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>attractive face
>seductive eyes
>god tier hair
>been going to the gym regularly and starting to attain fit body
>wardrobe full of fancy clothes
>lots of nice shoes, fragrances and accessories

>no girls to impress with my cool style, looks and scent
>haven't been out to bar/club in months
>friends are too 'busy' to go anywhere
>nowhere to wear my nice clothes besides occasional casual days at the office or the shops
>not even girls in the office

is there a worse feel /fa/?
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Yeah the opposite problem can be shit, everyone knows all my fits and I am struggling to buy more clothes
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>go to the shops alone to purchase fragrances
>see well maintained fat guy in good tier for normie clothing who'd be 6.5/10 if he was thin with solid 810 qt gf
>you don't even have anyone to go shopping with
Iktf mate... Same situation. Fuck society.

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Do good looks intimidate people?
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>tfw fashion model and virgin
what do I do
I'm romantically and sexually and flirtingly retarded. I have absolutely no idea how to do any of those things or how to spot if someone's doing it to me. Talking to women isn't a problem at all but I have no idea how sex or relationships tie into anything. The only girl I've kissed actually kissed me. This was when I was 13 (she was 17).
I'm mad.

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Is Jewcore short wavy/curly hair the cutest thing a girl can possibly do with dark hair?
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Why is straight long hair the only way women style their hair?
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It's annoying desu.
Plebs would never understand how patrician cute women with short hair are.

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gosha fake.png
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I've never ordered a fake before and I've never had any interest in them but I liked this enough to give it a shot
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from the back?

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How would you dress if you were to play in a concert as being the frontman? And what genre would it be?
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I used to front a hardcore band, usually just shirt off, mesh shorts and Nike free RN
Realistically, I'm best at playing jazz saxophone, so if I were in a jazz band I'd wear plain colored dress shirts, suit pants, and dress shoes. Probably something kinda fun and informal like brogues or monk straps.

If I were a better guitarist I'd want to play in a shitty punk/metal band and then I'd probably go shirtless with black skinny pants (denim or otherwise) and austrian meme boots

80s hardcore > mesh shorts hardcore

Pianists aren't front men. I'd probably be in the back with a suit on.

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Hi guys
I don't usually post here but I have a question

I went to the barber today and I feel like he failed to blend my hair on the side that's not combed over

Or maybe he meant to leave it like this

Tl;dr should I go back and have him fix it? I don't trust myself enough to do it myself
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He did well on the flip side, for reference
1 and ony shameless self bump
looks fine man

What will be the go-to haircut for hip young 18-30 year olds now they've discovered it's a Nazi haircut?

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Young leo/middle part
stop trying to make fetch happen. it's not going to happen.
It took a while but every prep kid that i graduated highschool with had that cut

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Anyone there has any of his fit photos?
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How do I get creases out of a bomber jacket of this fabric? I think ironing might melt it or something
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You bought a cheap jacket made of cheap fabric. Probably the best you can do is steam it. If you don't have a steamer, you can hang it up and take a hot shower, or just let the room fill with steam.
wtf happened to young-stalin whys it down
Just iron it, it'll be fine.

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Why not just shave your own hair, you can save an exorbitant amount of money and time by this and it's practical. Also lets you focus more on what you're wearing and you get to look alpha while doing so.

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lol scoobys gay
I do shave my own hair!
hahaha kek

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what glasses i wear for not looking like a numale?
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Trust me 99% of the human race doesn't know what that is or doesn't give a shit
but you are one and you will render my steez numale too
ok, what glasses do i wear if i want to look masculine?

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List 5 or so of your fav designers/clothing brands
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1. Raf Simons
2. Rick Owens
3. Usually
4. What I'm
5. Dressed in
Saint Laurent
Uniqlo (sorry about it)
That's about all I own, really.
favorites or what we own most of?

How do I get a badass scar like this?
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Manual labour, prefferably clearing gorse or forestry.
t. Lowlife bliecollar faggit

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were mexican revoltionist /fa/
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I think they had some of the best tapered pants. They were trim, but did not hug the legs, and gave a nice streamlined appearance.
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>ywn die a chads death

Are there any people here who are interested in watching fashion related movies every week and discussing it afterwards?
Should these movies be streamed or downloaded? If streamed, at what time?
How do we decide what movie to watch next?
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Not interested but good luck with this. We tried a movie club on /tv/ a bunch of times, but it just never quite worked out. maybe you can figure out the formula though.
Best format would be to post a thread with the movie, where to download or stream it and let people discuss. I'm sure it feels nice to have everyone watch it at the same time but there's so many people from different timezones here that you'll get a much more diverse conversation going via a thread.

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