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Wanting to buy a new wallet, because the peice of thick pleather shit I've had for a year is really grinding on me, any suggestions? Preferably under $100
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I have been looking at the bellroy slim sleeve. Might cop
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Need a new black one. Bumping.

What would you guys think if a man pulled this CDG wallet out? Too feminine? Or am I overthinking it?
I've always kinda associated zippers with female wallets. I prefer the fold, but that's just me

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what do you use /fa/?

inb4 muh alpha male bear-mode; if you don't groom, don't bother answering.
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Are you a girl? If so, stop shaving your body hair, it's just silly.
Alpha bear mode all the way, you fucking mole rat.
sometimes stomach


don't care. should i?
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will they ever re-stock these
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No they won't
Best Gazelle? Best Gazelle
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I found a used pair of Reining Champ UB's for $375. should I cop? they've been my personal grail for a while, alongside Creams (probably just gonna buy reps of them tho)

Supreme Preview hype thread.

What are you expecting this season?
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More garbage.
> Supreme thread on /fa/
Get the fuck out, immediately!
you sound so much like a newfag

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pls post similar stuff
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ITT: Rate the effayness of each other's names

My name is Django.
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Cowboy/10 I like it.
weird but ok


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none in the catalog. you all know the drill

discounts for effay ;^)
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dropping inspo from my folder to keep this shit bumped
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Last thread: >>12664494 →
Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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I have to add some meat back into my diet for health reasons. What's the best lean meat that I can eat to stay /thinspo/? Also, is it true that I'll get sick if I don't slowly reintroduce it back into my diet in small amounts? I'm a male.
I would think that chicken, turkey, and other white meats would be best because they have the most protein and whatnot.

Are those typically considered lean? Should I avoid beef? I already know that I'm completely avoiding pork.

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results day in the uk, what unis u /fa/ggots off to/already @ ??

pic related: where i'm off to
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>Going to uni
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Tfw I go to a normie school

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I've read the sticky. I've got the basics down. Okay. So I wear solid-colour t-shirts and slim jeans.

Now what? How do I break into being actually fashion-conscious? Especially on the level of being able to determine what is and isn't good looking.
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Lurk. Look at inspo albums

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inspo 4.jpg
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Experiment. Buy pieces you normally wouldnt and try things outside of your comfort zone. Browse inspo threads for ideas. Visit other boards like r/malefashion (not mfa), stylezeitgeist and their WAYWT threads for more inspo
>Especially on the level of being able to determine what is and isn't good looking.

Time. Experience. Once you identified which fits you and what doesn't you will make the proper choices and build from there.

The best way to proceed is to order a shitton of things you like on whatever fashion site from your country (easier and faster to return + sometimes you can pay via invoice therefore you don't need to pay shit before trying) and return them if they don't fit or don't fit your tastes.

Stay clear from designer stuff for now. They're expensive and most of the time they only look good with a certain outfit or in certain conditions. Too many babbies on this shitty board are getting memed in thinking that buy designer things = automatically good and end up looking like walking jokes. See (hopefully dead now) goofninja trend to get an idea.

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What's your opinion on Thom Browne?
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he did a really cool thing in this collection where the look had 3 iterations
File: FW16_Collection_Look03-2.jpg (406KB, 3264x4896px)Image search: [Google]
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Need something for $50 or less that's durable and not too ugly.

Any recommendations?
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Few Questions before i can answer this question
>Reason For Use?
>What are you storing?
>color preferances?
Business analyst & Student
Books, 14" notebook
Not sure. I don't really have a style so I guess something that'd go with everything.

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What is the most attractive and most repulsive feature for the male and female bodies?

>most attractive female: flat stomach
>most repulsive female: ???
>most attractive male: ???
>most repulsive male: man boobs

What do you think /fa/?
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>What do you think /fa/
Man, I think this blog is unreal
most attractive male: personality?
most repulsive male: mishaped lardass, child baring thighs

most attractive female: fit and big ass
most repulsive female: where to begin
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>most attractive female: flat stomach
*whispers into mic* wrong

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So I'm gonna start taking running seriously and eventually join the track near me when it re-opens, buying some running shoes, considering the ones mo farah just brought out but I want a more OG 80s-90s looking pair like the old Nike Pegasus or icarus
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If youre taking running seriously why dont you buy serious running shoes instead of "running shoes".
>take running seriously
go to a running store and get fitted you dumbfuck
brooks/asics/mizunos are fuckin GOAT
You must be retarded, don't buy this shit if you don't want to fuck up your feet and knees.
I run in Brooks because my knees turns inwards and they make a great pair to counter that, so go get tested at your local store and find an actual pair of running shoes, not this shit.

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Is Amanda Seyfried effay?
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No, but I liked the picture of her sucking Justin Long's dick on a boat.
About the only time I've been entertained by her.
she looks like she gives great head.

Also she kinda pulls of those rain boots in a weird way.
She's a hot girl. She can wear anything and look good.

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