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It's winter here and my boots are beaten up. Recommend me some new ones. Doesn't have to be any specific style, as long as they have laces.
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Is this a thing people do with their laces? I never know what to do with my boot laces
I've seen some people do it, I personally don't, but I think it looks alright with certain fits

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Why are you all such FUCKING losers?

Recently it has become ever more present that this board is solely designed to be an echo chamber for losers and weirdos. There is no semblance of reality in these threads, and there is a complete disregard for true 'fashion' wherever you look.

Perhaps my biggest problem with this board is the arrogant hypocrisy of wearing disgustingly unattractive 'trend' items and then claiming that anyone who correctly thinks they look awful is a 'drone' who dresses for "others approval". This is laughable at best and pathetic at worst. Any WAYWT thread is full of misguided teenager desperate for the approval of other similarly misguided teenagers, who will turn on anyone who criticizes their outfits as being not 'normal' enough by claiming that said critic is a beta male who only dresses for the approval of others. Yet it is in this critique of the critic that the irony lies. Whilst the critic may indeed dress for the approval of society in general, he will often receive greater social reward than the self-satisfaction this board's members have when dressing in the latest Gosha Rubinsky or Rick Owens.

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It never passes the minds of these board members, these misguided teenagers, that perhaps individuality and self-worth is not found in clothing but within an individual's mind. There is a definite primitive ideology surrounding the idea that clothing is individualistic and the ultimate expression of self-worth. Truly it is more pathetic and approval-seeking to dress for the attention of internet-fashionistas than to dress for the attention of either nobody at all, or for society as a whole.

Whilst it may sound depressing, there is pleasure in conformity. Not through the sacrificing of one's identity, but through the knowledge that one can focus on expansion of the mind as oppose to an expansion of one's wardrobe.

As Socrates described, it is the job of the philosopher to separate himself from his body as much as is possible without death. The 'pursuit of patrician' that this board is so enamored with, whilst claiming to be a search for a more individualistic and superior state of existence, is merely perpetuating a more plebeian existence through the very obsession of being an 'individual'.

I urge each and every one of you not to conform for the sake of conformity, but conform for the sake of finding deeper knowledge of yourself.

Hey /fa/,

which high fashion sneakers impress normies the most?
i. e. which ones will get most "omg I luv ur shoes" comments from qt pa2Ts?

Pic sort of related; might interest some anyways

>inb4 sneaker elitists hating
>inb4 OP can't inb4
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>talking with qts
It's funny that a quote form Keanu Reeves is used on that. He lives one of the least luxurious lives of people in his income bracket.
Every time I wear my geos I get at least 1 compliment but it's usually by some dude, idk what to say when they ask how much I paid so I just tell em I'm not answering that

How do I look like this while leading just as unhealthy of a lifestyle? Is there some secret?
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Here's the secret very few people know

You have to start eating healthier foods, participate in regular to moderate exercise, care for your overall well being and hygiene.

Do this as a routine and you'll be attractive in no time.

It always works! Those normies never see it coming!
I mean particularly the dude in the picture, Elias from Iceage. How do I smoke and drink, have a terrible sleep schedule and still look fucking beautiful?
apathy can go a long way

is there anything less effay than the working class?
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yeh, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth
that sounds pretty effay though
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normie stories thread
today i got told i look like
>drug dealer
>cartel hitman
all of these combined

fucking nomies i swear
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>Get called gay by a hick for wearing skinny jeans
>Guy gets mad after I tell him he looks like he's about to star in Brokeback Mountain 2
thats one weird story m8
Well what'd you wear?

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What is the most effay drink order?
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>not drinking smirnoff 100 proof and smoking after every shot
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What's the most /fa/ accent?

I'd say Scandinavian.
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I once got to speak with a brazilian qt at a coffee
My dick could not be more erect
But it was just sexy, not particularly effay

Anyway, russian
>/fa/ accent

Why are you such a faggot anon?
I am trying to figure out whether I need to work harder on losing mine.


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wish dot com.png
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why does wish get such a bad rap? i ordered a few items from there cautious cuz everyone here said they're shit, but i think i look pretty decent in them and get nothing but compliments.

unique enough without being edgy weird.
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You look like the kind of person that shoots up movie theatres
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Delete this post before you get bullied
>I took the bait

>oh no someone said mean things to me on the internet

roast me

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Purchases that are full of regret.

Pic related, I knew only high school girls wore it, and I bought it anyway.
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its like im 12 again
>regretting Ramones
in red is lame but chucks are cool desu

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Hairy legs. Are they effay? Mine look a lot like pic related, should I shave them? What's the best way to shave them?

Also, what do you think about pubes? Long, trimmed or shaved?
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close up frowning wojak.jpg
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>legs are hairy as fuck
>forearms have less hair than most women's

It's an abstract kind of feel
Don't shave your legs faggot. Men have leg hair deal with it.
I got hairy legs and arms, and I never shave them. The most I'll shave is my chest and balls

inspo, advice, questions etc...

How do I get my hair to do pic related? It's almost like that on its own. People comment on how soft and loose it is naturally but it's not quite free enough to fall over and give me bangs. I WANT SOME BANGS. Halp
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You guys keep on making these special edition threads as if black people make up more than 1% of 4chan users
Have you tried any products to weigh your curls down abit, alil flax seed gel gets my hair to fall downward, maybe that would help?>>11413971
dangeruss is fa

>nike being shook by adidas they had to get LV and balmain to compete with adidas

you can't make this shit up.

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Until nike puts their ego aside for one second by not sticking their logo prominently everywhere they can, it will just keep looking gaudy.
Indisputable truth.

There are so many nike shoes I'd own if there logo wasn't prominently displayed.

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Has Raf lost it?
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never enough erect penises in fashion to be honest
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Bigger than me

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What clothing or brands did you wear in high school?
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I had the comfiest jeans and cords from them in HS.

Shitty skate/bmx sneakers and tees, slim jeans or dickies, huge headphones and ugly jackets.
Rick Owens.
shitty $15 bootcut jeans, bright green and red hoodies, heeleys

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