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Does /faf/ use hair wax, if so, which brand?
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hanz de fucko

How is it? Does it make the hair to hard and shiny? And is it really clibby because I use something random that's dripping when im sweating just a bit.
use matt clay

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Overalls and jumpsuit done right
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he looks like shit
well that's just embarrassing
If it were full Rick you'd wear it or wish to wear it.

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P1010427 copy.jpg
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Is sandals + socks an effay combo?
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yes. next question
>next question
Suicokes or Tevas?
File: 1010318-BLK_1.jpg (89KB, 1400x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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suicoke if you can afford it, tevas are fine though

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What is the most effay alcohol (type, brand, brewing process, country of origin, etc.)?
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Gin. It tastes like a pine tree, and the word 'gin' sounds nice. Doesn't have the contrivances of drinking scotch or cognac to appear more manly/effete. Nor does it have the party image of like vodka.
Ok, I can get behind this. You drink it straight or mix it? I don't mind the occasional tonic and gin at all.
black butte porter with a shot of espresso poured in. maple syrup on top if you're a fag.

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Post a picture of your favorite breed of dog and list your favorite brands

Only NY
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Our Legacy
forgot the dog :^)
File: image.png (738KB, 653x430px)Image search: [Google]
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Raf Simons
Number (N)ine
Cav Empt

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Just copped this Kanye heat for a little over retail, you jelly?
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so fake

>on more parties in la
File: 1459047519243.jpg (27KB, 408x660px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw I fell like pablo
>reverse search image
>No other sizes
oh shit he actually bought this fake

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/fa/ shops in Dublin? Staying here for a little bit and I know this place has more than beer
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none lmao
Yo mane why doze birds dere

Like who da fucc let Asaad allow starks to live in his 7-eleven bathroom
bro that image is lit mind if i save it

What made the Type III trucker become such a classic?

I'm guessing the V shaped lines served some kind of functional purpose originally - what? Are they seams or darts or?
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the type iii came out in a time where denim was just starting to take off as a casual garment. i suppose that's probably where the popularity came from.

they're seams btw, i think they reinforce the pockets and make the jacket sturdier overall
Really wish these things had pockets. I more or less have to wear mine as a shirt.

Hey senpai what is the best watch I can get for $500?
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there is no best in watchland
there is only pain and suffering, and also Seiko
name your use, name your style, name your mechanism
and ye shall recieve
I just want to look more impressive than I actually am
File: orange monster.jpg (121KB, 736x531px)Image search: [Google]
orange monster.jpg
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just get a diver from Seiko or Orient

Can someone help me identify the exact model of red shoes said man is wearing? Look like and ADIDAS? I can't honestly tell.
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Rick Owens Geobasket
Rick Owens Geobasket
Rick Owens Geobasket have zippers on the side, these aren't Rick Owens, at least not Geobasket.

File: 1466456971302-1091891493.jpg (701KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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please rate my facial fair. Is there anything i can do to improve it?
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yes, you could go to /r/beards or /r/wicked_edge

you're way older than average here.
looks great 9/10
Um how old do i look? i was worried about the gap in the moustache not being professional

File: s.jpg (136KB, 1020x983px)Image search: [Google]
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I need some casual canvas shoes. The narrow shape on the left is what looks good on me. The blob on the right is unfortunately what canvas shoes seem to look like. Are there any brands that make slimmer canvas slip-ons with some shape to them?
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>Are there any brands that make slimmer >canvas slip-ons with some shape to them?
Not really.
But check this: http://fluchos.com/categoria/hombre/casual-sport/
Not, also shoes look narrow because the point of the shoe is longer than a normal toe, sneakers are more like the shape of a foot. Just don't buy slip ons, buy something with laces or if you don't like laces there's velcro sneakers.
Well, fuck. Seems like an opportunity for someone.

File: 659591_mrp_in_l.jpg (18KB, 455x475px)Image search: [Google]
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Where can I get good underwear similar to this without male names or branding?
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your sister's drawer.
oh, I should wear baggy boxers to be manly?

should I also grow a beard and cut some trees? how about some malt and a cigar?
You seem to know how to be manly, yet you want to wear panties.

Pick one.

W2C this weird hip-hop shirt? Looks like some music graphic from the late 90s/early 2000s
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Also seen here on playtrash carti
File: sputnik.jpg (31KB, 838x528px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c minimal black and white graphic shirts similar to the designs from sputnik (reason why I'm asking is because sputnik's order processing is always fucked)

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Do you have any tattoos /fa/
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what the fuck
File: Ci8tGmgUYAAF-jF.jpg (82KB, 600x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Love Pun Pun, but that tattoo is going to bleed into a giant black blob over time.

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