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Hi /fa/

I wanna buy a new jackett in this style (here it's one made by Dries Van Noten). My limit is 300€ (yeah I'm french). What do you recommand me ? Help
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s2a bomber retailed for 600, it's a steal deadstock at this price- I talked to the seller thoroughly but unfortunately could not cop because I bought some yeezys

That's a nice one, thank you.
I usually wear 48 not 52-54...
I would have buy it if it was 48 haha
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how does /fa/ feel about aviators. i'm getting a pair but i'm wondering if people find them douchey/tryhard. wanted to go mirrored but i think that'd put it over the douche edge.
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They're fa as fuck, no pair of glasses is more fa.
However, get randolph ones, not Ray Ban. Most of them aren't worth their price, they're either made by Luxotica, or fake.
i was going to right off ray-bans site. might go with a different brand, i don't like the branding on them anyway.
i just did some research and apparently this luxotica company owns every major sunglass manufacturer and they're all dogshit now. other than randolph do you have any reccomendations?

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2,5 days out from chin surgery, swelling is going down

Left is surgery day, right is now

Ask me anything
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And here is a before and after profile shot

Left is pre-op, right is surgery day so really swollen but you can see the progress
Might just be the swelling but you looked better before.
Before was kind of square and masculine, but now you have this weird too round chin that's too tall for your face
I like having an oval face, so I purposely avoided very square implants
My goal was mostly to get an advancement from the profile

My girlfriends birthday is coming up soon and i was going to get her some good super comfy shoes because she has a chronic back problem. I bought her Nike court tours years ago but she doesnt wear them much.. she usually wears converse or flats that i dont think are very supportive..
She wants converse high top in mint but i cant find them for <$250AUD... that and i think they're shit.

People say she looks like Jullian Moore and shes commonly wearing jeans, plain shirt and cardigans (just to know what you're working with)
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>She wants converse high top in mint but i cant find them for <$250AUD... that and i think they're shit.
Protip: that's a massive hint and you should probably do that.

Do you have a friend in the US? Those go for like $60 USD ($82 AUD) here.

The line is discontinued, cant even find a pair online in her size. Would it really be available in the US? I could ask someone.. but i feel like its fruitless
get her a pair of damn daniels

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this Namilia stuff seems pretty outrageous. do you guys have thoughts on this brand?
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This kind of stuff imo is only cool if it's subtle. I suppose the notion here is that it's meant to be juvenile, because drawn penises aren't really controversial anymore imo.
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Vive Vagina does something more subtle

Yes those blue embroideries are vaginas

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new thread, old one's dying
>r8 outfits too
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6.5/10 but that hair lad
Also shoes dont really fit

Be honest m80s
When will they learn
The fuck man. You've got some cool hair but dress like a spaz.
They don't go together... at all.

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Are scars effay? How do I pull this off? or do I need to wear pants.
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i sure hope so

i have one across my eyebrow and grew up with the nick name scar, like that freak from the lion king
That's fucking sweet. I'm jealous, man. Scars are effay as fuck.
I have some permanent scars on my back from having ex-girlfriends scratch my back during sex. It doesn't get any more effay than that.

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1MB, 1768x1519px

anyone coppin? anything catch your eye? how fast do the big ticket items usually sellout?
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definitely some hats.

kind of want the military cargo pants and the hooded ripstop but 120 is a lot for those...
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>how fast do the big ticket items usually sellout?

so clearly you are new to this shit.

Ill keep it short, if you dont have a bot to cop then your chances of copping "big ticket items" are pretty damn low.

Shit sells out at 10:59 or 11:02 if its hyped.

If you dont have have bot then its just pure luck
not OP, but i think YOU'RE new to this. That, or you're slow af. I always get a box logo in my size using only autofill.

And nothing really comes close to the bogos or nike shoes in terms of hype.

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Somebody killed a bunch of threads here. Need a new prep thread. ITT post prep inspo, pieces, lifestyle, etc.
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Is standing up while wiping your ass effay? Or should I switch to sitting down while wiping? Help me out guys
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Doesn't matter, but front-to-back is wrong and not effay.
Women sit down while wiping.
People actually stand up to wipe, that's some barbaric shit

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Hey /fa/, do I have good facial aesthetic?
I've been thinking on getting some work done, considering the fact that I have some money in my pockets.
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No, you're actually quite an ugly man.
Face would be a lot better if you took better care of your skin
Any cleaning stuff you'd reccomend?

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ID on these?
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The vest, I mean
No clue though
dont know but here's to the my GOAT skater


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What does /fa/ think of when guys happen to be wearing the same colored outfits? Like blue pants and a grey top.

I'm just about to go out tonight and my mate threw a hissy fit because I happened to be wearing the same colors as him.

We're both two good looking guys with smart haircuts so I don't see a problem, if anything it'd be a laugh at the party.
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Are you two a couple? because that's totally fine.
same-sex couples do it up better
Nah we both straight. He has a gf.

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Hi, /fa/.

/mu/ here. I need help and I figured this would be the best place to ask. I'm 31 years old and was diagnosed with cancer. I lost allmof my hair because of chemo, but have been in remission about 6 months. I've been letting my hair and facial hair grow since then, but it's a fucking mess right now.

I come to you with advice for hairstyles. I have a round face and wear glasses.

What hairstyle would you guys and girls recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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reddit.com/r/malehairadvice offers much better help than most people here. It's also better for people who are actual adults. We did a demographics survey of the board and the average age here is 18-19. Would recc.

You'll most likely get the best advice of you go to any respectable hair stylist, though. Look up reviews beforehand.

Sorry about your AIDS.

Good luck.
Thanks m8. Greatly appreciated.
Sorry Magic Johnson, just buzz so you'll be the coolest AIDs patient there is.

Yo /fa/ I've been promised a pair of balmain jeans - which would you recommend and which do you like the most personally?

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If you're lucky enough to be white; don't bother.
grey biker for lunarcore
just flip em senpai, biker is kind of played out already

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