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I just busted my old frames, and I need a new pair. I'm interested in something like pic related. Round/oval, wire frame preferred. Nothing rimless since my lenses are different thicknesses.
Also general eyewear thread.
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I like both pairs, but prefer the shurons.
I'd also be interested in frames that would be more horizontally oval, if you know what I mean?
Thanks for the contribution.

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You guys ever been on Japanese 4chan's fashion board? Check it out and bring something back.

Go to the one that says ファッションn
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this guy lol
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I tried posting something but it said I need a jp ip
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anyone want to have a jean thread? Post jeans with good fit or good color.
Right now I'm looking for some slackercore mid-wash jeans
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Spent all my good boy points on these, anyone have any good fit ideas
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one of the worst colors I could imagine tbqhwyfm
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Nah dis real

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more fits of this guy, does anyone else save em?
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Just bought these from the ssense sale.
What did you guys cop?
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RAF stans and some kenzo pants for work
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I wanted these but I was randomly thrown into financial constraint.
i thought these were neat too

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Last one hit 300. There's a chat room somewhere, but threads are comfier.

ITT: we talk about being weebs, and learn about each other's hobbies! After all, they're sister hobbies in a way.

>I find it kind of sad that /fa/ has sunk to the level of trying to fuck /cgl/ girls ~Sieg
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Theres threads are actual super comfy but I swear some of y'all have crazy levels of sexual tension
Remember: this is the official discord


Come on in everyone!!
never thanked based anon for finding me a 3d jacket similar to what I was looking for, shouts out to based anon

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Cop or NOT thread

First up: these
They're $40
Will these look shitty with jeans or it is worth it?
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>Will these look shitty with jeans

yes, and also with anything else
Get the doctor martens version of these.
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That shit all over again. Let's rate.
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Basic but clean. Thought not sure if my autism, but I always have a feeling black shoes with blue jeans look wrong.
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post /fa/ sneakers, no hype bs allowed
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Old thread is almost to 300
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fashion is for manlet faggots
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This thread is going to be shit, calling it now.

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I'll start
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Isn't this from one of those really effay underground bands? Sick wallpaper dude!
yes it's from Grips of Life - Hostile Water Motel. really good stuff, /mu/ patrician taste only.
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>people on /fa/ will unironically fall for OPs epic trull xDD and find an old exaggerated Jewish /pol/ pic effay

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Post em
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acne adrian white lows
File: il_570xN.1019112643_2oe0.jpg (71KB, 570x760px)Image search: [Google]
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In need for a cap this summer, anything good under 50$ ? Pr are caps gay theses times ? Seems like /fa/ avoid theses.
(Bonus points if shipping to Europe doesn't cost 3 times the price of the cap)
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sold out last time i checked, still nice tho

norm-core hat everyone wears

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Ha ha ha ha ha. Nice trips familia
That's the new raf addidas I think

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