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w2c these?
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home depot
Adidas Ultra Boost, this was a limited colourway in cream so prepare to pay a lot for them.
or get a rep

What are some cozy sneakers similar to Yeezy boost 350's? I have wide feet and these look like the perfect shoe to have.
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Try Ultraboosts or Nike Lunar flyknits.

I'll check those out, thanks mate.
If you have wide feet go half size up on UBs and TTS on Lunar Flyknit. UBs fit like socks

First shirt design
How /fa/ am i, faggots
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I like how the street lines add a stripe to the shirt, but desu would not cop
Thanks for the honesty anon, i enjoyed that part too

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ID please

pic related
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i think its nike
alpha industries x nike bruh

Post /fa/ cars. +1 for affordability
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Wrong board friendo
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girls dancing.webm
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What do you think when you see girls dressed like this?
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>I missed the prime teen pussy age
Looks like they're having a lot of fun.
Well fashions change throughout the times I guess. It's just odd that these children who have barely begun puberty are already sexualizing their bodies

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I wanna know what /fa/ likes
keep it classy
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like shirts that shows the form of my shoulders, really like boss orange's long sleeve shirts
>pic related what I wore today

profound aesthetic
ysl (anything hedi)
homme boy
fear of god
gosha rubchinskiy
keeping it simple

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what do you think about the nike x birkenstock
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water those

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Post em
>Palm tree captcha
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Where did you/do you get hats like these
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Can't wait for it to get here

So I was watching a video of a guy showing outfits with the Yeezy Boost 350, then in the comments I saw: "Lmao wearing Nike sweat pants with yeezys are an insult" or "Really, Nike joggers with adidas yeezy"

Why is that? Who gives a fuck about the brands. I don't get it
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Kanye West left Nike because they would not give him royalties for his Nike Air Yeezy sneakerline. He then proceeded to work for Adidas, and even made a disstrack about Nike called Facts. So its pretty frowned upon to combine the 2 brands into 1 outfit.
File: 1453940074364.jpg (169KB, 734x998px)Image search: [Google]
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Oh ok I see, but it's still stupid... it's a shoe, not Kanye West.... you know what i mean

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Need some sweat shirts. I would get this but I am white so it's a no.
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I also am in need of some sweatshirts. Looking for some suggestions for a basic sweatshirts with no hood, preferably in light grey or navy.
why would your white priviledge matter with tde merch?
I think most people wearing TDE merch are white m8

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I'm looking for someone who shares the same dream as me, I don't want to live limited anymore.
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Explain yourself you cocksucker
Creating a brand more luxurious than burberry and doper then supreme. Or some other branding, I just wanna get rich on some fly shit.
The little people need the brands to recognize 'quality'.
Normal people will get their clothes from someone, either a tailor or an old grandma with too much time on her hands (eventually grandmas will know how to work an arduino, expect the knit market to crash hard), or are buying just basics, and never need branding.

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What are your biggest /fa/ fails? Here is mine.
> Being awesome and /fa/ in my longline white tee
> I feel my stomac rumble
> Have to shit like crazy
> Can't hold it in
> Manage to go to the toilet in time
> Sit down and release the biggest shit I've ever took
MFW I forgot to pull my longline tee up, and shat directly in it, feeling the warm shit on my ass
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That's fucking hilarious
Fucking fuck
I would just sit there and laugh at myself for hours
I almost cried :(
did some fashion faux pas when i started my college years
denim on denim,crappy pants cuffs,basically wearing oversized shit
thank god it didn't create a lasting imprint on people

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just copped this shirt.post your underrated tees.
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its already too late.jpg
14KB, 320x320px

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just bee yourself.jpg
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I got my hair buzzed about a month ago. How likely is it that by the time it gets long again the man bun will no longer be a played out meme hairstyle? I like having long hair and putting it up is pretty comfy and convenient
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keep growing it out and by the time it's long enough for a bun, the buzz cut meme will probably catch on.
>How likely is it that by the time it gets long again the man bun will no longer be a played out meme hairstyle?
society is going to view it pretty negatively for at least a decade after it reaches its saturation point
it's already played out.

and if your hair is long enough to bun properly, you won't get any shit for it regardless of meme status. it's guys with medium, not even shoulder-length hair trying to be trendy by putting up tiny little buns/top knots/ponytails that is embarrassing

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