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Is this early 2000s done right?
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>early 2000s
>done right

this senpai
Mark my word there will be 00s inspo someday and all that shit will come back

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If I go to a private school (senior in hs) and wore a Louis belt would I just look like a faggot or would it be fine?
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If you have to ask...
yeh faggit
When I was a senior in high school, there was some serbian freshmen who always wore that belt, along with a LV coin purse he made very visible. One day, he got jumped and had both of them stolen. I just felt like sharing that.

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Are they a thing now? or did I miss the boat?

I like the way they look, pic related.

Im guessing theyre like the hitler-youth cut and they only actually look good on like 0.1% of people.
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looks shit, don't do it

yohji hats have been cool since like.. 2011?

its mostly women and fags wearing them though, not very masculine if you ask me.
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wakaflocka flaaaaaaaame.gif
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>hes holding a woman's bag

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Just a daily reminder guys, DO NOT take accutane. It will cure your acne, but it will fuck you up in many other ways.

My hair has started falling out shortly after stopping it, despite having no family history of baldness. Pic related.
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You're doing something wrong OP. I've taken accutane and I have an amazing head of hair.
that's just what happened to you. you can't tell others to not take aspirin just because it made your stomach hurt.

there is a skin care thread already in >>10983940

accutane is discussed there
>everyone reacts the same to the medicine

Regardless of different genes and dosage?

It seems Accutane also made you retarded

Please ask your doctor for a bit lower dose

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Hey fa/, are you a ninja or a cowboy? Who is better? Why?
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File: tumblr_m9ljv8Pbxo1r24ux8o1_500.jpg (460KB, 488x650px)Image search: [Google]
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>mfw white boys born in the 90s want to critique my fashion sense
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>mfw black people constantly feel the need to validate themselves by drawing parallels with white people

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are white trucker jackets fah?
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seems like /fa/'s split on this issue

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Should I fall for this old meme?
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Which kind of piercings are effay, and which are best places to use them?
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/fa/ will tel you non

Personally I got my daith pierced and I like it; it's subtle
adams apple
File: IMAG2428_1_1.jpg (27KB, 596x342px)Image search: [Google]
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I feel weird when I take it out, so effay or not, I dig it, although I prefer rings on guys as opposed to studs.

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I have a stocky inverted triangle goober body like david gandy and im wondering if turk or jap pants would make me look less stocky?

god I just hate how he looks in photos
god I hate how I look in photos
I have such a nice face but a fucking awkward giant stupid child look in clothes even though im 6,2

everything he wears is so awful but its supposed to be the kind that fits with his body
but seriously fuck that
he looks like a fucking tard
I mean he could look much worse but ffs honesty
I just want to wear thing I like and look good
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it seems most fashion sites want you to wear fedora tier suits like international faggotfuck, David Gandy.

I like high fashion and chill stuff
david good at nothing gandys autismo top stock type of gorked shite

File: #3.jpg (177KB, 1000x1550px)Image search: [Google]
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god damn I had no idea I had such a long neck too
its like our bodies are identical
what a fucker
you sound like a fucking bitch
no one cares about ur gay ass venting faggot

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Hey guys, started getting dandruff in october and tried a bunch of different shit and nothing worked. 3 weeks ago I just said fuck it and decided not to shampoo or condition and just wash everyday with water, hair didnt look very good and didnt smell very good but the dandruff wasnt a huge problem. Still a little bit of it but nothing crazy. Today I wanted to see what would happen if i conditioned again and I did and dandruff came back. Why the hell is this? I even used this hippie conditioner with no added harsh chemicals or fillers or whatever. This is the conditioner I used. Wtf is going on? I just want me hair problems to go away.
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Try conditioning with apple cider vinegar.

Has to be the stuff with the mother in it tho.

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New thread. Who here moonboys
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File: 2016-02-25 06.16.06 1-1.jpg (3MB, 1548x3229px)Image search: [Google]
2016-02-25 06.16.06 1-1.jpg
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Op here. I've been into this a while but poorfag because I haven't committed. Sorry about the mirror I'm abroad
File: NASA_l2b_flight_jacket_adult.jpg (371KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Might as well get all the obvious out of the way
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which one are you /fa/
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im not really one for witchhunts desu

but does he actually dress out in public like this??? if so he kinda deserves it
Sorcerer, i want to cast some dank fits

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>people tell me I'm /fa/, but I buy a majority of my clothes from H&M
>I hate any article of clothing with visible logos or emblems
>I have seventeen custom fit button down custom fit Ralph Lauren shirts that fit perfectly well my girlfriend and parents have bought, and I never wear them because of the Emblem
>I wear slim and skinny pants because I want to showcase my ~8.5 dick(which I think is still small). The looks people give me prevent my suicide
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>tfw no custom fit button down custom fit Ralph Lauren shirt
Youre confusing confession with gloating
My most worn shoes are h&m chelseas

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I'm tired of seeing the same photos over and over again on cringe threads. post some OC
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