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How about a good ol cringe thread
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This dude's fb is a gold mine of cringe.
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This fit is just a white tee, grey sweat shorts, and white socks/white trainers. It's too inoffensive to generate any real response. I don't have any opinion on it. Why did you post this OP?

>hating on sleazy drug dealercore


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I wear supreme, bape and skate brands like thrasher, polar etc
Is there something wrong with me?

(I skate)
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Thanks, would your opinion change if i didnt skate?

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Share some good /fa/scism inspo.
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A U R Y O N G.png
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>tfw no strong jawline and high cheekbones

I may as well give up and become a liberal now.

What's your opinion on this?

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it sucked
>best luxury brand x best hype brand
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>spends thousands of dollars on clothes
>still looks like shit because of his hideous face

If you have an ugly face you should stay away from fashion.
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He doesn't really look that bad tbqh.
is that ricegum?
id on that flannel? dude looks okay

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thoughts? pieces you like? etc. etc.

pretty underwhelming for me but then again it is a uniqlo collab
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forgot a link to the rest of the stuff

that's not bad actually
I might cop a sweatshirt or two and maybe some tees
the outerwear seems kinda overpriced though
actually pretty nice, i was expecting some out there stuff that would end up looking shitty and tacky because it's uniqlo and cheaply made
quilted jackets, grey fair isle, contrast sleeve cable knits, striped cuff shirts, checked contrast sleeve shirt, striped trousers and all the scarves look nice

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Is this /fa/, yes, no?
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I would probably wear it if it wasn't that oversized, not sure
But that means nothing
print's a bit too big imo
Its blue and black

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Opinions on skinhead fashion? Love the clothes and hair but does the ideology make the style to risky to work?
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National Socialist, here. We actually discourage each other from dressing like that and most of us hate skinheads.
Sometimes the term "Hollywood Nazi" is used. Meaning you shouldn't act like a guy in American History X or Romper Stomper because those are MOVIES, not real life, and made to paint a negative picture of us.
Some of us in the USA have made their uniform a pair of khakis and a white polo shirt.
Others say we shouldn't really have a uniform and aspire to a sort of business casual/prep kind of thing.
If you look up "Richard Spencer" in google images that is sort of the idealized 21st century Nazi look.
I'm not talking about the agreeabuility of the ideology (which I would mostly agree with myself) but rather just the clothes. They synergies very well.
Also skinheads weren't socialist, just working class. They believed that if you wanted something you work hard and you get it yourself, that's where their fashion involves expensive brands like doc martins and Fred perry, it's like a medal to show off their abuility to work hard to get what they wanted

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Title says it all.
Be sure to check out my grailed:
Have a bunch of Common Projects, Adidas, Yeezy boots, Supreme and Cav Empt. Thanks
Will cut a discount for /FA/ just mention it.

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>reselling cav empt items that were on sale on mrporter for 1/3 of your price

M.A+ tall, reverse leather staple boots. Size 41, fits 41 and 41.5

Diet Butcher Slim Skin high tops, cowhide and ponyhair. Beat up, tagged 9, fits 8.5-9 at least, probably 9.5 as well.

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Where do you get the balls to dress like you do? Do comments affect you? Has anyone ever laughed at you or mocked you face to face?
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I eat ass with my tongue
/fa/ people are more critical than anyone I've ever met in person.
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2016-11-12 14.40.32.jpg
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there aren't that many styles that will turn heads in a big city, but my experience in the more flamboyant jfashion stuff has been all positive. i only get compliments to my face, if people think badly of it they never say so. if i'm wearing a pirate hat or something ridiculous i'll get the occasional ARR or something like that but it's always light hearted.

my only worries have been when wearing more 'out there' stuff in small towns with ignorant people, but even that turned out fine. confidence plays a huge role, stand tall with good posture and a steady voice, look like you belong in whatever you're wearing and not like you're afraid of being seen in it.

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>tfw no prep gf
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>Vineyard Vines
File: IMG_20170715_164518.jpg (140KB, 600x900px)Image search: [Google]
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It's not

File: Screenshot_20170715-155222.png (2MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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Why do normies hate prep?


Look at the comments
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cos it's shit bruh
chinos are decent.
Polos (depending on make/style) are decent.
But they always have shite shoes and worse jackets.

Trainers go best with the polo/chino combi.
because you look like a golf dad


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I want to be as aesthetic as Conor McGregor.
What should I do to get his style?
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challenge and win in a fight against him and eat his beating heart
Be a douchey mick.
be the best fighter in your weight division

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Is there a brand more effay than Big Dog?
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shut ur faggot mouth
File: beemovie.jpg (9KB, 480x226px)Image search: [Google]
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lol don't mess, kid
my FUCKING homie. I have loved this brand ever since I saw my father wearing it when I was a kid. So comfy

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I picked up this (fountain) pen holder/sleeve in a thriftstore for €0,50. It holds 2 thin pens like the lamy logos pictured or one fat fountain pen. The black leather feels high end, does anyone recognize the logo? It looks like an 'A' but could also be a sideways 'B'.

Also pen and stationary general. What is the goat filofax insert? Which pencil case should one carry ones pencils in?
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are slide rulers /fa/? when the terrorists start dropping emp bombs I will still be able to do complex calculations.
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