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I can feel a stripe tee trend arising with the rising interest in looser fits and more 90's-esque style. Post nice striped tees, inspo, and w2c.
This one's on etsy but its way too small 17" chest width and 24" length
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Anybody know where to cop vertical stripped tees.
>>He's a manlet that read a Wikihow on how to get Taller
>>It advises to avoid horizontal striped shirts but not vertical stripe shirts

God the internet makes people so transparent

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Post em here
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Start us off with your life story, OP.
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>wearing white Meme Smiths
>meeting up with my fuccboi friend who unironically dresses like UK trailer trash biker from the 70s despite being upper class (which he is in denial about)
>"Anon, are you seriously wearing WHITE SHOES? Like, they'll just get dirty lmao"
>"seriously anon are you tucking your t shirt in? omg you look like a grandpa"
>"seriously anon HIGH SOCKS with low shoes? I mean cmon you should be wearing low or invisible socks"
>this is the guy who wears boots with cargo shorts, red tinted Chelsea boots, short armed flannel shirts and hipster glasses, and has a terrible undercut and blatantly calls everyone who doesn't have one Hitler
>also spends the little money he has on leather jackets that are too expensive for how they look yet too cheap to be good quality

pic unrelated
another classic fuccboi
>"seriously you aren't wearing the latest trend or timeless piece like nice pair of boots a button down? head over to /r/malefashionadvice!"

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Lunar general. Where the moonboys at
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How can he dress so well? instagram: magic_fox
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You dress like shit, stop shilling your crap here
This x10
Looks like black mannequin, soft guido shit

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How tight should a slim fit tshirt actually be /fa/
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in your case not tight at all
looks horrible. r u trans?
you have the body of a woman. consider transitioning or being gay

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what core is this?
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Sam Hyde-core
Sam Hyde-core
They call that one the 2070 paradigm shift

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How long will a pair of Vans old skools last if I don't skate?
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>non skating life ~ 2.5 years if you just go to school or something

>life of a skated vans shoe ~ couple kickflips.
get a pro model if you want to skate in it
just a few dollaros more
You can get like 1-2 years out of them BUT the materials are shit so the rubber will crack and there will be a lot of heel drag. You should definitely invest in a higher quality sneaker. If you're over 18 years old wearing vans is cringe-tier

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where were you when wallet chains officially became the accessory of fashionable early trend adopters
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dude irony lmao
like, 9-10 years ago
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>he doesn't understand cycles

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Objectively, what's wrong with pop punk, skater punk, emo style? It's less ridiculous than Rick shit, less mainstream these days than Yeezy and hip hop influenced styles. It's not hipster shit or even post ironic. It's so commonly shit on despite being generally out of fashion for a while now. Is it just disliked because there was so much of it in the late 90s and early 2000s?

What's really wrong with it? Honestly.
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please fuck off this board and never come back
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Awfully closed minded.

Are you saying that wearing a pair of Yeezys or being a goof ninja isn't juvenile and shitty? Because if so... I have bad news for you.

Hi guys, how do those new cops look on me?

Also /WAYWT/
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Pretty shit
"Mom its not a fucking phase!"
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Critque needed on this fit
Should i change the bkue hoodie for my flight jacket

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I'm 21 and wondering if my facial hair looks good or not.
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De-greasing your hair would be a good start.

Stay away from le Reddit mfa threads. Its for your own good.

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Is this bass effay? Effay instruments thread
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The Piano is the most effay instrument.
Keytar is most fa

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hey effay /fa/,

im in dire need of a good backpack, while still looking effay. i still need to store lots of things in it, what does /fa/ reccommend? what backpacks do you have?
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Can't beat this SWEDISH STYLE!
I heard good things about Jansport, just remove the logo. Muji is also pretty good. But that's for when you're on the cheap
Get this, you'll be the coolest kid in the playground OPsenpai =^)

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You know the one, that shoe that you would cop again without hesitation.
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Norse Projects x Pro Keds

Cork sole is surprisingly comfortable and they're super versatile
Keds are for old people man
I heard about keds when taylor swift made a coomercial for them, and from then it has been shoes for girls

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Help me dress like Seinfeld

all Costanza's jackets are great, are they just vintage goretex?
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