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Are dirtbikes effay?
I'm thinking to buy one
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yes, thanks to our guy Gooseman.
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Dirt bikes are not effay in the least. Sport bikes are.

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ID on these Effay?
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new kanye wesp yeezy runner
The top is temper runs
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It's like the illegitimate love child of the Yeezy runners and the Balenciaga triple s runners.

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Hey /fa/, where can I buy one of these without it being a chinese knock off shit tier? Wanna gift my gf it
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Having a hole in your sweater to show off your tits is the ultimate sluttery
Thanks for your input.
im a man

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Am I effay?
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The shoes fucked it up but nice fit
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awful mate. why do you have a black bowtie on for that outfit? your shirt should be tucked, don't carry too many things in your pocket so your pants bulge out, don't wear bowling shoes outside the lanes, learn how to color coordinate

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I think Shia and a bunch of famous people secretly check with my twitter. I think I'm an influencer.

I've noticed time after time when I just randomly posts something, not even considering fashion implications or anything, soon it becomes a trend.
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I feel the exact way specifically about Tyler, the Creator.

My brother started saying scumfuck like two years ago and now it's his album name. like, that's not a common term.
yes it is you absolute retard. it comes from gg alin
What kind of drugs would Shia be doing? Looks drunk, what else?

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What's a good double edge razor?
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Just don't buy microtech. They are shit quality and they will sell your personal info if you buy from them online.
I like the Merkur Progress.
Merkur, Maggard or a classic Gillette. Edwin Jagger isn't bad either.
Pic related is a Parker 22R, I have this model at the moment. Gives me a great shave but I'm looking for something a little more aggressive so eyeing a Merkur for my next razor, maybe go for a slant too.

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What sports does /fa/ do or want to do? Who are the most fa looking athletes? Kinda thinking of taking up fencing and tennis to compliment my neet hobbies like reading and jacking off.
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Horse racing or skateboarding
The classic equestrian disciplines; dressage, show jumping or eventing.

t. dressage rider for 11 years

What are some /fa/ approved backpacks?
I am tired of looking like a autist with a blocky backpack but i also dont wanna look like i am trying too hard.
>i am muscular /fit/
>My style is simple and clean, no fancy shit just a fitted dark color t shirt or Henley and levi jeans. Or i am feeling comfy then ill wear nike sweats and a white t.
>Interest are military /k/ and working out, current backpack is nerdy n dorky as fuck and that is not me.
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Nelson Trapper


currently using a element mohave bag

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Why haven't you swallowed the dad bod pill?

>Be me
>Dad bod
>effay as fuck
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Because I have trouble putting on weight
Dadbod is supposed to be a man in his 30s-40s with a wife and children who is getting softer due to beer, age and fatherhood lowering his testosterone levels.
You're not supposed to have it in your teens and twenties. You're supposed to be fit so you can get the wife.
>MFW I meet all of those criteria and was never that fit to begin with

Kill me.

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washing hair meme.jpg
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Why is it that every FUCKING time I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner it does the exact fucking opposite of what washing your hair is meant to do and it becomes light, dry and frizzy. I'm using De Lorenzo which is an expensive fucking brand (about $70 a bottle). Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?
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Brush it, nigga
Don't shampoo every day. Shampoo dries your hair out and makes it light and frizzy. Get a pomade or styling cream that reduces frizz and adds body.
I don't shampoo everyday. pic related is the day after the first time i've used shampoo in months

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This fashion choice should reject wasteful decadence and instead emphasize utilitarianism, egalitarianism, and frugality.
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File: vietcong women.jpg (137KB, 500x670px)Image search: [Google]
vietcong women.jpg
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soviet soldiers.jpg
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Are plain white tees tacky and boring or are they it?
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is this bait?
it's a plain white tee no one gives s shit

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Tell me about this nine-day beard bullshit.

With whom is it fashionable?

Do women like it?
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9 days? my beard looks better than op's pic in 3 days
i'd say it's a 5-9 day, depending on how fast you grow. But yeah in my experience women tend to all universally like a bit of stubble. Actual beards/mustaches though it's taste dependent
Women went from liking clean-shaven men to burly dudes with beards.

The only thing i have an issue with is when it goes too far down your neck. That shit looks disgusting

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okay /fa/ggots, recc me some good looking decks
also /skating/ general i guess
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Check out Polar skate co, Quasi skateboards, Palace skateboards (some of them are nice), hockey skateboards, Fucking Awesome, Magenta skateboards, and Carpet company skateboards.
cheers man, currently thinking about this board, but will check out what you recced me
board rule .1 Images and discussion should pertain to fashion and apparel.
im looking for an effay skateboard, not asking about how to ride one mulatto

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can schoolgirl style shirts be /fa/?

i bought mine cheap from aliexpress
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Nice toilet
if i dont get a gf soon im going to shoot

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