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Good dees
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i fuz wit te vi$ion muh nigger

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Is it finally safe to say that all his fits were cringe
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Idk, post all of his fits
anybody know how tall he is? looks on the shorter side

how long does it take for a order from golf wang to arrive?

i managed to get the yellow Golf le Fleur x Converse One Star
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It's a good thing effay is such a slow board, I need time to come up with a witty and original way to scoff at the act of purchasing anything ofwgkta in a year that is not 2011
lol remember when that kid came all over his pair
No, I'm a filthy crossboarder. I'm more used to seeing cum on copies of ITAOTS

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the new tyler x converse // his album merch is available at his webiste golfwang.com, still every size available so b4 all the hype fucks get them, pls buy them
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inb4 anyone roasts me b/c of my favorite list, nigga i been lurkin thats it
kek everything gone
What the fuck is this thread

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Hello /f/,

I am looking for some decent tees, mostly graphic tees I guess and some basic black tees with a nice fit.
As I am currently saving some money I woild like to keep it under 100€ for a tee. It also should be fair trade.
Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance guys!
I hope posts like this are okay here.
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for basics, check out asket.com

also, > QTDDTOT
W2c pants in picture related
Hoodlamb tees are the best I've owned
they're made out of DUDE WEED
fair trade also

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Are YOU gonna cop a pair, /fa/? What're you gonna wear them with?
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These are pretty ugly desu
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What the fuck
Steven Universe shoes

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What does /fa/ think of these dune boots I just had delivered?

Total impulse buy I'd forgot I'd made through ebay whilst on shrooms.

Can't make my mind up whether I like them. Very comfortable at least. I'm a 24yo straight male.
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Those are sneakers, not boots.

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Are buns on women effay?
Any effay tied up hairstyles?
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>tied up hairstyles
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Never looks pretty just prudish. And since those haircuts primarily draw attention to the face, just like buzzcuts, the people who wear it need a very good skull shape. Most people don't have that.

what do you call this type of collar /fa/? I've been looking for a shirt with one for ages
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a fuckboi general
it's a detachable collar you dunce
the characteristic i'm interested in isn't whether or not its detachable. It's the fact that it comes around in a full circle

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>pants never fit because quads are too muscular
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>he believed rippletits' lies
just cop satyr fit
i also have this problem. what kind of jeans fit loose in the thighs, guys?

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images (4).jpg
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As we all know, certain hairstyles work well on some people, but not so much on others. At the moment, I've got an undercut, but it always looks really weird when I've got glasses on, that being said, what does /fa/ suggest?

Pic related: An older picture from before bearding and a semi-recent one.
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Right looks much better imo
it's good that you shaved your beard, because your beard sucks. clean-shaven seems to suck, too, so you should probably go with a short stubble.

your current hairstyle is also better than the last one. it's "okay" now.

you would definitely benefit from not looking sickly pale, though. some exercise, vegetables, and sun would do a lot for your appearance.

just fyi you're way older than average here.
I still have the beard, granted it's a lot more filled out now. The current hairstyle is on the left. However the 'pale' look mostly comes from terrible lighting, I do need to workout more though.

Soooo go back to how I used to look? I just hated being babyfaced.

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That's it guys this board is definitely dead
yeah holy shit I can't believe how bad its gotten over a few years
theres like 30 threads rn asking what to wear to get a certain girl fuck this board

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this is probably a stupid question, but who honestly remembers this guy.
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Where is diss at :((
He deleted both of his channels after he scammed somebody on r/streetwear then disappeared. Tbh he kind of deserved it. He was asking $300 for ONE used supreme x sasquatchfabrix slipper.
>Made a givaway when his channel hit 2000 subscribers
>later made a video telling his viewers to go fuck themselves and he burned what he was going to give away
>flew all the way from New York to LA for the sole purpose of being hired by no jumper
>Didnt get the job and went homeless in la
>Went camping under the la observatory
>After a while he started to make edgy and suicidal videos where he walks across a highway at night, starts throwing up blood and shit in a fast food restaurant bathroom, almost jumped off a fucking building, layed in front of a gas station gas pump where a lamborghini was parked and expected to get run over
>literally hit rock bottom
>After a while he stopped posting and ended up back in NYC, his hometown and admitted that he was a complete failure in life and he had to call his parents from a payphone in LA where he begged for them to buy him a train ticket to go back.

Yeah, i remember him. One of the most unique youtube channels ever.

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I need some basic shirts /fa/. The collars from the shirts I got from H&M get stretched out in like 4 wears. The color in Muji shirts fades away instantly. I've heard Uniqlo is good but what's the next level up in terms of quality/price. I'm fine with paying more but I can't justify dropping $50+ for basics.
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B. U. M. P.
> The color in Muji shirts fades away instantly

What the fuck are you doing for that to happen? My muji tees are still fine after pretty much constant wear for a year.

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