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I want to learn more about furniture design.

Where to start?
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Get a book from the library
Don't it's autist tier. Plus you don't want to deal with yellow foam dust and 50 year old fiber glass.

You can have a nice place with everything from ikea/Amazon


You will always remain a pleb.

It's too expensive.

You will never leave entry-tier Eames.

You will never advance to the upper echelon that consists of strange 80's prototypes made by a variety of Italian designers and were never published.

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Thoughts on J.Crew?

Recently started shopping there and I really like the clothes they have
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better than hm uniqlo zara all saints ralph lauren banana republic but still mall core tier. the rule of thumb is always buy when they have good sales. good place to start your wardrobe on before you hop on to designer shit

gotcha, thanks.

are there any other good brands I should be made aware of?

I've been buying some stuff from Hilfiger but I don't know /fa/'s view on that.
It all depends what you're trying to pull off and how much are you willing to spend.

If you want essentials look for levis 511 , gitman bros alpha industries , ll bean, brooks brothers, asos, adidas, shoes like pottery , naked and famous, apolis vans etc etc. With all of these said brands, you're able to buy decent clothes with shopping sales

What would you pair these shoes with?
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Shoe trees
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I want off this crazy ride. Spending large amounts of money on clothes makes me feel sick. Will people be able to tell if I buy my clothes from Primark? I just want bog standard shit.
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literal children make primark clothes

that's what should make you feel sick
There are better options to buy cheap clothes than Primark.

You might be able to purchase a pound of t-shirts for a dollar but they will dissolve in your closet rather quickly.
Primark clothes waste away easy. they're cool for socks and undies and basic as fuck t shirts but literally nothing else. go there if you need something for a messy weekend in Brighton

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I'm a pretentious anime watching loser piece of shit

where should I buy clothes idk places 2 bh
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but did I mention im poor
Get a job

What are some clothes that I can wear and still look good in? I'd much not prefer to dress up as pic related. I often wear a cotton shirt with black jeans and boots, and tend to wear a light jacket or something, even during summer.

It's the only clothing I feel comfortable in because it mostly hides my fatness. At least, I think it does. I hope it does.

For reference, I'm male, 19, 200 pounds, and 5'8.
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> I think it does, I hope it does.

It doesn't anon.

just lose weight, its actually possible where as looking /fa/ as a fatty is not.

6 months good diet and exercise and youre there.
I try to lose weight, but I'm a lazy fuck and don't have the motivation to.

I try to cut back on soft drinks and shit, I only drink like a cup from McDonalds or something once every two or so weeks when I go out.

As for actual food though, I'm not so good with that.
just wear clothes that fit lol, dont try hide your fatness cause youre fat cause you look like youre trying too hard (end up lookin like ur pic), if you dont have the body for it being confident about who you are is also /fa/

or just go on /fit/ and start losing weight

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Who is asspizza to you?
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No under 18 in this board
seems like a attentionwhoring moron

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WAYWT 1.jpg
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May as well go first
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These tissues are garbage
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so is your fit

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Greetings Earthlings. Last thread went out the airlock unfortunately.

Anything and everything lunar related is okay!

Pic related is from anon, who let me use it for the next thread.
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Hopefully this thread doesn't die.
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Lunarcore makes use of lots of texture as you can see.notice the utilitarian buckles, straps, pockets, and zippers. It all adds to a very distinct silhouette.
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In a previous thread, an anon said something along the lines of this:
>The reason we like lunarcore is because it is a vision of the future, it inspires us to think beyond what we are comfortable with.
It also looks pretty fucking cool.

In this picture, notice the color palette. Lunarcore comes in many flavors, so to speak. But the underlying color palette is generally composed of muted, drab colors, sometimes accented with a little bright color, but not too much.

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Hey I'm new to this board in particular, so pardon me if this is a breach of etiquette, but I was curious if anyone could recommend any blazer/jackets that fit like pic related?

I'm muscular but tall, so I like tight fitting clothes with shorter sleeves. But I'm aware that this suit in particular is just a cheap Asian knockoff.

Or if there are any other recommendations for an alternative outer layer that's fine, I just want something that's dressy and parts in the middle.
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Ha. That's why I wanted alternatives because obviously I'm not buying that trash. I was thinking something like this, but with shorter sleeves
ye just get normal blazer and scrunch up the sleeves and then spray glue over it

can't bend elbows but at least u look like manikin

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whats /fa/s opinion on asos? any other online stores like it you would recommend?
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Spend around 400 euro on Asos. It´s ok.
any other recommendations breh?
asos is cool. its cheap and affordable, especially for a student like me

Post some good sports-casual looks
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why don't you start?
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Hey /fa, so I've been scouted twice to become a male fashion model but the problem is my height. I'm 6 centimeters too tall. Any real tips or advice how I can get a shorter body length? >inb4 get surgery. I'm Already aware of that option but I'd rather not get surgery. Pic not related.
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Jump out of a window, and land directly on the top of your head. This will shorten your spine.
Tell them they're manlets and move to Denmark to become average
bad posture will

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Uzumaki Patch.png
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I was looking for a patch general but I guess half of the board got deleted for spam. I guess this can be that

I have a black denim jacket I'm in the process of getting patches for, still in need of a back patch. I found this Uzumaki print being sold on a tote bag, wondered if it might work as a back patch, idk if it's too edgy or not, I think it looks sick though.

Anyone have any experiences of making patches out of other materials than the classic thick, embroidered style? I think the tote bag is 100% cotton, I had hoped it was linen but if it can work I'll settle for it
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Other ones I have, I know I'm a fucking weeb, but they aren't obviously anime/manga related on the surface. [1/3]
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posted this in last thread. just copped, unsure what to do with it

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I'm looking for some black shirts or t-shirts with some red accents to match my Qasas. Can anyone recommend anything?
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Perhaps white and black with small red accents?
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goes through your neck like a shirt
Nissan NISMO

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