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Looking to cop some new creps, can anyone tell me which shoes the guy on the left is wearing?
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I want to say Supra Vaiders or Skytops

that colorway looks good but they have a real 08-09 fueled by Ramen vibe in any other color
kill yourself ASAP
some mall adidas model

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what hairstyle is this
where the bangs come up slightly and hang almost perpendicular to the forehead
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john krasinski is the only one really with it that i know
and only from season 4 too
Justin Bieber cut

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Okay /fa/ question to the dudes in here, how long did it take you to grow in a full beard completely, I just turned 22 and my beard is growing in okay in every spot but my checks, the hair is there but is thin and kind of patchy, will it just grow in naturally over time or not.
>would post full pic but I'm from /pol/ so I know the chans ways kek
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>I'm from /pol/ so I know the chans ways
Its true top kek
File: 1500336462908.gif (2MB, 260x260px)Image search: [Google]
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Also I know some time of neck bread joke is coming up soon so I'm ready, I just decided to grow it out so I can see when it stunts.

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I recently got some really nice fitting armani exchange jeans and after a little bit of wearing I've noticed that there are small specks of white dust on them and they are annoying me. Can someone help me with how to clean them without damaging the rips and without putting them in the wash every time I wear them?
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Have you tried a lint roller? If so, maybe try a shaving razor.
Lint roller or get them dry cleaned dummy.
Dry cleaning is going to add up if I do it every time I wear them.

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Playboi Carti Inspo

Please dump your images of Mr Playfulboy Carter in here
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File: ss+(2017-08-14+at+08.15.32).jpg (142KB, 593x596px)Image search: [Google]
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contribute to your own thread OP you fuck

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good fit
giant tongue flaps are GOAT but i think anyone who pays anywhere near that much money for streetware should jump off the nearest bridge asap
buying expensive clothing to fill their voids is whats keeping them from jumping off a bridge

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which one should i go for ?
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This belongs in qtddtot btw
Uniqlo is the better bet, h&m is usually shit

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I like paying $50 for a piece of underwear with this man's name on it.
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Just buy two packs of three for the same amount with the same name on it. You'd seriously save a lot of money.
Just copped 9 pairs for $73
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Redpill me on cheaper, comfortable, quality underwear brands please.

I've already tried bonds, which are okay but they are definitely lower quality.

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weird request, but I wanna sport something /fa/ and inexpensive that shows off my russian heritage, u feel? i dig this Gosha Rubchinskiy stuff but it's out of my price range atm. help me out, show me some cool Russian shit/link where to buy.
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https://www.dvamyacha.ru/catalog/ sneakers based around soviet era chucks knockoffs
Thanks man!
The whole post soviet wave is almost gone but you can still get stuff, theres this one guy from gosha that started his own brand. And denma gvasalia transformed balenciaga from just a new money flex brand to something really special and interesting like how allesandro michelle did with gucci

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Where do I get a blazer like this? And how much will it cost?
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Maybe Topman would put out a color like that.
Just fire spongebob and tell him get lost
Jesus is that thing painted onto that guy? It's amazing he can even move

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mr. Fuckyogurl.jpg
1MB, 1862x3801px
posted in the old one right before the limit so new one 'tis.

Lookin' smellin' feelin' like a million bucks....literally.
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After you defeat all of the straight men with money and no taste this is the final boss
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File: 1498967391-2017-06-29-08-59-28.png (243KB, 304x478px)Image search: [Google]
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no dox please

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Why does this shit smell like candy?
I want to smell like a fresh clean man. Not a bag of skittles
What deo does /fa/ use?
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I use this
I use the mineral salt sticks
It actually works, I would rub my armpits in my girlfriends face and ask her if it smelled like anything and she always said no, coworkers could never smell anything when I was all sweaty after moving stuff in the office, etc.

So either like 7 people are pulling a meme on me or it actually works, but I can't smell anything
Wait what is it? Also, do you use antibacterial soap in the shower?

what do fascists wear?

does it vary by nation? are you only allowed to wear brands from your nation of origin?

you can usually pick socialists out from how they dress, can you say the same about fascist?
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>you can usually pick socialists out from how they dress
no you can't
you only like to think so because it justifies whatever feelings you might have the supposed group even more
stop being such a tool, dress however the heck you wanna dress
if you want to dress like a fascist, look in to the history of it and try to pull influence from there
Richard Spencer

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Sneaker News C/N Advice Bantz
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Figured I'd post this again,my restoration of some beat Yeezy 1s. Anyone else do DIY?
File: IMG_1797.jpg (154KB, 808x469px)Image search: [Google]
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And after.
they are still ugly

File: Screenshot_20170815-222940.png (520KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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The Link Explains it All

Bump or your mom does in her sleep
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Not /fa/
AManNeedsClout on G0fundme
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