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Someone in the meme thread said this should be redone, so here it is. Should I move anything up or down? Also, didn't have much room to add more, but let me know if anything should be added/removed.
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The fact that MA is not on there at all shows you have no idea what you're doing.

0/10 reflect and apply yourself next time
the pic can't fit every brand in existence in it, now can it?
and it's a fucking silly meme pic, stop taking yourself and the rags you were so fucking seriously for crying out loud
Feel like this meme doesn't really work for fashion

So,fall is coming up and I need some help on what shoes should I buy.
I have 3 jeans (one black and two denims) and that's pretty much it but i could buy more if i wanted to.
I also plan on buying a bomber jacket(in black or camel) for hotter days and I have a leather jacket too.
Yeah also I have jumpers and plan on buying some flannels so i don't need help with that.
I listen to punk,metal,and shiet so that might give you some direction on what to reccomend.
So to end this my final question is reccomendation on some shoes that I can wear while it's raining.
will add some random inspo pics to bump this thread l8r
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Machus posts a lot of cringy sjw clothing
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Jacob j keller is the store owner, he dresses like an antifa
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That's because politics is a fashion accessory to them. Also Acne Studios
why are liberals so stupid?

he dresses and looks like a modern skinhead/neonazi

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What do I do /fa/ ?
Cutt it all?
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Oh God please help
become casey affleck
How to cassey?

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igor high on balcony.jpg
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What core is this?
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gay porn star core
meek core

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W2C pic related,s outfit. I want to look like an absolute hobo/traveller
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Get some of these brands

Greg Lauren
Isabel Benenato
I'm liking these. They manage to be rugged traveller style while not looking like a fallout cosplayer
this is now rugged traveller inspo general

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How do you dress to impress this babe?
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stop making these threads you fucking virgins
Some TIGHT jeans to show off that BULGE
>100/100 works every time
Roren seems pretty basic desu

What does /fa/ think of crop tops?
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cool and next level
challenging in more than one sense of the word
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cudi crop top.jpg
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very /fa/
only acceptable with people who have bodies like the guy in OP

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whats the deal with this jack and jones? ive learned about this brand maybe 5 years ago but now i see all the eurofags wearing it in new york and paris. theyre starting to sell it at lord and taylor here in new york city. dont get me wrong its really nice clothing but i dont get why so many people wear it. it kind of gives off a diesel eurotrash vibe. but i digress

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It's fucking trash. If you make fun of someone's clothes or style in my country, you literally use the term "jack&jones-tier"

So pretty much the worst there is. Avoid and never even consider
>dont get me wrong its really nice clothing
but you see, thats where you actually are very wrong
Its a fast fashion trend-dick riding brand. The least fashionable guys where it here in Sweden at least. And the most generic gift card (after H&M) you can get basically. I used to shop there when i was like 15.

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political-social /fa/
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first to use violence is the first to lose the argument. this whole "punch who you don't agree with because they're obviously nazis" is really dumb.
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Fuck denald drumpf

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Is young Albarn an overlooked 90s effay icon?
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>wife swapping
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Do Jordan's run big or small? Should I get 9.5 or 10?
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>Should I get 9.5 or 10?
I don't know, what size do you wear?
If they run big 9.5 if they run tight 10
If you usually wear both 9.5 and 10, then get a 9.5. If you always buy a 10, then get a 10.

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Fantano with Verg.jpg
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rate my fit /fa/
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Aww no, he doesn't actually dress like that in public, does he? lmao
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antonio fantonio.jpg
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sometimes fantano wears goofy hipster clothes which aren't really /fa/ but some of his safer/normie fits look good on him. i personally think he does well for a thicc powerlifter melon. he's also strong as fuck probably and could get more pussy than you if he wasn't married
Go away melon

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How the fuck can you look /fa/ in 90 degree heat? going to SE Asia (mostly bangkok) for a few months and wanna sink my cawk into some backpacker snatch, but i only usually were cold weather shit and dont know how tf to pull of the summer look.
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i live in southern U.S. and it's usually around 100-110 with high humidity. i just wear athletic shorts with very thin, big cotton tees. not the most /fa/ thing, but it can be done right. desu i'm more concerned with not getting so sweaty that i noticeably stink than looking good this time of year.
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is this good?
Get a solid Hawaiian shirt, not a cheap shitty one.

Wear some shorts and white sneakers/sandals.

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Waywt on your feet today my familia.
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They gonna charge u shopping
Nice. What kind of pants?

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