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Best fit in Star Wars?
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lol manlet with high boots
They have plasma swords but no vibram soles
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everyone on hoth basically
Leah in some helmut lang from a long time ago

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How much longer with the SLP look going to be trendy/will it ever die into no one wearing it ever?
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I think it's eternal desu. As long as their are indie hipsters pretending they like Punk Rock and real punks actually playing music, there will always be an audience for it imo
it's zara/asos-tier now

blame the celebs all rocking the same chelsea boot/jeggings combo
I don't really see a lot of people in my city rocking this look, and most certainly not wearing actual SLP

Cop or not

Getting them for 70$
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Where you gettin em from?
Def cop, I had them in black low but they were too big so I had to let them go. Gonna try cop another pair soon
bonus if you've never worn chucks or boots or anything before, they were my first shoe that went above the ankle and fuck they were comfy

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had some dude in a thread suggest i post this on /fa/

im fairly drunk right now and i got some blink 182 playing

go ahead and judge /fa/ maybe even drop some of you guys in the thread
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go back to /r9k/ faggot
faces of /fa ?
meh.. been here for less than a day but here we go.
also check'em
tfw no gf is an integral part of board culture

Can someone legit check this visvim parka for me?
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I've been browsing taobao the past few days and haven't seen any fakes of this, but I wouldn't know where to start in terms of IDing flaws. sorry

First time in the US during this holiday.

How does it work exactly?

in NYC btw
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major discounts on those days

also high levels of nigger activity
so the sales start on thanksgiving til sunday?
or should i bother and start looking now
Black Friday really starts on Wednesday.
Dress for battle.

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What Should I do About My Looks? To Look Sexyer :P
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is it 2007 again?
Take hormones

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those threads from b4 were rly cool. post whatever u want such as::: child soliders & homeless & dead ppl

ill start
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Kanye inspo thread?
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why do people obsess over this guy, he looks like a retard every time i see him
Get mad faggot

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Why do you have to shave to be accepted in a serious corporate environment?
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whats' wrong with this at work?

corporate grooming culture can be some fucked up shit
If you're going to put on a dress shirt you need to shave first

It's not up for discussion man
yeah it is, that's why we are discussing it

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anybody know if this is a reputable site?


i want to buy this grimes t shirt but it's sold out on her site. i found this site and they apparently sell them, but i've never heard of them before so i'm a little concerned.
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i like
will cop too if legit
this did not need its own thread. ask about this in fuccboi general.
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What the fuck is austin doing?


Literally copying virgil and trying to be post-ironic by berating school shootings baka
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>I think I'm a designer because i use sharpie on my clothes.
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you can really tell the age bracket of this craphole when there is a constant stream of shitposting about this nobody faggot
what the fuck is the guy even saying
cant hear him for shit

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so are we doing this or no?
anyone tried some fits?
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The bottom row palette is best
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Post wallabee inspo
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me platinum.jpg
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Looked through the face shape guides for different haircuts

I came back from the hairdresser with this

I really like it, does it suit me?
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Nice man, looks really good
Thanks I guess

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