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Alright so I've been thinking and surfing the net through many different kinds of styles for royal stylish clothing (for females and males), but none of them seem that great. What I'm looking for is something that looks royal, stylish and easy to move around in (i.e. no leg or arm restrictions) Would /fa/ have any hints or ideas? (or even pics!) Styles for both men and women would be appreciated.
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bumping for interest
I remember watching a woman on TV who was working for the Galleries Lafayettes in Paris as a shopper. She'd get directives from rich people abroad (I want a dress for this occasion, I want fancy plates for this dinner, etc) and buy stuff with their money.
That day she was shopping for an "oriental princess". She took a black mermaid dress with golden embroidery from Valentino and a white dress suit from Givenchy or other. Mostly conservative, but alluring and overpriced stuff.
You can also watch Kate Middleton's wedding and look at the guests. I'd recommend the french version with Karl Lagerfeld's commentary if you can into french, it's hilarious stuff.

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is riding ducatis with your friend fash
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fash,i like that imma use it

/fa/s uniform aesthetic is trash for little edgy teenagers
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who are you trying to prove it to. us or yourself?

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Why buy $2500+ Yeezy 350s when you can just get the $17 ones which are basically the same things?

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I wonder if they're even from the same factory in China or whateverthefuck country they're made in.
I'm not even sure if they are real shoes
For that price, you'll be lucky if you get anything

The quality is even more shit than original yeezy.

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What are this kind of leather jackets called? Also can anyone ID this jacket?

The picture is from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbezdN75RKE
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pls respond...
Is the video worth the watch?

No. It was hilarious how Rogan started to talk about hunting etc. when he has a famous guitar player as a guest and the guest didnt care about those things.

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Do you judge people by their looks? How important are clothes on other people for you?
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I only judge people on their looks in the sense of them being attractive or not. Beyond that, I don't really assume their character.
Do I judge people on their looks? Yes, everyone does. Clothes, however, aren't that big of a deal. Sure, someone who is dressed well will get my attention. Though, if you're an 8-10/10, I really don't care. If you're a 7/10 or below, you're going to have to dress well to compensate. This is men and women, men earn my respect for dressing properly and women earn my feels.
i judge people on what they wear but that's only because it's something i'm interested in

the majority of people will think you look good as long as you just wear some decently fitting stuff

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>you have a massive egghead
>your rapidly balding

how good are hairplugs for an 18year old?
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>also have huge head
just shave it m8. the harder you try to hide your balding the worse its gonna look, trust me. btw what the fuck is a hairplug
>btw what the fuck is a hairplug

The ultimate in "trying too hard to hide your balding and looking terrible".


Listen to the anon above me. I'm a fellow baldingfag. I'm a lot older than you but Istarted thinning in my early 20s. Just shave it man. Grow a beard or at least some stubble if you can pull it off. Hair plugs/transplants are guaranteed to look embarrassingly abysmal unless you have a metric fuckton of money to drop on the world's best specialist doctors, and even then it's probably not worth it. Just learn to confidently rock it and you'll be fine.

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is (blank) effay? general
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which Dickies model is this? Looks pretty neat.
Probably slim straight, maybe 873
is homosexuality effay?

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Are we /fa/ ?
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left and centre are /fa/ af
baka white people
how many trannys are featured here?

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Graphic T-shirt thread
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Looking to buy a new sweater, preferably ~50eu, and something similar to pic related, plum knitten.

Unfortunately mostly of these go from +100eu, so was wondering if anyone has spotted something like this as of lately.
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Another one by Desigual.
Just save up your money and buy the real thing, youll most likely regret not copping the original one you liked

That's true, I just think that spending over 50 euro on a sweater is a bit too enthusiastic.

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>Retail Store thread I guess.
I am heading to singapore and Hong Kong in a month and was wondering if any any brehs have some tips on locating foreign /fa/ stores
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go to superfuture for this shit, no one here knows anything

if i could be fucked i'd get the superfuture hong kong pdf for u
Cheers senpai. Something different from the where cop plain white t and is x effay threads I guess
Tons of excellent labels have branded stores in HK, often multiples.

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poo in loo has a sicker shoe collection than you
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i would kill myself if i ever had a "sick shoe collection"
who cares about nigger shoes

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>selling some stuff on facebook group
>ghetto black guy says he wants to buy
>tell him I sold it a few weeks ago

Do you trust black people when it comes to buying and selling garments over paypal?
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I actually have this issue at the moment, I've been looking for a pair of shoes for ages and out of the blue this black guy messages me and he has them in the size that I want.
Not sure if I should trust him or not ://

Is it worth mentioning that he's from England?
No. Then again I'm a racist prick. Never trust foreigners when it comes to shit like this, they always end up being really fucking annoying.

>Put car on sale for $$$
>Dude calls, says he'll pay $$$
>We meet up, notice he's an arab or whatever
>Says he'll give me $$
>Says he'll give me $$ and some ugly rug
>Tell him to fuck off
>Starts to threaten me
>Pick up tennis racquet from car
>He backs off a bit
>Quickly get in car, start driving away
>He gives the car a kick, stumbles and falls

Never meet anyone like this alone. Always bring back-up. If you can hear they sound foreigny - just hang up the phone.


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Do you guys whiten your teeth? If so, what do you use? It seems like every male celebrity does it.
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File: Kanye-West-teeth_1743783a.jpg (35KB, 460x288px)Image search: [Google]
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kanye is black, plus he has diamond teeth
pic unrelated family
text unrelated

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