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post clothes you like
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Make some shit, post some fits, and discuss. We need original content brehs
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I need some criticism. Is it shit, or is it okay? I do plan on hollywood dirting it up
is this a joke? literally none of these pieces is lunarcore in any way neither are they wearable at all
Post some of your lunar fit ideas

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Can we have an /interior/ design thread? Post tips, inspo, questions, etc.
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Nothing disgusts me more than the /thinspo/ threads on this board. Just how mentally diseased do you have to be to actually think frailty and weakness looks good?
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Nice limp wrist buddy
Nice limp wrist buddy
Do you even lift?

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Is cuffing jeans out?
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I'm doing it, so yes.
Yes and no.

It became trendy again around like 2008-2009, but it's not a "trend" in and of itself is the thing. It's more of a traditional style at this point and while the trendiness is leaving, it's kind of like asking "is the Oxford out???" It may no longer be a trend like streetwear or goofninja, but it will continue to be a staple. That's just how I think of it.
Cuffing was always for people who were too poor or lazy to hem their pants/jeans.

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dressing right only goes so far anons. Where do i turn? Surgery? I can't mew effectively as I have a retainer at the moment. Pic related it's me
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No idea how that happened might as well just sidepost
You look fine and have body dysmorphia
I appreciate it anon, but do you have any advice at all for anything regarding jaw aesthetics?

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crisp autumn morning edition
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tace dickes.jpg
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How to get rid of this shit?
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what is it?

pic won't enlarge
white spots under the eyes
Milia I have them too. It's genetic but can be made worse by smoking or sun. Also can be removed.

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>need haircut
>never had a good haircut before and will feel like a fraud

what do i do bros
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What fucking problem are you enduring?
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1. google/pinterest search nice haircuts
2. take the picture to your hairdresser.

honestly the best cuts i've ever got have been from showing a picture to them rather than just trying to describe it.
hairdressers will always ask what you want as well so there's always the opportunity to give them the photo(s) - even if you don't know exactly what you want they'll discuss it with you.
also i've found the best haircuts have been with student hairdressers at good salons, because they take ages at the beginning to work out what you want, then the senior stylists always come over and check their work. That way you learn more about your hair too, it's all fun and games
Laugh at me, but, what's this hairstyle called? My barber is literally Jewish and showcases his shit all over, so, I don't want to show him a photo with a swastika in it lest before he spergs out.

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Why do vans, converse and kebs make every girl 10x as hot?
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I want to cum on my vans
im amazed that some people think this. where i live, almost every girls wears skinny jeans and vans/converse. what it says to me is, number 1, shes a basic white girl with no sense of individual style, and number 2, that shes probably poor because shes wearing 30 dollar shoes on her feet.
They are cute shoes

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>skater shoes
why were these popular? ugliest fucking shoes I have ever seen
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>why were these popular?
because people skateboarded
File: 1451057489587.jpg (66KB, 399x382px)Image search: [Google]
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>skater shoes
Sure now they look corny and cliché but back then shoe design like that was unique and something different.

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Also old British man clothes in general thread
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Copy Nige
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posting my all time favorite greentext

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Bince baples.jpg
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All of you are retards you actually just ignore the best dressed rapper Bince Baples
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>bince baples

if ur gonna do this dumb shit it would have to be cince ctaples
Dont disrespect A$AP Rocky with this shit tier bait.
his fits are alright but he doesn't have the sauce like tyler,pharrell,rocky ,etc

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If you had infinite money, what fashion items would you purchase?
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a noose
All of them.

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can anyone ID these shoes for me please? thanks
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From /r9k/ to /fa/ on a poverty tier budget

What a sad fucking whore
$100 shoes are poverty tier? lmao youre delusional

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