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I have a date with a girl i know is probably /fa/
I'm very casual and dont care much for putting together planned outfits but i want to try and impress her. Its just a dinner at a pretty nice restaurant(Not suit/tie) and a movie. What should i wear /fa/? Im 5'11 pretty skinny but can fill shirts etc

pic unrelated
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just wear some decent quality basics and try not to sperg out
Like what? I mean i was thinking Mabye a white t, blue levi jeans, some white air forces. mabye a tan jacket or something
I feel like my vagina just grew teeth

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What do people wear with all black sneakers?? Dump black sneaker inspo please
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Bonus for spring/summer fits
Here you go , op
You really don't think black shoes have some place outside food service? I know the meme, but I've seen pics posted before using them nicely.

Post cool jackets
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Pic not related
i like my jackets warm desu

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What do you guys think?

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Fucking shill
Question: why is it that every single one of these dumb startups wants to put pictures of their dumbshit founders on the front page?

Literally EVERY bad startup I know does this. I've advised some and told them to not do it, and they still do. Fucking masturbatory.
These aren't /fa/ at all. You don't need breathable, anti-bacterial shit, as if that changes anything about the way you smell. Normal thongs work just as well under leggings by the way.

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>"You're not a rockstar stop dressing like one"
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"you're a rapper start dressing like one"
thats the one that hits
File: image.jpg (95KB, 960x877px)Image search: [Google]
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"Are you gay? Because you dress like it."
>you're a guy why do you wear panties?

Every. Time.

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fuccboi general
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Which glasses look better, /fa/?

(They are almost identical just different sizes)
right ones

How do I change from a fucking faggot with no fashion sense and who only wears flannel to someone who's even a little effay?

Is there a good essential chart?
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/r/mfa has good charts
Why you gotta do me like this senpai?
If you are truly a fucking faggot who has zero clue about fashion then you really do belong in /r/mfa. There is much more material there catered to teaching people how to appear well dressed in the most basic sense. If you are too proud to recognize your absolute inability to put together an acceptable fit that you cannot accept advice then I can only assume the wearing flannel everyday is the least of your problems. Seek help lest you die alone, hated, and spiteful.

File: Patagonia_Nano_Puff_Jacket.jpg (424KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
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where can i get a jacket similar to Patagonia's Nano Puff but without the silly label.
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just use a seam ripper
thats not what i asked but thank you
Norse projects has a nice and warm one, it's a mid layer but really warm. I wear it in canadian winters by itself

On sale I think on Norse store if there's still a sale

hey /fa/ what you guys think of guy wearing rings like pic related
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Go for it, but only one ring. Not one on each hand - only one ring, period.
that he's married?
Its my only ring on both hands, why only one ring period?

File: vest.png (608KB, 610x406px)Image search: [Google]
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is this a vest designed for women?
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sometimes, snon...a vesnt is just a vepst
greatest post of 2016 lmao
sometimes, snon...a vesnt is just a vepst

i have the one in the pic, should i keep it? i've worn it for at most 3 times in total
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Cool shirt, keep it
werent there some hi tops who had exactly this color scheme? saw them posted here a few months ago quite often, cant find them now.
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This but in more blue?

File: 20160224_103902.jpg (1MB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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Great thread OP
Are those Safesteps?

Post fits that don't look like redneck or stormtrooper core
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File: unnamed.jpg (48KB, 470x313px)Image search: [Google]
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i think its nearly impossible to be fashonable with a motorcycle helmet on, or while riding a sports bike.

weaving through hanoi traffic at 2am is /fa/ as fuck though.
>not wanting to serve the empire
rebel scum
ATGATT you queer

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I am a 25 year old male and I just realized... my wardrobe sucks, My friends showed me some photos recently. I have been wearing the same 4-5 outfits since I was 18 in high school!

I got the same megadeth shirt with the same pair of jeans and the same black shoes and the same black hoodie. They showed me pictures over the the course of a couple years and I was the only person to look exactly the same in each one.

Help me...

I just don't know what people wear anymore? I feel really comfortable wearing heavy metal band shirts and jeans and BLACK shoes.

Is there even anything I should do or could do? For some reason.. I want to try wearing those white van shoes? I just don't understand anything about male fashion.

How can you even be fashionable as a average male? It doesn't help either that I am some black guy living in new hampshire. What can even be done?
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And buy básics.
This, the sticky's a little dated but its advice is still solid.
Stick to well fitting basics and you'll have a good foundation to work off of once you have a better idea of what you're doing and what you want.

thats the problem. I have no idea what I am doing and NO idea what I want.

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Anyone know where I can find a baggy hoodie like this? For less than what this one costs
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fuck. me. that hoodie is sick.
I know right and it's only... Yep £500
Cop the real thing fuckboi, save up your money

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