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If you're under 6'1" don't go skelemode, you'll just look like an easy target.
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>drink water
>don't eat shitty food
I'm 5'4" and weigh 160. What should I do?!
I used to be alot fatter, but i've lost some weight.
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>not being an 8.5/10

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Can we get a Parka inspo thread going? I'm looking for a parka and I like some of this Flecktarn shit, but there has to be more.
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ill dump
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Hello this is the techwear inspo thread.
Fits, products, palettes, photography and abstract images welcome
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Which majors are /fa/? And which types of careers?
Which universities are /fa/? Not only talking about the students but the unis themselves.

Post your major and uni ITT
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Currently majoring in chemistry at a top ranked public uni. Is it /fa/ enough?

w2c pants and blue flyknits?

Or any flyknits with interesting color schemes tbh
>w2c flyknits


It's not about what you study, but your passion for it. If you're into marine biology, do it. If you're into comparative literature, do it. Having drive and ambition, no matter what you field, is what really counts.

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Why in the hell is it impossible to find Nike Tech 1mm Fleece pants? Pic related
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the pants look dope is there any web shop selling them cheap?
RRP on Nike is 80USD and are sold out, resellers are asking 100+

how /fa/ is your room?

post your room
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shit pic but ok

do you even /fa/?
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Describe your ultimate /fa/ lifestyle.

>where you would live
>what/where would you study
>what you would do for a living
>what would you wear on a daily basis
>what you would your gf look like

tell me about the life you daydream about
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>where you would live


>what/where would you study

Personal library.

>what you would do for a living

Nothing its the future i can just turn my shit into food.

>what would you wear on a daily basis

Channel n5.

>what you would your gf look like

>tfw no space gf
>new haven/princeton/cambridge/nyc
>teach at yale/princeton/harvard/mit/columbia and do research
>normcore professor shit
>short asian girl

It's my newfound dream to be a professor, and maybe I can do it, though I just graduated high school. I hope that's /fa/ enough.
the trap
move dope
all gold everything
white bitch wit a big booty. eg iggy azaelea

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Write an /fa love story.
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A time traveler goes through time fucking bitches while pretending to be on the edge of culture thanks to him knowing what will happen.

It starts in post Civil War times, making it's way through the roaring 20's, sparkling 50's, groovy 70's, 80's, 90's, etc. until it gets to the near future, when he decides to stop with showing this one last girl of the future a nice time and leaves for his own time period shortly before some catastrophic event that rocks the world occurs.
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greatest love story ever told
The film takes place in Hong Kong, 1962. Chow Mo-wan, a journalist, rents a room in an apartment of a building on the same day as Su Li-zhen, a secretary from a shipping company. They become next-door neighbours. Each has a spouse who works and often leaves them alone on overtime shifts. Despite the presence of a friendly Shanghainese landlady, Mrs. Suen, and bustling, mahjong-playing neighbours, Chow and Su often find themselves alone in their rooms. Their lives continue to intersect in everyday situations: a recurring motif in this film is the loneliness of eating alone, and the film documents the leads' chance encounters, each making their individual trek to the street noodle stall.

Chow and Su each nurse suspicions about their own spouse's fidelity; each comes to the conclusion that their spouses have been seeing each other. Su wonders aloud how their spouses' affair might have begun, and together, Su and Chow re-enact what they imagine might have happened.

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What are some of the best blogs/Tumblrs for pics of Japanese street fashion? Most of the ones I come across are just girls that look like they're cosplaying for their favorite anime or something
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Post Inspo
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looking for more inspo like the ones i'm posting.
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does /fa/ has a qt3.14 effay gf?
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Nope thanks for reminding me
I don't need no gf, I'm above that
Used to date a Finnish model.

Batshit fucking crazy totally not worth it.

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Last thread died and I just realized this today when a buddy made me a comment

>tfw /fa/ has made me so pretentious about fits that when I talk to grills and they aren't dressed impressively I don't take them seriously and I come across as really "confident" now.

Thanks /fa/?
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Wow you let a Internet forum change your personality?????

Good work
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nigga we made it.jpg
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Thanks Samson ;)
iktf bro

>used to be the m´lady betafuck
>after /fa/ i became a pretentious vapid cunt
>for some reason girls love it
>still have a little bit of m´lady fag that helps when flirting with girls with daddy issues
>for some reason i only get horny if they whisper at my ear or if they have an SLP tier fit

i got a boner while wateching this years collections

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What did u get nerds?
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On the way
File: image.jpg (972KB, 1672x2047px)
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mail just came :)
i hope this is a joke

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What do you parents think about how you dress?
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they think i dress nicely with some exceptions, but the main comment is "this costs so much!" and "why would you pay more than £40 for some jeans?"
My parents give me shit for not being #minimalist enough like them

Architect parents are the worst

My dad just sent me a pic of him today wearing a grey sweatshirt with stonewash dadjeans and white chucks at yoshinoya and I wasn't sure if that was on purpose or if I should be terrified
they buy my clothes so probably think i dress good

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I want to be skinny to be effay.
What's the best anorexic diet?
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>What's the best anorexic diet?
dont eat shit all day

live out of water and air

i personally can live out of coffee and cigarettes but dem fucking binges man, food is just so tasty

>tfw you gained like a kile even when you were eating the 78% of your burnt calorie intake
just kill me now

If you want to do it quick without dying (aka the /fa/ way) then:

- Calculate your Caloric Intake, and subtract 400-500 .
- Eliminate carbs, and shit food.

If you cut all food, you'll lose weight, but it's slower than cutting calories carefully. So just do this.
>tfw auscwitz-mode but want to be normal so I can wear just t-shirts without feeling self concious

Fuck you

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