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Any good headphones that don't make you look autistic?
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Never in public.
I don't think you should wear any kind of headphones in public, if you have to listen to something use simple earbuds.
That is ridiculous. Earbuds sound awful and frankly they're kind of gross since you stick them in the ears. It's like carrying around reusable earplugs... what is efay about people seeing something that has been inside an orifice?

Personally I see nothing wrong with headphones. I think they can even look charming, and it tells people something about you, that you really love music.

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So where does /fa/ buy their clothes? What store/website do you buy from the most?

I've been shopping a lot at H&M recently and found a lot of their clothes fit me quite well.
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If this is bait then haha funny, if it's not I recommend staying away from h&m. Quality is bad for the price and clothes will lose shape after 1 or 2 washes.
lurk moar faggot
H&M is honestly shit. If you want cheap clothes just go to a thrift store.

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We haven't had one of these in a while, last year we used to have /designer sneaker general/ threads. Lately there's just been Common Projects threads.

Post and discuss either footwear from notable labels, or footwear that has been ethically and thoughtfully constructed. Or just interesting stuff will do.
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I'll spam shoes for now, always liked Our Legacy's simple stuff and they regularly go on sale, but are a bit harder to find secondhand
nice meme nerd
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filling pieces.jpg
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this is a /fa/ music thread
post /fa/ music, or music that is /fa/ (/fa/ albums for example)
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this MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VzuX88Dc_g
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>was super bored
>decided to masturbate
>listening to this album completely killed the desire

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Before and after thread?
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Yeah, his beard would look better if the chin hair was as short as the jaw.

But in the end, no facial hair can change that he just has good bone structure.
from a 4 to an 8
4 to a 5 you mean

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Does being /fa/shionable actually make you attractive to girls?

can we have some mirin stories
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who is she
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no real story but yes when you wear something cool as fuck you tend to feel pretty fucking confident and girls(usually tumblarina types) mire for sure.

you can tell they are interested in you from eye contact and maybe a smile but you quickly remember deep down you are still autistic so actually talking to them is the complicated part.
i feel this so much dude

copped geos from the ssense sale and was confident enough to ask a qt from uni to hang out

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Post what yah got
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anyone know w2c these or ones similar?
Thinking of getting two rings for my left hand, one iron and one silver. Any good recs?
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which fingers were you considering?
2 rings on one hand can get cluttered, so I'd recommend a thumb ring.
what about gemstones? A birthstone for example

>pic unrelated, arrived a few days ago

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Is this /fa/?

Post /fa/ hats that aren't boring as fuck
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you start, OP
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dad caps already played out
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Natural wear/stains

What are some /fa/ pet names guys?
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eziekiel 'macintosh' goldberg
Well thats just silly

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Need low top white sneakers that can go with most fits(not match just not clash harshly).needs to be cheap, (lower than 100 dollars)and would prefer it to be retro but doesn't need to be.
Pic related but would rather not and looking for some alternatives.
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hey guys what's the most effay condom brand/style/size?
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"My Size"
skyn large p good
dude its just a condom

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fat people cannot have good fashion, as round shapes do not draw the eye as corners do.

Post your fate hate or fat cringe posts here
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i avoid fat people in my daily life desu
>>>not your life, desu
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Post your general location, and post the standard of fashion that you observed.

>United States

>Letterman's jacket
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Mostly preppy, lots of pastels and seersucker. Some "hipsters" 2-3 years behind /fa/
other stuff
>olive jackets
>hunter boots or bean boots

>ragged slim black jeans
>white sneakers
>white t shirt
>black asymmetrical top (hoodie or cardigan)

you must live in NoVa

Sunglasses General, ready for summer.
Also should I get these, feel a bit better than Raybans and similar price.
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are wayfarers effay?
just wear what you like faggot. make up your own mind for once

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General Inspo: The Future Is Loose edition
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