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What are some good small brands? I'm looking for urban style i.e. Supreme, Ea$y that produce good quality crewnecks/tees.
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It's called street wear. Lurk more.
This is off-topic but where can I get a sweatshirt like that?

currently sold out. :(

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Post favorite fashion-related Youtube-channels
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Is this pic related? Does this person have a YouTube channel?
I watch this. He dresses like shit, but seeing some rich kid buy six pairs of designed sneakers per year makes me happy.

What kind of backpack should I go for? I need it for a bottle of water, a sweater and similar small things. For like everyday carry, I'm moving a lot.
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pick something that has BIG straps, many pockets, high quality zippers and some form of weather protection.
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$20 cotton army disposal backpack, they sell them at every disposal store in Aus. I've had mine for years and they grow character as they become sunfaded on the outside but richly coloured on the inside.

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what do you light your lucky strikes and faggot sobranies with?
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It's a fucking lighter for fuck's sake

Jesus man please for your own sake reevaluate your life and try figure how and why you got to this point

This thread is pathetic and you should feel fucking ashamed
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Does anyone else do the lighter hack?
wtf does it do?

Sup /fa/, waifu received this coat as a gift off of her mother and I need some help ID'ing it. All I know is that it's made by Ann Balon, there aren't any other tags on it and her mother doesn't know either.

pls halp
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Here is the back of the coat.
Anyone have any idea?
no idea but it looks sick

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Post your inspiration, product reviews, gear for sale, outfits, opinions about the aesthetic, and anything else related to Techwear or Cyberpunk.

Brand list and commentary compiled from earlier threads: http://pastebin.com/gvxK4GgU

Going to dump some Prada Sport and the Pastebin.
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>Small Taiwanese label producing inexpensive techwear outerwear, tops and pants. Quality is on par with Guerilla Group, not comparable to large manufacturers such as Nike or Acronym but they are specifically targeted at the techwear aesthetic and this is a much cheaper alternative than Veilance and Acronym for brand new items. Fit is on the small side.

>Military aesthetic, fashion forward cuts and functions, latest technical garments. High price. Footwear collaboration with Nike more form over function. Very strong resale and hard to get cheaply.

>Sportswear brand with footwear lines that can work with the aesthetic such as the Tubular and Flux range. Certain apparel from Adidas Performance and Originals line can be found with technical fabrics and futuristic aesthetics. Outlets and eBay can be used to find good deals. Quality is quite high for the price.

Arcteryx LEAF
>The Law-Enforcement and Armed Forces line of the outdoors brand Arcterx. High priced but good build quality and materials. Can be found on the second hand market on eBay sold by retired soldiers relatively cheap. Mix with casual elements like sneakers to reduce the military/tactical look of these pieces.

Darn tough
>Only socks you need to own, highest quality you can get. Big time techwear staple, but 1-trick pony line.
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Descente Allterrain
>Techwear diffusion line by a Japanese outdoors brand. Quality and price are high and tends to be slightly over-branded for the aesthetic.

Final Home
>Japanese streetwear brand with military and urban design references. Quality is low but the design aesthetic works very well with techwear. Don’t expect any technical fabrics. Can be found on eBay for a moderate price used.

>Best merino wool shirts I've ever worn, soft, comfortable, worn for days on end, they come in multiple colours and styles, are made in Europe and are the best priced even compared to mass-produced clothes like Icebreaker.

Guerrilla Group
> Military inspired futuristic streetwear that is affordably priced for brand new items. Limited use of technical fabrics and quality control is not as high as large manufacturers. If 4Dimension is the affordable version of Acronym, Guerrilla Group is the more affordable version of WTAPS.

>Merino wool line with offerings ranging from stealth-tech to tech aesthetic. Great for F/W baselayer. Among the highest quality merino fibers you can get. Great hoodies and tech button-ups.

>UK streetwear brand with a military/utilitarian aesthetic. Can be found cheaply used on eBay, especially from the UK. Limited use of technical fabrics. Good source of cargo pants and bombers.

Mission Workshop
> Cycling oriented designs, high quality construction, use of technical fabrics ranging from neoshell to schoeller textiles. Designs are clean, prices are moderately high. Also a source backpacks and messengers with very high build quality.
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Neighborhood Technical
>Technical diffusion line of a Japanese streetwear label. Rare and difficult to find. Check Yahoo!JP auctions. Interesting fit and use of some technical fabrics.

Nike (NikeLab, ACG, Sphere, NSW)
>One of the best sources for inexpensive techwear garments. Numerous shoe models work with the aesthetic and have some of the best footwear technology in the world. Waterproof clothing and farbics such as Gore-Tex can be found across many product lines. Nike Sphere is often discounted and marketed towards runners and is a good source of inexpensive waterproof shells. ACG is expensive new but resale is poor and eBay is a good source for cheap second hand jackets and pants.

Outdoor research
>Affordable hit or miss (in terms of aesthetic) line, best functional rain shells you'll find under like $400 (helium 2 HD) and good soft-shell offerings.

>Casualwear looking tech line with amazing shorts and pants, but also some other good offerings. more of a focus on aesthetic than function.

>Outdoor line with a focus on ethical/eco friendly manufacturing processes. more focused on performance than tech aesthetic, but their serious tech pieces are done in modern and fashionable cuts for the most part. similar to TNF except their garments are taken seriously within the innawoods community. Comparable to Arcteryx.

Peak Performance
> Good mix of outdoor gear and urban gear, most items claim at least some degree of water resistance, trousers use anatomical forms so as to not hinder movement. Urban gear is understated and their outdoor gear has the typical bright colours you would expect.

Polartec surplus
>Dope affordable military surplus fleeces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Great starting point for midlayer.

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Skinny Jeans.jpg
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So, basically my biggest problem is that I have fucking huge thights, and normal size calves.
I tried to lose weight but while my belly was gone, the thights stayed more or less the same size.

I love the way slim fit jeans look on skinny legs, with a perfect "cigarette" shape all over the leg, but when I wear them inevitably the upper part is visibly larger than the bottom, giving to me some sort of "leggins effect" (check picture).

I was hoping you guys can help me to find a jeans fit that would make me achieve the "cigarette shape" on my legs, considering that as I said before I have big thights and normal calves.

Thank you in advance.
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Study the comfycore thread. Give up on wearing anything skinny. Sorry pal
Actually lose weight.
99% sure that you are indeed fat. And only a diet isn't enough, you have to workout to get your desired shape.

Losing a belly doesn't mean you are not fat, that just means you are not obese anymore.
If a fit girl has bigger thighs no one says a thing. So there is no excuse. You know it is true, there is no denial.
Can you post a picture of your legs?

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redpill me on the undercut hairstyle /fa/
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I one time showed this picture to my barber and I ended up with an okay haircut.
>easy to maintain
>easy to pull off
>every barber knows how to cut it

>everyone has it
It's a good cut but seriously guys you have to keep trying different cuts. Like I feel like everyone who has an undercut now has had it for like 5 years and might very well still have it in their 60s

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Got a 1480 on my SAT. Feel like buying myself some Rick as an early birthday gift to myself and as celebration. Should I?
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you have a shit SAT score

I guess that could be considered "good" for some mediocre not left behind white boi

its a seriously shit score, man. don't celebrate.
nice meme, faggot
you're cool as fuck for "knowing" this shit man
hook me up with a pepe, you fucking faggot

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If I tuck my shirt into my jeans will people think I'm a homosexual?
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tuck your shirt in and put a jacket on if you're really that worried mate
who cares what people think?
They already do anyway

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What is the best New Balance model that doesn't look like autism shoes?
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>new balence
>not looking autistic
Pick one, and this is coming from someone who's owned/does own them.
I wanted to buy these

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Look June 2016.jpg
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None of these threads? Shame on you /fa/
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these threads are pointless and stupid, just post in a WAYWT
which you won't do because all the people who post these are doughy fuccbois with baby faces too shy to post a picture of themselves on the internet
vehemently agree. it would be less effort to just take a fucking picture of you wearing that shit.
Seriously threads like this should be banned. So fucking time consuming to contribute and no one replies to other posters.

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Jordan Barrett Hair.jpg
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it's like it looks greasy without being greasy. What exact product are they using? pic related
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bump :(
My hair constantly looks like this, all you need yo do is apply a cheap hair paste to wet hair, then let it air dry. Sweat also contributes to the clumping of hair to create this look.
Show pics?

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Haven't had one in a while
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Obligatory Rickie post
reasonably /fa/

Remember when /fa/ used to be completely divided over these Nike SFBs? And everyone loved Shia? Good times.

Anyone still wear their SFBs?
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I wish, can't seem to get them in europe.
Hell yea, i still wearmy tan combat boots and sport shia
Yeah I still wear mine on occasion.

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