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What is more effay? Facebook or Twitter?
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habbo hotel

what should I do with my feezys? just got my real pair in the mail

thinking about throwing them over a power line
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Take the laces out

Make a noose

Think about your bad life decisions and why you would want to buy $200 roshes

Hang yoursslf
got mine too. why the fucking hasnt anyone mentioned that these hoes smell like sharpies
which one's the fake? literally can't tell the difference
might be interested in buying them, what size are they?~

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Had chin implants earlier today. My face and lips are swollen like balloons right now but I think the results are already noticeable and pleasing

Ask me any questions
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How much did it cost.
Around 3000€
Interesting, be great to see what it looks like when all the swelling is down

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Can't we have the list of all trends and styles that are/were present in /fa/? My autism is craving for catalogisation.
I'll start:
SLP style
goth ninja

continue this list
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really now.gif
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anyone know where to get supplements for weight loss like adipex
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lift weights and eat less it's the simplest thing in the world stop telling yourself you can't
started taking vyvanse and adderall everyday to supress my appetite. just find a adhd autismo joker at a college campus thats chill enough to sell you for like 2 bucks a pop
caffeine pills generally make me not hungry/feel sick. they're cheap as fuck and you can get them at any drug store. I generally take 2 pills which is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee and it works. then again, it spikes my anxiety (I have an anxiety disorder) badly so sometimes it's not worth it. I'm a fit model so sometimes I have to resort to that though

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anastasia romanov.png
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Anybody got any tanning tips?
I live in new England so Its gunna be a while before I can naturally do it. I feel like a filthy anglo and am sick of it. But I also feel like a homo going into a tanning booth, anybody rec any fake tan products
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Don't fake fan it's obvious, lots of men go to tanning booths and no one will see you because you're in a fucking tanning bed. Also drink more water
Being tan is very uneffay you fucking dirty goddamn dago.
wtf bruh? it was like 50 degrees the other day. i wore shorts, you can tan in this weather. inconsistently.

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Who /sparse eyebrows/ here? How can I grow them?
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Just get them threaded you waffle
You can shave them so they look more coarse (darker/thicker appearance) when they grow back in.
how is this a good thing? it's one of my biggest insecurities

well-defined eyebrows are the shit

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Palewave thread? Palewave thread!
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maan i feel like these are just the same fits over and over again, like nothing good ever comes out of it

ill dump what i got

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remember to guess age and location of other posters
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fuck you stupid aussie.
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Describe your style. Have you developed your own or are you following a trend?

You are allowed to post a picture if you need to.
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I'm a rick version of a mix between a zen monk and a character from gta san andreas depending on weather and how i feel. Also sometimes i wear really simple basic stuff for practical reasons but always black or white nothing else.
boy or girl? those big shoes look very juvenile. like big osiris in middle school, skater w skinnies
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Started with high end basics, but slowly transitioned to designer stuff. I now wear predominantly Rick, OG Raf, and OG Helmut. Typically, I wear tamer rick fits with a Raf or Helmut Outerwear.

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*vomits on the floor*
S U B S T A N C E 1 9 8 7

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Need an ID on those sandals and jacket. Help a brotha out.
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pretty sure those are chaco sandals dude idk about the windbreaker
dude idk about the windbreaker pretty sure those are chaco sandals
Looks pretty similar to a RAINS anorak.

Am new to shoes so i dont know alot about prices i've seen people selling yeezy 350 Boost Oxford on ebay for 1000$ and on this page you can buy them for 200 $. Are They fake ? Need help.
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come on senpai
thanks for replying, i just needed someone to confirm it
Do you know where i can buy them ?
get cheap bootlegs from AliExpress
my brother paid something like $70 for a really good pair but I'm sure you can get something for less

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are dr. martens /fa/?
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Only those

oh shit nigga
Jesus christ.

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Is normcore dead?
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been dead since 2014 u dip
normcore has been dead since like 2005
normcore never even started

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