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Looking for anyone here with experience signing modelling contracts. I just got offered one by a fairly new agency, and while it seems like a legit high fashion agency im not sure what to think about the contract, anyone here who can help me understand what a 'normal' modelling contract should look like as well as go over the general terms/conditions with me? Would help a lot.
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How did you build up your portfolio? Tips pls f a m
how about you post what you think is questionable from your contract
If you have to pay for photos and shit, it's a scam.

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Reminder that tattoos are a guy thing and women will never look good in tattoos

Either if you are an anti-tattoo person or love tattoos, women having tattoos are as fashionable as men wearing make-up and earings

You always hear how women love guys with tattoos but you never hear guys saying they love women with tattoos, in 99% of cases of mens opinion of girls having tattoos its always a turn off. Women only get tattoos because they think tattoed guys are so hot and believe it will make them hot too.
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I said 99% of guys think tattoos on girls are a turn off/ or they dont care.
1% of guys (who are most likey cucks) will say they love women with tattoos


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We continue discussing what will be the trendy haircut of 2015 that everybody will have.
Will it be the mullet? G dragon got one now
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Bowl haircut inspo anyone?
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Is this Suga?

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What's the difference between frat and prep?
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frats get laid
frats go to the gym

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The shoes of Spring 2016 has been already decided, it's Timberlands.

But what is going to be the shoe of Summer 2016? Something that goes well with shorts.
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That bed is dope
Don't ever fucking post in here again unless you are contributing to the thread.
>The shoes of Spring 2016 has been already decided, it's Timberlands.

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What are some /fa/ tips so that people will start complimenting me on how I look indie or artsy
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you have to make fashion your hobby and spend all of your free time researching, try things on, etc
full rick

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when / where did this covering of the face meme start?
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I think it's good, so that we can judge the person based not on their looks, but how the clothes fit them, because people consider good looking people to fit in anything.
And, on a note outside of the quality of the fit, a lot of people just don't want anything that could too obviously identify them on the Internet.

Posting a full face photo could easily link your previously secret online persona with your real life identity, which could be a negative depending on your past online activity. Even when posted anonymously on boards such as 4chan, the poster may be considering other stigmas that they would want to avoid having linked back to their real life person, such as the stigma of dressing up and posting it online, or the stigma of posting on a 'controversial' online message board.
when they started taking photos of ugly people

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Jeremy Scott has gone full Jojo mode
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What is some effay religious wear?
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I need to get a pair of more dressier shoes to meet clients, any ideas?
I was thinking of trying to dress up some ICH BIN ATHEISTs maybe
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stick to a black, non-brogue oxford from an actual shoe brand rather than high fashion
any cap toe or plain toe oxford from allen edmonds

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did you post about this parka on ktt
Pigfuck is that you
No im not on there

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Can we all admit that the "is that a mullet?" haircut will be in style near the end of 2016?
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The mullet has never died in Australia. The rest of the world is playing catch-up, but unfortunately eurofags and amerifats will try to make it look suave and clean.
>The white trash hairstyle hasn't gone out of style in the white trash country

How surprising.
Stop forcing your mullet-meme, no one cares

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To the /fa/ggot that got on the R at 23rd yesterday, you were really obvious, and I liked your Hasselblad.
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those shoes have never shown up on /fa/
I think he just shops at thrift stores, doesn't lurk

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I know its a long shot but does anyone remeber a buzzfeed video that showed a clothing webstore that was owned by two girls who were like best friends but also like lovers. The type of shit they sold was like bucket hats that say "basic bitch", or like neckchokers, etc that type of fashion. To make it short, does anyone know the name of the website they have?
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>lesbian sex

bump for interest
This desu.
You're welcome OP

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What stores should a moderately wealthy professional young man be building his wardrobe from?
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rick owens
True religion
Saint Laurent

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