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Hey /fa/ What do you think of red clothes? Are they sexy? Too loud?
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fuck it.

wear red if you want to. dress like blood.
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always and forever
>wear red
>get shot

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tea dyed vans.png
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I know these threads are usually the same shit over and over, but every other type of thread is too. Here are some vans i dyed with tea. i like how they turned out. pretty much turned them into worn in looking vans without wearing them.
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to have natural colored shoes instead of white hospital shoes
pretty cool/10 op.

Would you go out with a girl that dresses in J-fashion?
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j-fashion is not a thing
I only to out with grils dressed in J fashion
what is exactly J-fashion?

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Anyone like japanese repro M65 jackets?
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1st pic:
Iron Heart

2nd pic:
Real McCoy's
too baggy
Just get a real one faggot

What are your thoughts on S/S15 so far? I've really enjoyed Kolor and Dries Noten, but the other stuff I've browsed hasn't impressed me much. Raf and Rick were both only vaguely interesting to me while having a few key pieces that popped out, but what are your opinions?

( to browse shots; Nowfashion.com )
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I think Rick dropped the ball, nothing seemed wearable.
When I say wearable I don't mean "I can't pull it off" or "nobody can pull it off", some of it is going to be completely unwearable, there's some pieces that won't sell more than 10.

The only shoes that looked remotely good were the black high-top springblades.
Raf on the other hand actually had wearable pieces, but I wouldn't want to wear them, other than the shoes and maybe a few other pieces.
I don't wear Rick, but I actually liked it a lot. I've never expected him to use prints and colors like pink. Dries and Raf were great imo. KvA is kind of weird. Yohji was great.
what do you think is unwearable from the collection?

the shoes shirts shorts are just as wearable as any other reason. Also that Rick & Michelle tee was fire

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Post derby pics/inspo/questions
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Are CP derbies really all the hype? For someone without much of a budget which ones are of the highest quality?
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Get in here guys

Starting in 10 minutes, expect some delay before photos start to come in

Style.com live video coverage:


Nowfashion image coverage:


Social media:

>instagram tag #rickowens for live updates from showgoers
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Kolor looked comfy as fuck. Shame about the ridiculous prices.
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is it maybe going to be the best show ever?

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>Not found

Shoe suggestion please, in the ~$150 range.
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For what purpose? What kind of style?

That's way vague and the most anyone can say is "check all the athletic and outdoor brands, you're bound to find something."
What is he staring at?
Why does he look so serious?
Why does he look mildly confused?
bump for something cheap and functional

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Describe a Piece of clothing you want to cop,
Other anons post clothing they know of that fits
your description.
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A cream sweater that has an interesting texture, something that can be worn as an accent piece in an inoffensive fit.
something that looks like a pizza delivery dude jacket
A heavy duty winter boot similar to (pic)
with wool around the topline, but less ugly &
a single color.

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le effay face.jpg
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>Live in NZ
>Clothes are way more expensive here
>Be student, not a trustfund baby so no money, have to find bargains
>See great deal online
>Fucking no one cheap ships to NZ
>God knows how long it'll be until I find what I'm looking for

This is cruel. I just want some nice black skinny jeans but I can't justify half of it because poorfag.

So what has been plaguing your fashion life lately, /fa/?
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all of the things i wanna cop are either unattainable or too "obscure" to find online

such is the life of q_ko
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It's 4000 degrees where I live. Can't dress fashionably when every single fabric makes you a fucking heat casualty.

I just wanna look cute, /fa/.
>studying in HK for the summer
>Clothes and shoes are ridiculously cheap and qt
> a lot of the things aren't made well, and last time I was in china I bought too much crap, and I end up never wearing because the quality is such shit
>must restrain myself from buying crap and pretend I have standards
>get judged by new friends for not wanting low quality taobao level clothing

do they have thrift/consignment stores in NZ?

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tumblr logo.png
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It's that time again, faggots.
Hardmode: Your Tumblr actually has /fa/ stuff on it

>no autoloadin'
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gloom, doom, drone, death
File: tumblr4.jpg (516KB, 1900x836px)
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London Thread set me thinking let's decide this rationally

Discuss the city where you live / have spend a considerable amount pros and cons

>we will find out what cities please our needs and make them even more /fa/ by moving there
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bump out of interest I live in a shithole
I think Prague is a pretty nice city to live in
>western enough
>not expensive af
>comfy af
>historically interesting

on the other side I hear there are a lot of gypsies

going there for a couple days next month
I live in Detroit and there are a lot of hipsters here. I've just been working and I haven't had too much time on the weekends to go out. Are there any standard handouts? (Besides the Bronx).

Also, I don't think there were any shootings at the fireworks last night, so that's good news.

File: Demons.png (4MB, 1847x913px)
4MB, 1847x913px
>Show a girl Rick Owens garments
>She says "ew"

Not gonna lie, I almost cried.
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dont buy shit for the purpose of impressing others

just bc 4chan fashion board thinks its cool doesnt mean NORMAL peopple in the REAL world will too
>rick owens

No shit retard
So when I walk around in the real world with Rick people are thinking "EW" while looking at me?

I don't mind if people aren't IMPRESSED as such, but I don't want them to be physically repulsed by my presence.

File: 1403657888651.jpg (569KB, 1530x1687px)
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w2c shoes
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fuckin hell lad these were probably found in an urban outfitters sale 2 years ago
Grenson something
they're grensons.

Post what you've got
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