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Are shattered backboards /fa/?
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is finding the word 'egg' amusing /fa/?
i'd say AJ1s are pretty /fa/ when done right

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What are some fa glasses?
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I'm currently wearing Oliver people's o malleys here's a shitty pic
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just bought these Ermenegildo Zegnas. not sure if effay but they fit my face nicely.. got them at costco haha
Costco sells zegna frames?

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GAP is having a huge sale right now. Was thinking of copping simple shit from there. Is there quality somewhat decent? Above H&M or below?
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copped some zip hoodies like 4 years ago, still my fav hoodies

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snoopy cap.jpg
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Live in Toronto and I was wondering where I can find some /fa/ dad caps
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Check Lost & Found on Ossington
urban outfitters

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Pleb here.

All I wear is this:

>alt rock band shirts
>slim jeans
>chinese fake hugo boss fashion sneakers with black socks
>mid length curly hair

it's so much better than the average pleb but I wanted to know if this is still autistic or what
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do not take fashion advice from other people
this. you'll end up looking like a /fa/ goober.
who gives a fuck man, wear whatever makes you feel confident and good with yourself, you shouldn't seek validation here, seriously

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Name me a shoe brand more patrish than this

Pro tip: you cant
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Is it me, or did the amount of /fa/ threads get reduced?
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No you are right, only half the threads are actually about fashion and the other half is 15 year olds spamming DAMN DANIEL.
Story behind filename?

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Considering getting this.
Someone who bought it posted a pic of it the other day, if you're still here can you post some more pics from different angles?
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here's the pic the guy posted
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just ship my shit up.png
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jesus christ never mind holy fuck.

can anyone post similar hats that are just a basic color with a neat print on the front?
it's just a fucking cap dude what do you expect to be special about it

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Can you guys redpill me on Carhartt jackets?
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they're inexpensive and will take an absolute beating. the work in progress line will probably look better for what you want but won't be nearly as cheap
If you're a skinny urbanite with soft hands you will look like a wannabe "urban lumberjack" sillyboi wearing one.
You usually wear them over your other clothes
they come in variety of colors
hope I didn't shatter your worldview too much

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Old thread is dead

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forgot title.

Nice, followed


>movie stills
>beautiful people
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>graphic design
>oc scattered around

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How do I keep the back of my hair growing like that? I cut the hair myself because paying for this shit is a scam, who cares if it's not 100% perfect, the overall hairstyle is quite messy, it's just getting the right texture on top and shorter on the sides and back. Strong fades are too tryhard for me so I keep it rather sameish on the sides and back.
It looks good, except the crown area, my hair follicles or something grow like that and I get a fuckton of volume. It's not about how short or long the hairs are, it's just the fucking shape, the way it grows (this is just physics, inb4 pay some gay to cut it better when its just hair fucking follicles growing in a step angle), so I need some product. Here are some pictures.
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AS you can see people wear pretty fucking messy hairstyles.
how do I style my hair for this thick strand messy shit?
sometimes I wake up and it looks fine because it does it while I sleep but usually not and idk how to recreate it
Mine always does this straight out of the shower. No idea how to maintain the look.

By the time I put product in it, it just levels/flattens out and looks dumb

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"Don't mind me, just smurfing in /fa/."
-Henry "FreeSwag" G
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>tfw no fiffy bf
>tfw no semmlar wingman to wear suits in public with

Why live crossboardposter?
that jacket is hella on fleet and such
he has good taste
henry is cute

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Hello Guys,

In September 2016 I will attend the Paris Fahion Week SS17 27/09/2016 - 05/10/2016.
I haven't been to a Fashion week and I have some questions.

I'm planing to go by car. I think it isn't recommended to attend the shows with a car right? Leave it at the Hotel?

I'm also planing to watch as many shows as possible. Are the shows in walking distance?

How to attend an afterparty?

How has FW16 been?

See you there !
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you're better off asking this on stylezeitgeist, sufu, malefashion, or malefashionadvice.

have fun
I thought there were some guys which are going regularly, but thx
people interested in fashion on /fa/ are a dying breed, unfortunately.

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So long story short my dad died and he was a wholesaler of clothing. Anyways, he left behind so much inventory and I'm having trouble identifying some of his new acquisitions. I remember him stating that these were limited edition 501 Levi that could sell for large amounts each. I have over 2000 pairs of of these remade vintage style Levi's. I can't find much on these styles online so I was wondering if any of you knew the name of these.
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File: image.jpg (2MB, 2592x1936px)Image search: [Google]
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Up close of rusted looking buttons
i'll give you 200 dollaridoos for a pair, my guy
I know at least 40 wholesale vendors who'll cop that for 50,000 no questions asked

Why is Bruno Paul the most effay artist? Also Art General
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