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Guys are these worth copping? Or am I just falling for that whole "woven shoe" meme?
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you are a meme
shut the fuck up

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This fucking gay season known as summer is coming up. What am I supposed to wear during the summer? No matter what I do I can't put together a good outfit in the summer time. I fucking hate shorts on men
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Try skirt then.
rekt m90

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Does anyone here own a comfy pair of chukka boots? I'm thinking of buying them from redwing, are they worth the 260$ price tag or can I go somewhere else an get a little better for my money?
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>>>/r/MFA bye
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This color looks better
Aww you can't do that anymore

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>mfw I just purchased a supreme shirt

it's not even my size it's a medium and I'm a small
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>Size small

WhEn WiLl ThEy LeArN
not op, but I'm 6'0 and also wear size S, but that's cuz I am /fit/ and want it to be fit just so my muscles are visible
I am auschwitz boy I kinda border on xs with some brands

Why does everyone on this board think weed is so uneffay. Here is a known chronic toker D'Angelo stoned out of his mind dancing and looking cool as shit.

This leads me to conclude that if you are already cool, blazing makes you cooler.
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can't argue that
No, if you're already cool and you smoke weed that's cool. Being a fat degenerate "stoner" who listens to rasta shit and plays video games isn't cool nor is it effay. Stop justifying your shitty life choices by saying "b-but it's effay....right guise!?" Fucking pathetic.
Why do potheads always gotta act like smoking weed is the defining characteristic of a person? D'Angelo is attractive because he's black, fit and talented, not cause he smokes weed.

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Is this /fa/ or do I look like an absolute pretentious goof? (Just the top and coat, not the pants)
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it's cool
you kind of look like fka twigs
Thanks my man
If I see you during the inevitable race war wearing that jacket you'd better hope I'm too busy killing george soros to get to you.

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Get in here
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But if you try to pull of any of this outside of the exact situation it's used in you'd look a complete spastic
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Does /fa/ carry a man purse?
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Only when I'm out to sell some homeless people some Crack, jk I think I'm the only one who likes a man purse
>does effay like to look like a 15 year old who sells small amounts of shitty weed
doubt it fampai, these things are fucking awful.
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if you like these, you're either a shitty plug or a 16 year old sandnigger who adores gucci caps and adidas track jackets

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/fa/ how do i dress /intellectualcore/?

there used to be a lot of threads on these a while back but they're gone

stuff like turtlenecks, wool trousers, etc
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id like to know about trousers
Start by realizing that you're not an intellectual and get over yourself
>dressing like a rapper
>/fa/ approved
>dressing like a ninja
>/fa/ approved
>dressing like an intellectual
>grow up

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Are these worth copping?

I need some comfy pants.
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why do you need /fa/s approval on this

its just a pair of sweatpants
because there might be better alternatives?
what the fuck kind of question is that

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so on the topic of asian designers. who would you say are the most innovative. or influencial designers? be it personal or cultural?
and would you say their philosophy has shaped you in some way?
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The designers at:
White Mountaineering
Avant-garde bullshit belongs in cgl cuz that's what it falls under, sorry man
not all asian designers/ or brands are avant garde.
some are punk, and anti establishment inspired(undercover, blackmeans, wacko maria)
others are inspired by americana or have a rich history of working with denim (visvim, evisu, oni,blue blue japan)

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I am trying to get a good understanding of the evolution of the edge lords fashion scene. From my understanding it goes like this:

90's emo -> hot topic/mall goth -> emo -> scene -> ???

Is there anything that came before 90's emo and what has scene evolved to or is evolving in to?
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90s emo wasn't edgelord-core.

80 "We're totally not gay even though we're covered in KY jelly and in nut-hugging leather catsuits and there's no women in this music video" metal/ Nu Metal certainly was, tho.
>Nu Metal
nu metal wasnt a thing until the late 90s
Doesn't negate the fact that it was edgelord-core.

>Dreads on anyone, ever.
>People who can't rap trying to rap over people who can't actually play the instruments they're playing.

/fa/ wallpapers and or desktops.
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Are these coats /fa/? or they played out
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are shirts /fa/, or do too many people wear them?
how about pants and shoes? should I just not wear anything
>worrying about anything being "played out"
I'm sorry
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>played out

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help me settle something: are ear piercing on men effay or not?
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Sure it's just a piercing. If it works for you go for it.

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