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What do you /fa/ggots think of my new tattoo?

Also tattoo general.

Some cool instas:

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Hey /fa/, my grandpa served in the Navy in WWII. He left me his bridge coat, super similar to pic related

I was wondering, what's the best way to wear it? I'm tall and about 200 lbs. thanks!
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Bridge Coats are a bit more dressy than Peacoats, Preferebly you'll want to change the buttons (though not 100% necessary) - Regardless, this should really be worn with Business wear
Sweet coat!
I've got a Canadian naval greatcoat from 1955 - imo it's pretty versatile, and yet being jet black it can't really be worn with anything other than black leather shoes or boots. I'd suggest you do the same with yours - jeans are out of the question.

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I need a new water bottle. Thinking of getting this and trying to remove the logos.

Post cool water bottles
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plastic nalgene bottles are basic as fuck, go for a nice stainless steel water container
Do you shove that up your ass?
That's neato but I'm not down to just drop $40 on a water bottle though

I've just had a rude awakening and realized I've been wearing only a variety of chino's because I have no idea what to wear with jeans sooo
Jean Inspo thread
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Nice 2004 time machine OP
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Is there anyway to wear darkwash jeans without a dadcore look?
Everything darkwash is terrible

Just copped these. First pair of NB's, could I get some advice/inspo on what to wear with them?
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almost anything goes well with NBs
alright. Well that makes it a little less worrying

What's /fa/s opinion of pastel colour hair?

And also general hair colour inspo thread.
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the female fedora
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i don't personally like the way it looks. also it's impossible to look at it without assuming that the gril describes her gender in more than one word, owns a pair of pic related and has a number of small, 'meaningful' tattoos planned
What about the guys with pastel hair?

Can we discuss glasses here desu?

Is pic related effay? I'm a poorfag so I'm looking at some memwebsites to buy glasses but I just can't figure out what is effay. They either look tumblr feminist-tier or really weird, like blue frames or something.
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RayBan Clubmasters.
looks like shit

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Hey /fa/,

Make this happen pls.
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Make it happen yourself, get it working in a fit and get people to like it
But where do I find super-long jeans?

I dont have a sewing machine.
don't do it yourself and don't get anyone else to

Is the beard the universal /fa/ trait of an attractive male?
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He scalps his bear to make up for his weak jawline and trims it in a way to look square, lol at that fucking sharp angle. Look at a picture of him without the beard. Buys whores with daddies money and then has a bunch of heart attacks.
Get ready for the flock of underaged skinnyfat prebuscent Australian shitposters to tell you that growing a beard is "the new fedora".
Every single selfie he has without a beard he is covering his chin with his phone

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What should I be doing? Im a creative so I do alot of DYI projects. Just finished the terrarium, whats next? Also cant dump tons of money into it, not poorfag but Im saving for flight school.
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764894_md-Tau Commander.jpg
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painting/modeling is pretty /fa/

i always wanted to get into war gaming but it's pretty daunting with the expenses and the time it takes to git gud
That looks interesting, any guides?
I used to be really big into it, I placed in golden demon too, but then I stopped when my local GW closed and the nearest one was then in the city.

The issue is that the majority of people are autistic, but fortunately I was friends with the more chill guys, which made the whole thing alot more enjoyable.

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Somebody on /r9k/ is claiming that chukkas are the new autist shoes.

I thought they were pretty much just the standard issue shoe for normal people who dress slightly nicer than exercise clothes every day.

What's /fa/'s take?
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They're official cuckcore wear so they fall under autism shoes as well
"Dressed by the internet"-style is the new autist style in general. /fa/-core is the new short sleeve with flame prints: Chukkas, skinny fits, goof nigger etc.
You're right. They're nice casual shoes that everyone will say look good. Nobody in real life is going to call you out for being "dressed by the internet" or being un-effay or any shit like that.

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Rich fag checking in. Can't decide between black/navy. What would you fellas get?
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Help me out /fa/
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File: Gun-cutout.jpg (3MB, 3779x2135px)Image search: [Google]
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Boys jeans general let's get it family!
Black and blue is welcome family!
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why did you post a guy wearing his little sisters jeans?
File: noneofthatfagshit.png (319KB, 451x620px)Image search: [Google]
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yeah, these are a REAL man's jeans
there's a middle ground cockwad

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What do you think of ushankas for very cold days? No insignia of course.
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They look dumb and people would just say what are those to you and you'd cry to /fa/
File: 23a_ebay2010.jpg (13KB, 415x415px)Image search: [Google]
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I have a nice finn raccoon full fur one I bought about 4 years ago. I love it. Get complimented all the time on it. Bought a grey one last year too >pic related
ushankas and trapper hats are great for winter

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