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This is you, /fa/
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is this the manga where the mc gets a haircut to look like the guy from taxi driver?
>telling strangers who they are based on generalizations
I usually spend <$5 on tshirts and <$30 on jeans. I've found my own style in a way and what fits me well so I haven't bought much clothing for a while.

fuck outta here with that shit.

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Is Uniqlo x HL dropping 12AM est tonight?

seems like the only thing worth getting is the long coat amirite?
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post pics?
How do you guys think I should size on this, especially theolg coat? I'm 6'3 and skinny and Uniqlos medium tees fit good but are way too short
the long*

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New Tumblr Thread


>Nautical influences
>sfw qt's and gorgeous women
>Black and white photography
>Food porn
>WWII/Wehrmacht general
>Bundeswehr general
>Punk rock

And plenty more. I follow every person who follows me; unless your Tumblr has:

>Weab shit
>Tech wizard gothcore scarfcore mallninja
>Nothing but pornography
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Also, if you have any militaria or are a /k/ommando; please list as such so I may F3 and follow.
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My photography and shit I like.

Nice theme, very clean.

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o man i am so hpyhed
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Can he possibly top Vicious as a spectacle/talking point? I think the collection will be stronger is the SS15 men's collection is anything to go by, but will the show live up to the hype of last year?

Will he have the models walking actual goats? Predictions /fa/???
Bump for excitement

>but what is techwear ?

>is there a cheaper version of x ?
No, techwear is expensive because you pay for the materials, that's the whole point of it. It requires a lot of R&D, expensive manufacturing, etc.

>what's the difference between a soft-shell and a hard shell ?
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Are you gonna create a pastebin and link to each previous thread and spam the thread when no one wants to talk about it?
last acronymjutsu :
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Does anyone have that site where I can purchase round shoelaces?
I remember a pic of Roshes using one of their laces posted a while ago

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Can tattoos be effay?

I'm thinking about getting one soon
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its just marking yourself as lowclass
no there not; theyll go out of style (remember those chest pieces/dimonds/hello kitty related stuff, that every scenester had in 2007)
They can be, but it has to be something timeless as fuck, and extremely high quality (no $20 tattoos)

Haven't seen this type of thread on here in a while

Drop your sickest prints
>Most be this siq to post
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These are great
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You are given one free Rick Owens piece, despite discontinuation or year of manufacture. Collaborations also count.

What do you pick?
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i'd be fine with a pair of geos, it's all i've ever wanted
the rest would be too difficult to match with the rest of my wardrobe
Crust geos

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post derby/brogue inspo and the ones you own
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Nice old man shoes fag

Lol do you have arch problems autist?
>implying people actually react like that ever
shouldn't you be copping fake geos or something?

Old one at 307

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i copped black levi 508s today

did i fuck up /fa/
and this showed up today

one on the right
(yess i am a fuccboi)
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I needed a winter coat and I copped this off eBay for cheap. Am I retarded?

I think it will look nice unbuttoned.

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New Hair thread. Old one got archived.
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That look is starting to die as every fucboi has it.
Any special tips for topknots like this? I've been growing out my top and it's about 6 inches towards the front and 4 in the back. Can't really get it knotted though. How long should it be before I can achieve picrelated?
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Thickness but red

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Didn't see one in the catalog, Fuccboi Thread
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I'm from another board and I've lurked but not sure if this is correct.

Y'all use the term fuccboi because you're all faggots and you find that term offensive right?
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help, How do I clean pizza sauce off?
fuccboi detected

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archiveThread with inspo:

Acceptable coats include but are not limited to:
>Car coat
>Duffel coat (provided it's longer than waist length)

Bonus point for anyone that can ID a good coat for 100-300.
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i've been on the lookout for a long wool one that will reach between my hips / ankles, but when i try to google search for one i only find peacoats and other fedora core coats.

what are some decent brands.

>Pic Related the trash that google search will give me.
this one is cos not sure what year

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Didn't see one in the catalogue, General Inspo Thread.
Post whatever inspo you've been feeling lately, summer, fall, male, female. /fa/ hasn't had enough good inspo lately.
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Please post comfy japos.
File: 1408588993326.jpg (91KB, 580x799px)Image search: [Google]
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are veils effay?
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Hell no! Looks gross.
shaylas are next level
yeah i always think hijabs look sick. if i was a white girl i would be pissed because i couldn't wear one

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