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Guys who wear a ring, huge turn off or what?

My mum got me a ring for xmas and I'm debating on wearing it or not. I wanna wear it, seeing as it's a present and I've worn it so far and never had a girl say eww or call me a name for it

Pic related, it's the ring
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Can I wear them casually or do I need to be dressed up to wear them?

My usual outfit is gym shorts, a t and jandles as where I live is quite hot
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ur a rockstar
Come on mate, need some of that serious advice.

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I still sometimes wear joggers, but i hear so many people say there dead or played out
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Depends if your a grill or not
why does it matter?
I still wear mine

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Is there any way to save this? My hairline is bad and my hair is so blonde that if I get a short buzz it looks like I've shaved my head completely.

Last time I got a 3 on top and 1 on the sides and it didn't look great.

The hair I have on top right now is like 3 months of growth, so my hair grows damn slow. I think it's roughly 2 inches right now and I was thinking of cutting it to 1 inch hoping that's the sweet spot of having a buzz, yet not looking bald.

Posted in hair generals before and looking for a answer that isn't "noose", etc
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Not to scare you but you may possible be going bald anon, how does your hair line and crown look?

For an easy response, get Biotin pills daily and use Nizoral shampoo (it helps to promote good scalp health and because of that growth).

If you are starting to bald, going to a doctor and get on Finasteride.
Tbh it looks like it is naturally like this, not seriously balding. I have seen a few guys like this who had the same hair all their life.
Taking biotin and seeing a doctor/derm is sound advice though. Would not recommend finasteride personally.
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Alright I added a hairline and crown shot to the pic.

I guess I'll look into biotin, but I'm still hoping for some sort of shot hair style alternative for the meantime.

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Is Ethan effay?
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definitely not /fa/, ethan wears things for himself and doesn't give a fuck.
Everyone here is so concerned about being accepted or just the idea of "being /fa/"
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ethan wear things pretending to not give a fuck, his look is intentionally "I don't give a fuck". It's post-ironic fashion.

Also he's a fucking faggot for catering to normies whose sensibilities are too fragile for sam hyde.
Sam Hyde's only worthwhile works are his public stunts imo

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What all laundry detergents do you use for your clothes? Which detergents smell the best, which last the longest?

I just got a one-load sample of pic related in the mail and I'm antsy to use it.
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ooo fuck yeah
We done here?
woolette dark, meant to keep you're darks longer and because we only wear black here it's pretty decent I suppose

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>your age
>where you live
>your favorite designers
>your preferred type of girl
>how likely are you to meet her

rick owens, ann demeulemeester, y-3, yohji yamamoto, devoa, julius
slender, but toned, dresses in similar designers/style
very unlikely
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cav empt-acronym-maharish-nazir mashar
-New York metro
Rick Owens, Margiela Pre-2008, Haider Ackermann, Julius, Comme des Garcons Homme Deux, Comme des Garcons Shirt
-Anorexic, my height, as depressed as I am, smoker in an attractive way
-It's more likely I have an aneurism as I write this than I meet her.

Yosuke Aizawa from White Mountaineering and Kosuzume Shinshu from Briefing
Fresas and FOB Filipina nurses
They're everywhere so very

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What are other fuccboi brands to avoid other than Supreme?
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honestly both brands make fine stuff, just dont buy anything with a big logo in everyones face, if you see something basic you like dont avoid it just because its a meme brand
Anything """"streetwear""""

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Let's see what /fa/ is packing...
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Card, ID, and an Oyster card. All I need to carry in a wallet / card-holder.
I wont even bother with a picture, thats pretty much exactly what mine looks like but its brown.
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Manlet Fashion Thread
>pic related fellow 5'3" manlet ian connor
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Anyone have the pics of the Manlets from MFA?
nice double dubs
youre asking to get shit on by the effay mob thats extremely height obsessed and has an almost sus undying hatred towards short people. But Whatevs

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Post shit you'd wear if you a spree killer
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reddit related shit
this is a work-safe board

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>ask parents for cream crt300's for Christmas
>package shows up while I'm out of town
>wait for weeks until today when I finally get home and can open them
>open the box and find pic related
>they aren't even in my size

Is it wrong that I'm upset that I didn't get the one thing I wanted for Christmas?
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step 1. tell parents your size
step 2. show them the exact shoe you want

those are cream crt300's you fucking idiot
there is more than one 'cream crt300'
next time dont expect people to read your fucking mind

File: crt300vw_nb_14_i.jpg (52KB, 960x546px)Image search: [Google]
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I actually did show them exactly what I wanted each time they asked me what I wanted for Christmas
as in send them a link

Any cheaper versions of these types of glasses that i can pop my script lenses into? also, what're you guys wearing
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how long do you think until fashion becomes full circle and these are hip again
2 generations

1 if someone who the youth looks up to does it

Is there any point of trying to be fashionable if you have no qualities as a person, like attractiveness, good personality, etc.?
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not really.
Yes, I thought that is what it is all about. To cover shit up.

File: IMG_20151214_103106.jpg (3MB, 4128x3096px)Image search: [Google]
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>Advice pls

I'm a black dude (inb4 I get called a nigger) and I have trouble dressing casually. I can plan out a nice formal outfit but whenever I try to wear clothes that would look casual on a white guy I look like a bum or a loser who tries to "act white."
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Post a pic of an outfit you consider casual.
>inb4 I get called a nigger

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wrong board buddy
what about improvement in fashion sense?
From bad to not-so-bad?

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