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My girl likes beards, unfortunately I can't grow a proper one so I was looking up a bit on the internet and I saw that rogaine has some good promotion of facial hair growth. Does anyone here have experience with rogaine for facial hair? Would be nice if someone could help me out to see if it's worth the time and money.
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>My girl likes beards
>my girl.
haahah this is 4chan. No one here has a girlfriend. 3/10 troll.
>my girl likes beards

normie pls go. beards were /fa/ 4-5 years ago. get a new gf
For 3 months that's pretty pitiful and people will give you shit about having "middle school" facial hair.
Can't you wait it out like everyone else? Iirc it takes a year to get a good beard right?

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>terrible quality
>mall shit
>awful designs
>ugly colors
>normie central
>literally meme "fashion"
>terrible branding

pic unrelated; CDG hate thread?
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cdg play u mean?
wow op that was clever :-)
not like there's a difference

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fuck youtube tutorials
who has a better method for beginners?
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Don't you'll look like shit. Stop being a jew and pay the goddamn barber
find a real barber, best money you'll spend
Here's the method I've been using since I was a teenager:

1. Open your wallet
2. Pull out some money
3. Hand it to a barber

Works every time.

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How do I find cheap /fit/ clothes?
All my old T-shirts seem to be made for normal skinny fats. They are okay in the shoulder area, but very wide around my waist.
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athletic fit
slim fit

put the heavy things down and let them be
If you want shorter sleeves and a more tapered silhouette try Levi's vintage or Mister freedom, they're overpriced for t-shirts though.

Other options which might fit ok would be Velva Sheen or The Real Mcoy's they have some decently priced t-shirt packs. Just don't fall for the Everlane meme the fit is garbage
Slim fit looks tryhard as hell if you're /fit/. Wear baggy shit and people will be able to tell you're /fit/ based on the drape.

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This will be a depressive thread

I started browsing /fa/ around 2009 and started going /fa/ around 2011. It was a great time, slim fit jeans were fresh, making colour combinations were fun and the way I start to expand my wardrobe with the help of browsing here/mixing my own style felt great.

But around last year I lost my ambition. I mostly know what I want from the industry and mastered my style (kinda similar to shia since I have the similar body type and less skinnier jeans) Now I feel like empty as a void. People nowadays wear everything they didn't before with the help of the internet and everybody is /fa/ nowadays.

How to beat this feeling?
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I've definitely felt this before, I've been here for far too long, and sometimes I find myself really bored with fashion in general. What I do when I get like that is try to switch my style by looking at my life. Like think about where you are in your life, and study what kind of art, books, music you consume, and reflect that in how you dress. If not that, then it can help to learn to sew, and just kind of experiment, altering clothes from charity shops and whatnot.
Move on to something more interesting for you or find a different perspective on fashion.
There's something exciting about the novelty of the fashion industry - or any new hobby - that wears off over time.

Sometimes it helps to take a break and try something else for a while.

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what the fucck.jpg
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Why are people wearing shirts from bands they've never heard of/don't listen to?
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absurdity becomes the commodity in the society of the spectacle.
this shit is so linkin park

Alright lads summer is coming and with that dozens of music festivals.

Im thinking of using this as my reference point for fashion. How can I pull off Ryan Gosling-core ?
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Basic general
Let a basic thread be basic you dumb fucking cunt
people calling all black sneakers "triple black" now? lol

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one of those threads . also rate and comment
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it's pretty good desu but gosh i can't stand this kind of backpack.
got the name for those kicks?
look at the fucking catalog

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Where does /fa/ get their socks from? Looking for something thicker and not shit quality.
Pic semi related
>inb4 meme
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W2c pants
Its called thick wool socks or something

these are nice
W2c socks from pic?

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Lemmie see your sexy lock screens /fa/
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Wtf is that Lora Cruft in a birch
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What's this witch style I see every girl wearing now?
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normie girls get to try goth/emo styles because of american horror story coven in a bid to seem vaguely edgy or interesting
I think Australians call it strega or something.
Tumblr got slightly older

I'm german and I want know the style gangsta of mexican and american please help me
what kind of clothes should I wear?
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I'm fucking done.

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>he gets anxiety about clothes
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Better than both them nasty bitches
At least I get pussy for it

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Has anyone ever ordered anything from Tres Bien?

I just ordered some of their merch items in the sale and they arrived today. The hoodie is great quality but really short in the body and arms (almost 3 inches short in the arms).

Shipping cost £9 and they charge you 15 euros (£11) to send it back to them. They don't refund shipping costs so I'd lose out on about £20 in postage.

What do?
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take the loss or sell it online for a greater price
Yes their shipping/return fees are fucking stupid. It costs more to return the item to them than the original shipping.
wash it and run in dryer at max heat level

this will soften up the fibers and naturally form fit to stretch to your body

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