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searching for rings, post inspo and shit2 cop, silver is best, I like bling bling too
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hey its bladee w2c that ring
try etsy or ebay or just search google for "buddha, tibetan, devil, demonic....ring" lots of similaire stuff that catches the vibe
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Hello /fa/, what is the reference of this shirt / type of shirt ?
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I believe its Acne. Search for a stubby t shirt
fucking bump
>stubby t shirt

thanks mate

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What is better?

The Carhartt J130 or the J140?

They seem to be the exact same jacket only one has a more "Clean" look and the other has a more "Washed" look.

The J140 is as follows: STYLE #J140

The J130 is as follows:STYLE #J130

What are your opinions?
If you know the differences please explain.

Also which is the better buy?

They look almost the same.
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Here's the J140
File: j130frb.jpg (40KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Here's the J130
Reed no "better", just get what you want. I'd personally go j140, because it makes no sense to buy a work jacket that looks like it's already seen some things.

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How do you guys feel about rep shoes?

I can't afford resale prices of Yeezys but still want the aesthetic of them without them looking too fake. I was thinking about going to Ali express, but idk which of those sellers has the best rep yeezys. Do you guys have any links?

Like I wouldn't be trying to pass these off as real, I just want something cheap that looks like it so I can incorporate them into fits
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Like I don't effayy enough to know if reps are hated or anything. I just want some help knowing if I'm.getting something good or nah
I like reps for shoes where the actual materials are nothing special. I'd buy reps of yeezys because the materials are normal and they are both made in china

Depending on the price you're wanting to pay. There's none better for less than $100 though

Can anyone ID these shades from this QT?
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p sure thats a dude
nah i dont think so

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Need some guidance, /fa/.

I'm starting next week as an intern for NASA in Pasadena, CA.

From my understanding the dress code ranges from casual (Like autistic sandals and cargo shorts casual,) to business casual.

I'm considering going balls out and putting together some classic engineering outfits. (See pic.) I've even got a nice little tie clip based around an army decoration I earned.

Am I going to look out of place in a bad way?
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one bump.
don't do that unless you want people to think you're a tryhard

dress like everyone else, but better (aka make sure everything you wear has a flattering fit and the colors go well together)
Just go standard business casual. Dress smart for the first day and then judge the uniform waters. First day isn't the time for experimenting. You're not a fashion intern.

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What are your favorit clothing shops in paris? Can be anything from thrift stores to high en boutiques.
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Hot Topic
Centre Commercial
The Broken Arm
French Trotters

+ some shitty concept store

That's basically it.

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Am I beautiful?
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what is your gender
Gross af, fucking kill yourself faggot

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Is owning a cap with a picture off yourself effey?
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Its narcissistic and autistic
so the answer is yes
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good 1

wtc hat/coat? also wtc thread
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why would you want to look like funnyman jim carrey?
Coat: Macintosh or Aspesi.

Hat: Drake's or Johnston's of Elgin.
because his outfit in the pic is cool af

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WIN_20021208_120000 (1080).jpg
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Why does my hair look this bland. I always buzz it so it doesnt look like this dry shit.
Also are my eyebows good or do i have to get them do e
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Ask in hair general bro
I did 2 times now but i t never gets anyone to reply
Pomade senpai

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We're being raided
Get in here, /fa/ggots!

1. bump the threads you like to keep them from dying
2. report the spam
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Do this

ps nothing personnel /fa/, i hate the /vg/ mod, bump ur threads

t. Spammer <3

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Just post cool stuff
visual stimulants
cool fits
cool paintings
good photography
album covers
i am a pea brain and i need cool photos to make me happy
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File: 1454387332662.jpg (136KB, 800x1048px)Image search: [Google]
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OK /fa/ I really do need your advice.
I'm a poorfag Eastern European (Lithuanian) college student.
What I am looking for are:
A) A parka. Green. Fishtail is OK but not a requirement. No insulation needed, just quilted or no lining will be alright. Need it to have at least more than 2 pockets, and some leather decals (like patches and all). My budget for that would be somewhere around 80 Euro.
B) A running windbreaker, something really light. Just stuff to walk or jog in during windy/rainy evenings that are so common here in autumn and spring. I've checked out TNF and Nike Running, sweet stuff, but motherfucker 100EUR for a windbreaker seems kind of overpriced. My budget would be, I dunno, 50-60 EUR I guess, maybe 70.
C) A bifold wallet. What I need it to have is a coin pocket and if possible a transparent ID window, but that's not a requirement. Budget around 20EUR.
Are there any chances I could get what I'm looking for at those prices? Any affordable brands or sale outlets I should pay attention to?
I can ask a person to proxy an item or two for me from the US,it's not a big deal if those places don't ship to EU.
Any help will be really appreciated anon.
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100 for a wind breaker, you're looking at some fancy soft shell.
Go for cheap polyester with open vents instead, it's good enough and a fraction of the price, not even 20E at decathlon, and you can find better deals than that.
bro go army surplus. they have all these things very cheap

File: Pale palette.jpg (86KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
Pale palette.jpg
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Opinion on my fit and the use of a pale colour scheme?
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why so many dangly bits? You wanna go bling, get a brighter shirt, you wanna go pale, tone it down a mite. I like the shirt and jacket together, post full pic with trousers.
yeah i agree, the chains are trying to be just a little too niggerish

shirt and jacket go beautifully together, it's mostly that giant gaudy thing around your neck that looks out of place. If you want bling with this fit, I'd suggest ditching the giant indian warrior neck piece and getting some rings instead. Men's rings are so underrated these days. A quick and casual flash of the hands with some nice rings on can really leave an impression on a person.

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