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Why do all college Asians dress like they are either retarded or from the future? Are the Effay?
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Because anything but school is irrelevant /fa/ af
chinklet detected
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the asian exchange students at my high school go full rick everyday i am not joking

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I have too many meme fits, so I'm rehauling my entire wardrobe and starting from scratch.
What timeless basics do I need, and other than that, how do I future proof my wardrobe?
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Just dress like an Akira character and you are set for a few years
Just buy stuff you like and try to stick with a theme. People always tell me my clothes look great and what is my style? I don't have one I just buy what I like and try to keep a daily outfit limited to a max of 4 colors/shades as try to make it so their black/white values are similar. Effay will have you look like every other memer.

You need to know the rules to break them. But just get what you like. Personally I hate black because it takes no effort and thought to have "style". Easy to maintain and match endlessly. A black hole of black clothes. That being said I have a few black articles just because even if you try to avoid it, they come to you naturally.
Don't fall into the dark colors trap either. I eventually ended up having nothing but dark clothes and it starts to look bad. People think you're weird

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What is possible with my hair?
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I think a low bald fade is a very reasonable cut for the nappier hair

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I just got myself these shoes and i wear them with my tight black pants but it just feels wrong, what pants should i get to go along with them?
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skinny tie and oversized dress shirt
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Wool trousers and puttees

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pleb: 1
patrician: 2, 3, 5
everything else: nigger
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all jordans: nigger
1 is the only acceptable jordan.
all others are ghettoniggerpleb
I like XI's and I like and specifically the Aqua VIII's

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How the fuck this projecting forehed is called? Is possible to hide it?
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Lel I have that too.
Wear glasses if you are so self conscious.
Its parte of the neanderthal genes brah
it's sexy
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Thoughts on Geox? I was walking around a shopping centre near where I live and was looking at some Geox shoes, but have no idea on the quality of them.

There were a couple of shoes that were genuinely cool and I'd consider copping.

Pic related.
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lol saint laurent knockoffs
is that the shoe that breathes?

This is relevant how?

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what does /fa/ think about men/boys in crop tops?
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depends, if they're cute+twink then yes but any other option is a no go.
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>good body + proper fit
>face isn't obscenely offensive to look at
>clean skin
What movie is this from?

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Is living a free and authentic life /fa/?
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there is no such a thing.

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When and why did these become so popular
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When faggots got tired of wearing exercise clothing for their intended purpose.
Are those still popular? I thought they were out by now.
because they draw attention to your footwear, people wearing expensive sneakers started popularising them

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In fact, i'm looking for the loft where we can see a girl playing guitar and a bike
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Huge Room.jpg
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been thinking of building a ~1000 sqft modern home.

any of you have some minimal style designs?

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I bought these in one size too large but I lost the receipt. I'm going to sell them now, what should the price be? I've walked maybe 200m outside at most.
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>common projects

forgot these shoes even existed

theyre pretty shit lettuce be reality. overpriced is an understatement
I'm still selling them either way, but hey thanks for the bump shitposter
ill buy it off 250 if youd like

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Looking into getting a tattoo wrapped around my wrist. I have the budget for whatever and my tattoo artist is pretty skilled, I just don't really know what to get there? I have Irish and Scot ancestry, so I'm trying to stick with that theme. any suggestions? pic related
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cut them instead of getting tattoos
If you have to ask a Sumerian ex-smoker support group website what you tattoo you should get, maybe you're not ready to get a tattoo. You should come to that decision yourself.
get a tattoo of a dick wrapped around ur wrist

post results

yes or no?

in my opinion it looks good only on guys who are depressed, all of those funny drunked chads should die
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you got a job yet?
russ's whole vibe throughout the show is extremely effay.
The first question you have to ask is, what kind of a drunk are you? Are you happy, melancholy, empathetic, apathetic...etc... find out which kind of drunk you are and determine if you're effay yourself because that's such a stupid question.

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Some good refs pls?
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I get all my socks at Marshalls desu, wool socks are top tier
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What are some /fa/ white socks?

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