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what does /fa/ smoke?

i was thinking about quitting but im too neurotic as it is so i stopped trying
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It's damn effay, there' no denying that

But it's health effects are pretty bad so yeah quit if you feel you should. We're all going to die anyway, though.
i stopped for a month and then started again cus of parties, im a hypochondriac though so i feel like im dying with every cig but i just can't be bothered at the moment
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how do you dress to attract millennial tumblr qts
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like cole sprouse
dad caps
old skools/sk8 his
ripped jeans
long tee

pretty much dress basic as shit with no unique style to yourself
>millennial tumblr qts

so THAT'S what they're called -- thanks OP

is there any point in even attempting fashion if you arent white or asian?
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most icons of fashion are black nowadays
Of course, anon. Especially if you're of African descent

Honestly if you're black you can pull off more than most white folk can
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Is there anyone here into bob cuts?
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yes, very.

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Cool T-shirt thread?
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hey it's me, the camo sperg
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you are cool as fuck. you're welcome anytime. keep posting those slick threads
/k/ is a good place to go for military surplus recommendations
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>implying I'm not from /k/

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Post and discuss things you like, love and hate about the new collections. I'll kick it off with some of my favorites
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Craig Green

File: Craig-Green_ss17-fy12.jpg (243KB, 800x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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One of the most exciting designers out there atm, love how he keeps constructing his vision by building on his previous collections. Lovely to see some more color this year too.
J.W. Anderson


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>Runway talk
>Recent purchases

>Season list, Fabric and leather product code list, Leather jacket guide

>Notable Interviews
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv071R_bPPc [Embed] [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmyKmIaodyQ [Embed] [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0NqydSer5I [Embed] [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikU1dxuQPYY [Embed] [Embed]

Sizing FAQ:
Footwear: This is all foot shape dependant, if you have high arches or are flat footed sizing may vary.
>Geobaskets and Cargobaskets
Size down 0.5 to 1 whole size
>Ramones (Highs, Lows, DRKSHDW Lows, DRKSHDW Highs and Vegans)
TTS, High top Mainline Ramones can accomodate sizing down 0.5
>Ramones Socks
Size down 1
>Basket Creepers, Sidezip Creepers, Limo/Spiral Creepers and Combat boots
TTS, old season limo creepers may require sizing down 1
>Adidas Tech Runners, Adidas Vicious Runners, Adidas stretch boot, Adidas Springblades (Lows and Highs)
TTS or down 0.5, Adidas stretch boots should be sized TTS to your UK sizing

>Drawstring pants
Size down 1
>Suiting Pants and Denim
>Blazers and Leather Jackets (Numerical sizing)
Size up
>Leather Jackets (Letter Sizing)
>Tees, tops and tanks
TTS, Sizing should take into account how garment is wanted to fit. Silk blend garments may need sizing up
>Knitwear, Hoodies, Sweaters and general Outerwear

This is only a guide, trying things on in store is the only sure way of knowing if it will fit. Sizing does also vary season to season.

>What are you copping/trying to cop?
>Where are you seeing the deals?
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Walmart clothes that fit you well > the most expensive, highest quality Rick owens pieces
Anyone else having problems with ssense shipping for geobaskets?
most expensive, highest quality rick owens pieces that fit you well > your entire life

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Prep general
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what is this mess of colors
cuffing the pants because hes too poor to get them tailored
why are the sleeves different lengths
this man needs to get his shit together
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I thought it was okay
What do you guys think about RL Rugby

I know they RL dropped this line but I have a few pieces still in my wardrobe and their retail stores always gave me that prep school vibe






Are neckties basically a meme? What's the point of wearing them?
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They cover the buttons on your dress shirt
Have you ever heard of a suit?

They're a formality and finishing piece, you may not like them but that's the way it goes.
it's good for something fancy or a very important event. in terms of more everyday use where you need to "dress up" it can be completely phased out.

oi /fa/ i have a serious dilemma, I have found a pair of response trail 2s in my size and the colour way I want for $580 AUD. Will I regret them if I cop?

Also what are similar black shoes with that type of silhouette?
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Whats your biggest regret anon? If they don't fit into your wardrobe or if the quality doesnt feel like how a $500 dollar shoenis supposed to feel like?

In the most basic sense thats a runner with some extra detailing, and with whats available in Aus i would say you don't have much alternatives
Ok first of all $580 AUD is overpriced when this exact colorway has gone on sale for $250 AUD on sneakerboy
Don't do it you'll fucking regret it.
for 500 you can get much better shoes from Raf Simons. velcro highs/lows

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Where do you get good quality crewneck sweatshirts that are affordable, available in a variety of colorways, and are (preferably) manufactured in America?
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I buy all of my shit from international outlets so all of my money leaves the US
just go to the mall and look around, most department stores have quality basics for cheap

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im looking for a minimal white sneaker for the summer. commons are ok, just not sure i love the silhouette/design. i have some blue zespas, like the white pair in bottom of pic, but find them uncomfortable. are commons comfy? any recs?
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if you don't understand what silhouette means lurk more
i fully understand what it means, hence my usage of the word
im newer than a fetus and im just gonna bump this because i need wtc for minimal white sneakers

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May I have an ID on these pants and the cream sweater?
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They look like shit desu sempai
those are CDG converse mate hope i helped please upvote
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op here i fucking asked the sweater and pants not the fucking shoes

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hey fa// i need help finding phil collins shoes please help thx
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Rick owens ramones
Look like PF Flyers
Wearing anything that looks like Chucks kys

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