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I have to wear a lab coat at work most of the time. I can't do any crazy alterations, but I can let a tailor make adjustments to the general fit.

any suggestions or am I doomed?
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lab coats at /fa/ as fuck
Lab coats are /fa/ if you deserve it. If you're wearing a lab coat and your life has nothing to do with being in a lab then you're just as bad as someone who wears crutches and has no injury.
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knoch has some for sale

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What are some /fa/ haircuts?
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No cut
Buzz cut
Shaved head

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>wearing nikes
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reebok/fila/adidas or kys
Being a slave to trends isn't effay in any year.
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nice trend hopping, laggard.

see you in 6 months when you've moved on to reebok and start talking shit about adidas.

File: p6ibrk1uzbszkuxzr5zy.jpg (60KB, 636x482px)Image search: [Google]
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How should I dress for the gym? I don't want to be effay, I just want to look normal
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Sweatshirt material shorts. Athletic t shirt made of polyester. Running shoes.
File: basics gym.jpg (814KB, 4148x2124px)Image search: [Google]
basics gym.jpg
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Depends on what you're planning on doing. Chucks are a pretty good and cheap weightlifting shoe if you're planning on doing that

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Am I /effay/?
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do you feel effay?
Muslims can't be effay

Tfw copped naked and famous rawz for 70 bucks on sale
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congradulations you fucked up

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Korean style.jpg
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I'm living in South Korea for the next year and really like this style of pants where the ankle is exposed. However, I'm fairly hairy even by western standards. Would this kind of style look bad on a guy who has a fair amount of dark body hair?
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You don't know where to find slim black trousers?
File: image4xxl.jpg (109KB, 870x1110px)Image search: [Google]
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get old school vans and white socks, if somebody asks if you skate, say yeah i push mongo

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What does /fa/ think of Palace
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their ss16 was pretty cool but the brands becoming flooded with the same supmeme faggots
Lazy design and overrated. Not worth the dolla desu

File: comfy future.jpg (582KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
comfy future.jpg
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>shirt tucked into trousers
>no belt

is this the best way to stay ahead of the curve without going full avant garde?
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i don't know if it will keep you ahead of the curve but it looks good. remember to wear high rise pants.
yes, but good luck finding pants that will fit

they just dont make them like that anymore
>they just dont make them like that anymore
look harder

File: 1466101468180.jpg (79KB, 687x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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About to head out to a suit and tie formal with my GF tonight /fa/. How's my fit looking?
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it keeps getting bigger
File: pingwin.jpg (40KB, 453x604px)Image search: [Google]
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esery time I see this I am amazed
horrible suit fits thread?
File: _MON0092.jpg (631KB, 2000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
631KB, 2000x3000px

File: adidas-zx-flux-adv-640x428.jpg (33KB, 640x428px)Image search: [Google]
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Where's the recent hype coming from?

Should I cop before they're deadstock?
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wtf those are fucking garbage lmao
outside of y-3 adidas is as shitty as nike to be honesto
this model is as simple as it gets, no way you can hate it unless you are swoosh's cock-sucker
what is ultraboost

File: rkoi.jpg (138KB, 962x962px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some aesthetic, fashion and lifestyle site you browse when /fa/ is being shit?
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you're here forever fag
/mu/, /tv/ and /r9k/ usually, on important events I browse /pol/ and /sp/, and /gif/ when I'm feeling degenerate
/tv/. Seriously, you wanna build a good aesthetic in you ? Watch good films

File: 1451635942246.jpg (344KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Is there a chance to get back the haircolour you used to have? I was a natural platinum blonde as a kid, until age 14, when it started getting darker and now I'm about medium blonde. I'd want to be a natural platinum blonde again, is there a chance to bring my old haircolour back?
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File: blondekid.jpg (77KB, 992x558px)Image search: [Google]
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Pic related, that kid is about excatly how I used to look. How do I get that colour back? I would have used this pic in OP but I couldn't find it.
Guess a lot of sun might help

File: 1467355830159.jpg (8KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
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How do i get into Lunarcore?
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>lunarcore on a budget
this sounds like an oxymoron

File: nike-field-general-free-qs-0.jpg (594KB, 1024x683px)Image search: [Google]
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Lunarcore is not a cheap aesthetic as it is rather important that your whole fit is lunarcore, not only single items. Also most items that fit well are "unusual" or they don't work in many fits.

A cheap fit would be pic related if you can find pic related anywhere, some cargo pants, a t-shirt and a bomber.

File: 1467522518306.png (2MB, 1870x1335px)Image search: [Google]
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>incredibly normie/10
redneck indiana jones wannabe pussy nigga core
Jfc Zachary I told you to stop being an autist

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