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Women fashion inspo, NOW
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There are hardly any girls here, so pretty much the only purpose of these threads us to jerk off to some qties, but we have /s/ for that

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Not everyone can buy Rafs, Ricks or CP's on this board

Feel free to ask, answer and help with averything fashion related, from where to buy to what to buy
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lol, several of this brands are top tier in my country. So people who wear levi's for example are like the rich kids of the neighborhood
Where do fellow poorfags cop their sweaters, sweatshirts, buttonups, and flannels
yeah same for me

imagine wearing margiela and issey amongst those COOL RICH KIDS rocking NMDs like it is a big deal

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Not cop
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Time for a new watch thread.

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

Required viewing for those looking for a first watch:

Old thread:
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r8 my Ball Engineer II Ohio
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Post lume shot
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My phones camera goes crazy with the focusing in the dark

LAST THREAD >>12660791
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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name a more i wanna bite your skin off, fragrance than TF noir extreme
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Anyone try this?

I have TF Noir Extreme, haven't worn it out yet since it's too hot still

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sauce on everything in this pic
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Your local Goodwill
i have a feeling ADIDAS and NIKE are involved
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you can find everything of these clothes at "moda italiana fashions" on hounslow high street, in hounslow, my friend

What was the typical look for men in their 20s?

What was the typical look for women in their 20s?

What was the fashionable look for men in their 20s?

What was the fashionable look for women in their 20s?
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striped cargo shorts
I just remember a lot more cargo based outfits and darker denim
were bootcut jeans very popular in 2007? I'm look at pictures of celebrities and a lot of them are wearing bootcut jeans.

I've been looking to get a burka. Not sure about how I can figure out what size I need. What do I do?

Wearing a burka is gonna be liberating af.
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I'm a dude size 40r. What size burka?
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>Wearing a burka is gonna be liberating af.
pauline pls stop

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you have to reply to the post above you with a way to make what they posted fashionable
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Take a pair of scissors to it, make a Jughead hat.
There is no saving these
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alright, guys. Hear me out. Is it currently possible to rock this look again? Trench coat, fedora and all. I've been getting way too in to noir movies lately and I've been eyeing a double breasted trench coat and a vintage fedora. Talk me in or out of it
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Trench coat is okay but it has to be a contemporary cut, chances are you're way too young to pull of a brimmed hat.
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fedoras are a no go. But I was thinking, what if you combined it with an aviator hat?
The hat wouldn't be everyday wear, obviously. Neither would the coat for that matter. trench coats are just nice rain coats and I'd wear it accordingly.

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What's your favorite piece you own? Jacket, shirt, sweater, shoes, pants, socks, whatever
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tobacco corduroy trucker jacket
whtie t-shirt from h&m

The ugly dress shirts, the ugly jackets, the ties...Its all so dreadful looking. How did this catch on?
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idk but it infuriates me
being someone that loves suits, i admire these people that get to wear one daily and i hate them for usually just throwing that opportunity away, even though there is so much you can doi with a suit
Accident of history because Britain became the economic powerhouse of the world and got everyone else to think dressing like this was the "appropriate" and "modern" way to dress to conduct business. I guarantee you if China had the Industrial Revolution and colonies all over the place we'd be wearing derivatives of hanfu.
idk but my friends who work in the financial district in Sf buy their shirts and stuff from costco and express. they're doing pretty well though at PWC or whatever

Why don't more women get buzzcuts? Is it just because most women use long hair to hide facial/head imperfections?
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It looks bad even on attractive females imo. To each his own tho.
>To each his own

I agree, but your opinion is objectively wrong
never seen a post so wrong

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Post effay rooms
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I'll suppose you mean specifically bedrooms

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Not really fashion but a clothing question

What kind of shoe do I want to wear while working in a warehouse on concrete floors for 10 hours? Everything I've heard online and by the guy running the Amazon hiring event says get walking shoes. But I go to a couple stores and they keep saying get running shoes. I've heard you don't want running shoes if you're not doing anything but running. A lady at the New Balance store - apparently not self service btw - said she always points people to running shoes and hasn't had a complaint. Said that walking shoes are too heavy, too hot, and too frim for standing or walking on concrete. Which I don't understand.

I'm sure this would go over better with /diy/'s crowd, but it's sort of off topic so I figured I'd try here first.
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Depends is you need steel toe or not, but I would definitely recommend adidas ultraboosts because they are comfy as fuck and put no fatigue on my feet from walking all day.
I think steel toe is discouraged because you have to go through a metal detector. They didn't say not to get them, just that it's going to be a hassle. From what I understand, it's a bit of an ordeal anyway.
But on that topic, those are running shoes then right? That's what google is saying. And they told us to get walking shoes.

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