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cream high sneaker.jpg
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Fuck the all whites
Post cream sneaker
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Anyone here into 90s clothes?

Lets have a 90s thread. Post inspo, recent cops, etc.

It feels like most current designs and trends are 90s inspired but no one seems to get it right. And it's getting harder and harder to find interesting things on Ebay.
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The current trend is 80's inspo

90's inspo is next decade
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$_57 (2).jpg
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last cop

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Is there a more autistic shoe?
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Well, it depends, are you a shoe?
>wahhhh a subculture of people online like a shoe! time to take my view beyond the internet!
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Can a skinny, small guy pull off a buzz cut?
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It's more about face shape I think than overall body size.
yes, now do you feel better about the buzz cut you just got?
Post a pic.

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Jordan Westbrook 0, July 11th, $125.

Would you? I personally though I was done with Jordan's but these look like $400-$500 shoes. Hopefully the quality is good
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decent lifestyle shoe , nothing groundbreaking

lets talk dress shirt. are high-end designer dress shirts worth the price? i mean like Lanvin, Acne, Lemaire,..etc worth their price?

i just tried on a few 200£ Lanvin dress shirt, and they fit nice, fabric feels nice, but they're just seems so boring except for maybe few tiny details here and there.

meanwhile my uniqlo dress shirt fits well, quality is ok, and they feels nice too, + they are only 20£ each.

If im paying 200£ for a shirt, they better be unique and dont look like 20£ shirts.

sorry for english me no englishman
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so i should just stick with cheap shirts?
w2c pants

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Drop some sites /fa/

That's all i got
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The shipping to Australia costs more than the actual items. Are there any similar online stores that cater to Ausfags?

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old thread at 3hunna

>runway boners

>Geobaskets/Creepers/Ramone Boots
Go 1/2 or 1 size down from your TTS

>Ramones/Tech Runners
Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

>Sock Runners ie Adisocks ie Stretch boot
TTS your UK size or size up 0.5 your US size

>Elasticated Pants/Drawstring Pants
Size down

>>>TRY before you BUY<<

>Season list, Fabric, Leather and Colour Guide (Post additions in thread)

SS16 hitting stores, FW16 Just hit the runway, lets talk.

Fabric guide is up and running in the OP post now, post additions and amendments!

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what are the comfiest rick shorts for lounging around the house
We burned through that last dude quick.
Felpa pods are my loungers

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I don't normally wear buttoned shirts untucked. What do you think of this shirt? I normally wear it tucked in for business-casual at work.

Note: The shirt is a medium but I am starting to believe small is a better fit.
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i honestly think it looks great, the medium gives you a cool blocky silhouette

Is a blocky silhouette something I would want? I suppose the opposite is a slim fit?
Fit looks good here. If you want to wear a slimmer top, wear slimmer/tapered jeans.

File: 20160224_113917.jpg (2MB, 3264x1836px)Image search: [Google]
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Discuss your clothing creations and ideas

So i bought this H&M parka on sale and im thinking of embroidering something on it to make it less boring, until know i was thinking in putting some arabic text in the back, like a whole block of text of something i translated since i like the look of it just dont know if i should do it in black, olive so that it blends with the jacket or a flashier color like purple or red?

anymore suggestions, like patches or something in the front would be really apreciated
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File: 20160224_113943.jpg (2MB, 3264x1836px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3264x1836px
and the back
>arabic text in the back

Don't do this please.
i would put paint on it, like clothes painting and just pour some on the coat
not too flashy colors, but i wonder it would stay under rain

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And also Off White thoughts and opinions.
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File: ofw2.jpg (188KB, 1024x1365px)Image search: [Google]
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as a person who likes HBA, off white is embarrassingly bad

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Post some nice phone backgrounds
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Old Peak Galaxy S6 Wallpaper.jpg
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thread has potential have a bump

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Alright sluts.

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I need to buy a new suit, not to expensive, but not shit.

Sticky has jack.

What do I do.
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$250ish: topman. they are honestly pretty good for the money
$150ish: zara. if u can find one without weird details like superfulous zippers
$50ish: second hand calvin klein on ebay

these are all slim fit options that will look good. $500 pieces of shit at myer or david jones are cut for fat shits and look horrible

sounds good, what's the next tier up from topman?

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Is there a /fa/ guide for males who don't want to look like 15 year olds or complete queers impersonating their grandpa?
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nice buck. 119?
>not looking like a queer
Kill yourself.

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Cop or nah
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You are not Clint Eastwood

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