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ITT: critique my fashion
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what fashion?
Uh, you know...
My look?
My personal style?
this is clearly your friend or something and you're trying to create an EPIC roast

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What shoes do you wear on a date?

I've had no need for suits or formal shoes for a long time and so have non. I've just had casual relationships and so never really dressed up for dates.

But now I'm in a serious relationship and I want to take her somewhere nice. I'm not wearing a suit, but i should probably have some nicer shoes than sneakers.

I'm kind of poor so $150 is about the limit. Someone recommended black desert boots but supposedly its a meme.

tl;dr whats a not too expensive nice shoe to dress up for a date?
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Desert boots are a meme but they look nice to normies who don't know any better
Desert boots are classic and look great. Esp. Finished leather ones like in the pic

She would probably count as a normie. But I'm not trying to get a $150 meme just to wear every so often on a date. Is there something similarly clean?

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kill la kill shirt.jpg
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ITT subtle anime-related clothing
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images (10).jpg
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match it with ryuko's snekaers?

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How can I come to terms with my hideous, miserable, balding head? I feel sick to my stomach every time I see my reflection on a window, and every treatment out there is tedious and gets mediocre results. Do girls actually care about hair? Will shaving my head change my mindset about the whole thing?
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Bro, if you're not new here you should by now that the only way you're going to salvage your looks is by shaving it or by being a man and wear it with confidence. Your choice.
My advice, shave it. It makes you appear taller and more confident.
Shave and get in shape bro
Shave it.
I can almost guarantee if you're balding now that it'd look better if you just shaved it and got used to it than it would if you keep on pretending to have hair, trying to cover it up.
It'd look more clean, and your self confidence would adjust.
Give it a chance atleast. The hair you currently have will grow out if you don't like it.

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Is mnml.la /fa/ approved?

Thoughts on the brand/their products?
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no, it's r/streetwear tier.

It's garbage. Jeans are same quality as walmart denim but overpriced. Stay away.
fuck off shill.

No one knows this brand and quit trying to market this shitty generic brand.
>everything always sold out
>155k instagram followers

Do you really think a renowned brand like mnml needs to be advertised here?

Seek help, paranoia is a serious disorder.

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How much has all the time you've spent researching fashion paid off?

What are the tangible benefits to your life?
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I've found a certain aesthetic that works for me and when I'm dressed in an outfit I feel good in, my confidence boosts a little bit. Plus compliments are always nice
I feel less autistic when dressing myself
It's been highly useful, and it's improved my work.

I have never, and I would never, consider taking ANY of /fa/'s advice personally.


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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but it concerns grooming.

I'm wanting to get into shaving with a safety razor. I've heard that they're a much better shave and you won't be left irritated and prone to ingrown hairs and acne breakouts and things like that. They also end up cheaper than disposables in the long run.

After a bit of preliminary research, I've already decided what razor I'm going to get (Merkur Solingen HD (34C)) There's also a nifty little starter kit for it. Now this is going to cost around $150 AUD which I didn't mind initially but I'm just now wondering... what exactly am I paying for? I don't mind dropping $60 on the razor itself. But $80 for a brush? $25 for some sort of luxury shaving cream? And to top it off, the starter kit doesn't come with a stand but the place I'm looking at sells stands for $80-$115 dollars. I can accept that there might be some sort of difference in quality for the razor and I was on the fence about the brush. But just seeing that a fucking stand can go for $115 just makes me think they're taking the piss and the whole thing is a fucking meme. It's like... they can't run the same rort on men as they do with women and cosmetics and skincare shit so they do it with men and shaving. Just the same way that they can't sell earrings and other forms of luxury jewellery to men but they'll sell a gimmick "precision watch" that can tell time accurately 300m underwater.

I want to get the best of shaving with a safety razor but I'm worried that I'm falling into a consumerist gimmick trap. Nothing against people who don't mind paying extra for quality. It's just not "me." Would I be just as well buying a $20 safety razor and supermarket shaving cream that doesn't need a boar hair brush?
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i only had minor problems the first 2-3 times shaving with a normal razor.
Y'all got fucking parkinson or are always shaving against the grain or smth, ask your dad.
meme. get a german one from amazon for 25 dollar and use shaving cream for 3
I was once like you asking about shaving with a DE on /fa/. I went for it and enjoy it thoroughly these days.

Can you link the starter kit? I don't know much about availability for Aussies. But you can do much better than $150
1. Look for in house starter razors, stores like Maggard razors have Merkur clones that are much cheaper and nice to start out on
2. Get a cheap synthetic brush, much easier to use for a beginner and you may not need anything more
3. Some creams/soaps are worth the $25 price tag, but there are budget ones that work very well too. I can recommend some budget stuff but it'd help to know what cream you're looking at
4. You don't need a stand!

By the way, you're right about the "meme" aspect. Some stores upcharge using words like "luxury" and "men's grooming". With that said DE shaving can be had very cheap, you just need to do a bit of research and know what you're looking at and not fall for the luxury trap.

Whomst gonna cop?
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is this shopped or real? fucking trash
fucking off white those air maxs would be dope without all the retarded text on the side

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You gonna post some or what op?
Damn nigger I wish we had gunpla stores like that here in the states
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I need to get a haircut soon. What is a clean traditional cut for a 21 male


is there a general or some shit for basic haircare routines? I'm trying to up my game this year

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I look like shit. Any tips to make me look better? Am I too young to shave my head?
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just be yourself bro
The king

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What's the best levi jean number?
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how can you even argue otherwise
I'm really into the 512 slim taper right now. Like a much better version of the 511

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slim-fit is no more
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I'd be fine with this if it was longer, and perhaps even cuffed. It looks anesthetically too short for me. I still prefer slimmer, somewhat more tapered trousers cuts in general.
Welcome to 2014
Good thing I have both loose and slim track pants

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discuss chinos. I think they are a great alternative to jeans.
Since the trend of skinny jeans is going away, wide chinos like dickies are especially great and trendy.
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are dickies trendy? lol
i've read a few articles about them being worn by lots of people in new york, i see them on instagram every now and then, they even get discussed on here
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what do you think about those?

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Why haven't I died yet, edition
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someone make a new WAYWT thread lmao

They shouldnt start off bad it should get shitty someone in them middle
Wdym it's always been shitty the whole way through with the occasional god fit

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