about /fa/ toilet paper too?

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Does anyone know where I could find this t-shirt online, or just this kind of imprint?
I would give you all my gratitude, pretty please.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Should I buy this jacket? Please explain why/why not. I have no fashion sense and struggle with buying clothes so I could use some help from people who understand what looks good and what doesn't and has a good eye for clothes.

The only thing I don't like about it is the zipper in the neck, maybe I would just cut of the hanging zipper thing. I feel like getting a bomber is too played out and too late, everyone has a bomber and I feel stupid for getting a bomber this late. However this jacket is shorter, like a bomber, and currently all of my jackets are longer.

Also, what do you look for when buying clothes? How do you tell that certain clothing is good? For me I end up liking 50% of the clothes I buy and ending up never wearing the other 50% of clothes I buy.
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File: jacket4.jpg (30KB, 560x694px)Image search: [Google]
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Tell me why I shouldn't buy this, /fa/ggots.
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because you are poor?
you should buy them, they're hideous and match your lack of style

dude u just got roasted how will u recover from dis

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