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Post fits.
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Nobody wants?
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Aight im bored anyway.
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Raf Simons general
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Raf in Paris
What's your favorite Raf sweater?
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Rag dip dye

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How can I make my AF1s look like these? also DIY General, post any DIY stuff you got
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why is his hand down his pants
Yours isnt?
>muh dick

Hey there guys, super poor college fag here. Its very hard to be /fa/ on a super tight budget in not very /fa/ place (no good thrift cops) but so I am looking into buying a new pair of pants and I could really use some advice.

For a long time I have really wanted a pair of Outliers slim dungarees but seeing as how they are $200 I cant really bring myself to do it when I have a bunch of other responsibilities to tend to financially. However I am tired of wearing Levies, the 510's fit well but they just aren't great quality and the little red thing bugs me allot- just overall not very /fa/. However as I said I am not rich at all but I want to know what you guys consider to be the next step up from Levies? Cheap Mondays? Im looking to get black/grey jeans in the slim/skinny area.

Thank you for any responses, even trolls calling me poorfag.
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just sell adderall to your college friends
I just buy it
How do Levis 510 compare to 511?

Are animal tails effay?
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Please be photoshopped
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Dumping more Kanye
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It's not

this puts me in disgust, so many people wearing fake rick owens nowadays
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here is the link
Full circle homie, Rick started by making fakes. He made some $300 million this year, I don't think he's sweating it.

Does it somehow invalidate your authentic purchase for someone else to own fakes? Don't get me wrong, anyone who sells fakes as authentic should burn, but otherwise I wouldn't sweat it if I were you.
Good. Serves that obnoxious Ricky faggot right for charging to much for his stupid shoes. I'm glad people counterfeit and purchase fake items like these... your intellectual property is not rivalrous, not like this. Fuck you and your price premium, this is a prime example of the premium exceeding a just cost by so much that counterfeiting is a no-brainer.

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image 001.jpg
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Can skinheads ever be effay or do they just look like retarded stormfags?
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oi oi
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Nazi are pretty cool desu but skinheads look like shit.
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what are some effay films/movies/characters
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There is no such thing as effay movies. this board is for fashion you melt
obv new star wars
says who anon

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Hey /fa/, I'm a /fit/izen who lost his way during a bulk (I blame depression), and basically added 15 kgs of fat in a year.
I have started my cut, but it's going to take a while. Meanwhile, I need to buy some new clothes because my old ones stopped fitting me ages ago and I haven't had the money or interest to buy new ones.
I really, really need some clothes now as all I have is hoodies and because of that I don't want to go out with my friends.
What should I wear in order to hide that extra bodyfat (love handles)? I am really ashamed of myself and very self-conscious of my appearance (the fact that most my friends dress really well doesn't help).
95 kg, 180 cm (king of manlets)
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clearly your clothes aren't the issue here
it doesn't help to hide your fat ass, you'll just be suicidal every time you look at the mirror anyways
work the fuck out, you donut boy fatty McFats Fat Fatty
Since when is 180cm a manlet height? I'm 188 and I'm taller than 90% of people I meet on the streets.
Just hoodies bro. Eat little, run a lot, and cut it quickly, and your problems are gone.

>how does normal distribution work

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>visit Toronto
>every white guy looks like this

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toronto is the city dressed by the internet

>azns with Canada Goose jackets
>white grills in forever21core + ballet flats

Toronto is so un/fa/
What do Canadians (not asian new money ones ) think of Dsquared2?

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Hey /fa/, where do I cop some cloudrap/vaporwave fits kinda like Yung Lean? Or general sadboy fits? I've looked at Toastyco and don't really know where else to look...
Also, Fuccboi general I guess?
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Wow, I didn't want to admit that winter break is like summer but fuck
That look died in 2013, move on
Maybe it did, but if you must ask, I'm starting a cloudrap parody video podcast and I need to obtain that "Yung Lean" look. Anywhere I can look?

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holy fuck its almost like girls enjoy it when dudes wear simple but aesthetically pleasing fits
w2c shoes
This. I've gotten compliments from both men and women. That's why I scoff at "street wear" and that faggy wannabe ninja shit.

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read title. thanks
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get the shit beat out of you
At least they're better than /r/streetwear
not really but reddit in general needs to get off 4chan. we can make this a Reddit cringe thread i guess

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Okay /fa/

I just copped a pair of Acne Ace Cash in the mail and this shit tight as fuck (fits similar to this pic). It would fit perfect if it was like an inch wider all around

1. Can I stretch em out on my own somehow?
2. Or should I just resell this shit? It makes me look curvy as fuck senpai no homo
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wear would stretch them out, but as soon as you wash them they'd snap right back
wear them and they'll stretch out but when you wash them don't put them in the dryer. Then they'll go back to being tight af if not tighter
What size are they

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What should I do to my hair? No 2015 meme answers "buzzed on the sides long on topXD" meme cuts
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you should start by getting down from the ceiling m8
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Now in not upside down
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this is pretty effay nowadays

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