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Saw this ping pong at the movie theatre sporting this Bape Shark hoodie and some kekworthy "made in asia" sweatpants. They said some pleb shit on the butt pocket.
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just some guy who wanted to wear a comfy hoodie, but has a lot of money and wanted to get a nice one he liked.

why are you taking pictures of strangers to make fun of them lmao
taking pictures of strangers to share on your online club house is pretty cringey good start

Fuccboi couldn't help me. Anyone have any idea where to get this outfit that Paul McCartney wore back in his hay day?
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Supreme S/S 2016
slim chance man, shit was sold in a carnaby street boutique in the '60s lol

you'll have to have a tailor make something up

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What does fa think?
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i think they were an embarrassing reach the first time around in the 70s and are equally so now. like overalls look silly outside the farm, they're best left to mechanics and factory workers. but do whatever you need to do to stand out and express your individuality.
They are fine for women, but probably difficult for most men.

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Dear /fa/
Is it worth buying replica yeezy boost 350's?
>pic related.
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The only reason to buy real 350s is to resell them to fuccbois for $$$

So no.
To wear, absolutely not. My gf and I both have real pairs, and we always run into people with fakes on and they act so fucking awkward. Shit's golden.
if you like the way they look, sure.

tucking in jeans into boots?

do or don't, what do you think?
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it really depends on the fit of the pants.
both look fine in my opinion.
Never, unless you're wearing skinny jeans

Finna tuck something else if u dont stfu
Joy division t-shirt

Why do girls like heels so much?
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I personally hate them. They hurt and are impossible to walk in
because it turns a lot of guys on and makes them walk and feel more feminine
Why do your friends like heels so much?

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Beard tips . post your beard tips bros
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>cue the rage of low-test teens who are unable to grow proper facial hair
You are so handsome
Btw, buzzing it a bit shorter would make it look so much better. Just make it a bit more even.

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Fiction made of pulp.jpg
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Pulp fiction core thread?
Pic related, this would be nice to wear ironically underneath a jacket.
Also more inspo?
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>tfw uc santa cruz mascot is literally banana slugs

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As much as I love Kanye, does anyone think he tries too hard to embody /fa/ness?

Like it should happen naturally not constantly telling people that you are into it?
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when you are into something you are constantly telling people about what you are into because..

> Hey ,what you are up to these days?

pls stop this autism
didnt read, info on shirt?
yeah, no

I don't like kanye as a person but when does he talk about how into fashion he is?

What did you guys think of the Alexander Wang nyfw 2016 show? I was disappointed desu. Any analysis you guys had?
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>disappointed in mediocre designer

where are their breasts?
>expecting runway models to have tits

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How to reduce neck / chin fat /fa/

Pic unrelated
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Eat at a caloric deficit and run faggot
just stop eating

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is there anything worst than being skinny fat?
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>Being fat
>being skinny
>people tell you to gain weight and eat more
>gain little weight
>instant doublechin and belly on skinny frame
>people call you fat
Repeat ad infinitum.

I hit 71.0 kg this morning so I allowed myself 2 boiled eggs.

Being skinny makes you feel good and look good. I know I'm not skeleton mode but on my height of 195cm I'm OK (one year ago I was 95kg).

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Best basic jacket for upcoming spring?
Bonus points if it's not a bomber
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tfw bombers were p timeess but normies ruined them
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Hey /fa/, outsider here.

I'm aware of the guides and image-charts available for men's fashion (what haircut to get, what type of clothing to wear, color choice, etc). I was wondering if there's an equivalent for showering and general hygiene? I typically just get your typical cheap ass old spice bodywash and use a 99 cent speed stick to keep clean while using some 99 cent suave shampoo and conditioner for my hair. I use the store brand aloe vera after-sun gel in pic related as a moisturizer since I use a tanning bed 2-3 times a week and it doesn't make me feel greasy and shit. If there's a tl;dr list somewhere or a picture I can look at (even a quick URL would work) i'd greatly appreciate it.
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please stop tanning, you are ruining your body
2-3 times a week? Even one time is a bad idea, you'll have cancer within a year m8.

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Prez day fits?
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Dis my favorite shirt :)
Dat Mishka swag
Don't cut yrself on that edge

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