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I'm really into military style parkas.

Feel free to add
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Kaptial ring coat is pretty interesting take imo.

Cop or not?
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They're doing a huge sale right now so if you like it now's the time to buy
cop breh
+1 asymmetry
-1 huge skull.

In my opinion, but You could probably work it with something

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>What draws your attention to fashion, Anon? Why are you spending so much money on clothes?

What am I supposed to say? What would you say?
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>because i have a fatty disposable income, honey
Because I wanna have a good looking corpse
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ghost outfit.jpg
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Post cloths that just make you sad.
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And it has a zipper. Well goddamn. That's just awful
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That guy looks pretty happy though

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I copped this tee at Wasteland on Melrose and it has no tags whatsoever except this lil guy on the back. The cashier said he forgot the designer but that it's sold at H Lorenzo and retails for hundreds (got the tee for $68). Anyone familiar?
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It's a fucking.
the brand is i spent 68 dollars on a cumrag from wasteland

one of the girls hwo works there is hot though
Amy Glenn

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Where's the line between a big jacket looking cool and looking like a kiddo wearing his dad's?
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acceptable tier:
white women

unacceptable tier:
everyone else

this guy gets it
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w2c big suit

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hello /fa/
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i wonder what his day to day life looks like these days.
lol he looks old and ugly af

dont smoke kids and take care of your skin
man he's a fucking 4/10 without hair

opinons and where do I get this shit /fa/???
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The Shadow Realm
ISIS pls go
thx gise

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why TF yall sleeping on those? baka
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Those look like shit desu senpai baka
ugly af m8e

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new thread desu

water u wearin' ;)
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Op here :), ill start
b-but if you're me that means i am a complete fuccboi
>Yeezy taught me
Would've looked okay if you didn't look like a kid who got bullied all his school life

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I'm looking to get my teeth whitened, eyebrows cleaned up, and spots on my cheeks cleared away.

>what are the most effective teeth whitening procedures that won't damage they're integrity
>Eyebrows: should I do it home or get them threaded
>what do I do about these spots
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teeth: all whitening procedures are damaging to some extent. if you don't want to spend much i'd say try those 3d white strips they cell on drugstores. I tried them like a year ago and the results were noticeable.
*sell kek
just buy activated charcoal from amazon. look that shit up on youtube. cheap and whitens

>Eye brows
have your gf do them

if youre hardcore and can do 4-7 days of not being in the sun and looking like a burn victim, do a TCA peel. if not, a series of Glycolic acid chemical peels

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what core is this ?
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postmore core
i'll stuff baby cells in that hole core

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whats a nice effay drink i can order without looking too much of a fuccboi and not too much of a hipster
dont say a complicated drink i dont wanna tip the bartender
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Gin and tonic
get classics dude

gin for clear, bourbon for anything else.

both "in", simple, and not pretentious.
jacks & coke m8

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~Let me hear your Fashions Sins~

I spent $120 at the Burlington Coat factory
-on Sweaters, shirts, and a windbreaker
-I shop here more than anywhere else
-I Also love Tj Maxx/Cheap 2nd hand stores.
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I unironically wore boat shoes for a solid year. Got a lot of compliments on them because it was right when they were cool but not popular. I poasted them here and thankfully got my shit sorted out. Literally never wore them again after that post.
>boat shoes

eh I still wear them with shorts, looks better than drivers or loafers most of the time
Burlingtons awful my god

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How can I tell if I have dandruff or dry scalp? I've noticed lately after shampooing and conditioner and I come my hair back, there's quite a bit of dead skin flaked at the roots. It isn't like this picture or anything not nearly as bad and it stays near the roots even when dry. What can I do? I'll try to post a pic while it was wet but its really hard to see
Pic is not me will post some of me soon
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Me 1/3
Are you sure it's from your scalp and not a filthy comb?
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