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/fa/ what's a good stylish wallet

Feel free to post anything maybe something a little out of the ordinary

I'm liking pic related desu I know it's kind of memey

What other obscure wallet designs are there
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My mom bought me this one for my 17th bday
help me decide which one I should get
bottom right, you fucking spaz

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Bruhs is this thinning or just a part/cowlick? I've been on Fin for my hairline and I'm not sure if my crown is starting to go
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definitely, sorry. My crown looked exactly like that before i lost it all, my family disowned me, and i was banished out of my city. i am now an outcast, a bald one at that
>Going to 4Chan instead of a doctor
Well i had something similar it starts ok but i didnt get treatment quickly and now i am bound to a weelchair and eating through a straw
Sorry, friend. It looks like that's the beginning of the end. I ignored the early signs and now I'm paralyzed with the exception of my little pinky finger. They tell me I'll never move on my own again.

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Real men inspo
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Are joggers just a trend that will go the way of colored jeans and bell bottoms or are they here to stay?
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trend on the way out
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trend but sometimes they can be dope
bad example

Is Axe /fa/?

Do I need to use expensive salon hair products and luxury fragrances to be /fa/ or is Axe decent enough?
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Axe smells like a frat house so no
There is a middle ground between fucking Axe and luxury fragrances
>expensive salon hair products
Usually, yes. Salon lines like Aveda are usually the "step-up" price point where things start really being worth the money. You use far less of them than you would of the equivalent supermarket brand, so they reimburse some of that money you spend.
You don't need a fragrance, and Axe is worse than no fragrance. But >>11470229 is correct.

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What is your guilty pleb pleasure?

Pic 100 percent related.
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Do plebs even know who the fuck John Varvatos is?
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Maximum pleb
You can buy it at Macy's and Nordstrom, so I'd assume so.

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Anyone have any more of these?
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Choose one, im on the phone and too lazy
Post fashion autism bingo

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>product recommendations
>personal routines
and infographics would definitely be appreciated
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We Used:
>Tweezerman Slant Tweezers
>Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Eyebrow Pencil in “Carmel”
>Spoolie Brush
>Angled Liner Brush
>Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in “Medium Brown”
>Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality in “Camille/Sand”
>Senna Concealer Brush #12
>Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

Step by Step:
>1.+2.Brush eyebrow hairs up to expose the natural brow line.
>3.Using a tweezer, remove any unwanted hairs from below and above the brow line.
>4.Using an eyebrow pencil one or two shades lighter than the hair color, follow the natural brow line underneath, from one end to the other.
>5.Apply the pencil liner on top of the eyebrow, starting from the center, and then working your way back to the ends of the eyebrows, meeting the line that you created on the bottom. This would be an appropriate time to create a slight arch on top of the brow.
>6.Using a spoolie brush (The Brow Wiz pencil has one built in), brush the liner up into the brows, blending any harsh lines.
>7.Apply brow powder, or a matte eye shadow, with an angled brush to fill in the brow and set the color.
>8.Apply a cream concealer or highlighter, just under the entire brow and on the top outer edge of the brow. Blend using a concealer brush.
>9.Add a coat of clear brow gel, to secure any unruly hairs.
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just threw away all my jeans because they were too old. need about 3 pairs what kind should i get ?

im 6,2 and weight like 160 pounds and my legs are long and skinny

ive always ended up with too big jeans that really did not fit me and just felt like a hassle to wear

thanks in advance guys!! used to wear a peacoat and smoke cigs with a hy years back because of other oldfags here!
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Uten navn.gif
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i will pay 25 bucks to someone over paypal if they can give me a good reply please

new fa almost never help me
Depends on your budget. I've been happy with the quality of my APCs
um maybe 120 bucks or so for a pair

im in europe cant find apc where i live tho

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Which Note7 color is the most /fa/?

Also post /fa/ phones
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black obv
just get an iphone its the obvious choice
normie phone

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How does one get into digital style?
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You do a digital dance. Now get out.
I've had this shit in my head for weeks, I want to digital die.
Is that Thom Browne?
Green guy has siqq digital fits

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ITT: We post things that trigger fuccboi /fa/ggots

I am going to start. Pic related.
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No you're the fuccboi. They're worth it. The quality is solid, basic design so it lets us challenge our creativity.
>but you buy them at the mall !
>but they're not designer tier !

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Ive been wanting to dye my hair for the longest. im growing it out, the front of my hair can reach the back easily. I have a very dark indianish skin tone and idk what hair color would look good on me. Any tips?
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better not post facepic kek
Do head shapes/sizes go with particular hair colors? Big heads go with black, small with blonde? Or is it the other way around?

Big foreheads match hair with their skin color to avoid drawing attention to the top of their head vs. big foreheads go with an opposing color to visually break their head up?
Grey and blue

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viking lord.jpg
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Post inspo, growth progress, routines, shampoo recs, all that

I'll post some old inspo to kick us off

pls be encouraging thanx
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beach god.jpg
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i fucking love this guy's hair

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Is wearing Carhartt hip and cool?
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Why yes, anon from 2012. It is.
I think they have some nice jackets - not exactly high fashion
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agreed, some of the jackets look good in skate/slacker core fits. Their beanies can be nice too

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