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Bought a pair of shoes from here and was able to pull the sole off with my hands, That's some third world bullshit; Will be returning.
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is this bait?
No, I was reading some reviews because they felt a bit narrow and there was a lot of shit about them on amazon about the soul coming away from the shoe from people wearing them mon-fri in an office job and decided to test it.
the insole or outer sole?

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Hey /fa/ Santa is here. Reply with what you want for Christmas.
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Better fitting pants, hehe
A Y-3 track poncho
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download (1).jpg
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more varsity jacket
a nice high top shoes
and prom so i can ask out my crush

Are Dr. Martens boots effay at all?
Or does /fa/ consider them maymay shoes?
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I hope so I have some arriving the mail
It depends on your build. If you are skinny they look awful, but if your build is bigger they can look decent. Either way cop Solovairs instead.
Are Solovairs better/more durable? If so, why?

File: davidb-Mandela.jpg (624KB, 2304x3072px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone know where I can buy this t-shirt?
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It's not the original, but I believe this is the closest replica available. This used to come up a lot on this board.

Yeah I've copped the same design from a different profile on this site before and it came out looking exactly like the original. I look like a walking meme but it's fucking good.

This one is actually cheaper so I'd def cop OP
lmao remember when this board was good and this thread got posted every single day? good times ;_;

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ar 6o1_500.jpg
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Please be creative and give reasons for your fashion choices.
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ar 4uzhX.jpg
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What does "Brehs" mean?

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How do I turn a regular pair of jeans into a stonewashed pair? When i google, i find shitty distressed half dark denim, half light wash jeans
pic related: what i want
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Wash them with stones
put stones that are the color you want your jeans to be in the washing machine with the pants
this. It works pretty well and it's simple

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So should I keep this moostashio or is it too much?
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You can be casmods2.0
sure so what does that entail?
Going to the dollar tree store and fucking chubby mexicans

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Why are Stan Smiths picked on so much?
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simple sneakers
wide appeal
affordable price
goes into a lot of fits
Timeless design
Good quality for the price
Readily available
Goes with a lot of shit

So basically /fa/ hates them cause they're good

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Hey guys,
I'm not usually on this board but I wanted to get your opinion on something.
Can guys wear ugg boots? I found some on sale for cheap so it got me thinking. Most of my friends said they're girly, and my girlfriend despises the idea as well. But they look so warm and comfy.
Pic Related
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jesus christ how fucking awful
no, no you cannot wear ugg boots without looking like a retarded homosexual

Ive been seeing them on fuccbois recently so I would advice against it
File: ugg-2009-10.jpg (115KB, 560x879px)Image search: [Google]
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If you're Ronnie Wood then go for it.

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gandy trunks.jpg
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Sup, I know you all have sick fits, but what does /fa/ wear underneath?

I tend to wear CK trunks and briefs, but they are a bit normie... any recommendations?
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CK boxer-briefs. Who care about normie? The quality/price ratio is decent, and you can buy a fuckton of them without searching on the ends of the earth.

(That said, Ex Officio and UNIQLO Airism are typically recommended alternatives)
can someone recommend a boxer brief or trunks that cup your nuts and sort of pull them upwards away from your thighs?
I find briefs generally better for this, as the shape puts fabric between thigh and sack, and the CK ones i have are very comfortable

Is the bass guitar the /fa/est instrument?
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for sure
No, it's too easy and is for people who aren't good enough to get into a band playing guitar.
In terms of rock instruments, definitely

found the guitar player

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So I need some suggestions on good, comfy shoes for my job. I'm on my feet for hours and my current Vans ain't cuttin it.

Pic related those are my current shoes.
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>making an entire thread for this
Pls go be special somewhere else
Biitch ain't this Fashion board? Where else am I gonna ask.
If you're genuinely on your feet that much as a stocker, then just suck it up and get running shoes or non-slip work shoes - preferably the latter, assuming they are made to be comfortable. This is the same reason why nurses always seem to wear running shoes to work.

File: palla758361_389360_jb.jpg (30KB, 450x347px)Image search: [Google]
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What's a good winter boot for <$100? Insulation and waterproofing are a must.
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File: bcr831_1a.jpg (115KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
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>less than $100

Picked these up for winter snow. Figured I could wear my mil parkas and camo with it.
was thikning about getting some palladiums. the waterproof kind and just wear warm socks
they're like 150 though

File: black-yeezy-boosts-on-feet.jpg (339KB, 1000x555px)Image search: [Google]
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Are buying yeezy replicas /fa/?
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it's similar to spitting in the face of people who care about sneakers, which makes you better than them. So yeah, buying fake yeezy's is pretty effay
Holy fuck just stop buying fakes, you guys are too fucking poor just stop. If you miss out, so fucking what. Sick of these shit questions
>>If you miss out, so fucking what

>want to purchase a shoe, happy to pay $200 for it
>because one doesn't have the time to camp out for 4 days or get lucky in an online raffle, before the release of said shoe, one can't purchase the shoe
>one then resorts to buying fakes, as resellers cause the price to double or more, at which point you might as well just buy rafidas or hender schemes

File: Fat_Face_Rick_in_Bmore.jpg (12KB, 340x255px)Image search: [Google]
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How can I get rid of face fat? Diet is not bad at all what can I do to get a slimmer face and jawline?
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be less fat
Like I said diet is not bad and >>10638839
do around 5 hours exersice a week. Stomach is slim but face is fat.
Apply the same program but with your face.
Face push-ups, face running etc...

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