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w2c these shorts?
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Is that a Levi tag on the pocket? The lil red thing?
yeah, that's definitely levi, I recognise the leather patch
Thanks familia.

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I currently wear autism shoes but I don't want to dress as an autist anymore. What shoe can I get that will look non-autistic in the most possible social situations and will go with the most possible outfits?

Also if you can recommend any simple clean-cut outfits that would be great. I'm 5'11 125lbs for reference.
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post fits
stan smiths are safe as fuck and go with everything
but they might be too out played by 16 year old girls in your area
I have only seen a single person wearing stans in my area
outfits? I currently wear track pants and 2 H&M shirts I alternate everyday.

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W2C comfy turtlenecks for pretentious intellectual core?
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Bump, I'm interested also
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cashmere turtleneck.png
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Brooks Brothers
are the big chunky n thick / oversized turtlenecks still in or nah? I've wanted one for a while but i find nice turtlenecks are usually too expensive minus grabbing one from topman or something

Ok /fa/ , serious question here.
I am going to modify a box van like in this video.
If you met a guy with great fits but lived like this...would you be willing to date him?

Fast forward to about the 3 min mark for the cooler stuff.
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I think the flaw in your idea is that you manage great fits lmao
It'd be easy to switch between many sex positions and locations quickly. So, yes, maybe... Where do you keep the clothing tho?
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>Where do you keep the clothing tho?
Will put in a full length closet. Wont hold tons but enough and everything will be pressed and ready to go.

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What do I do from there
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Full raf
shave head
bumping for attention

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Why is wearing a watch a sign of masculinity?

Use your fucking phone brah, for real.

Since phones have been a thing, there's been NO NEED FOR A WATCH
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I wear one because everyone else in the office wears one.
because its faster to check
also im autistic and like mechanical shit

It's the only piece of jewelry men get aside from a wedding band. Makes me think more of a person and their taste if I see them wearing a nice watch.

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Fuck I hate being first post
Not bad m8
Something out of a 90's sitcom set in high school
Boy meets world core, I like
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>Anon, why you would buy those skinny jeansu for one huned fifty dorrer?
>Find at Uniqro for only twenty dorrer
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i laughed harder than i should have

This is racist as fuck. But for some reason I laughed.
>driving a red trimmed interior gt86
Clearly I make poor decisions. Now watch me dagumi into a tree

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Hey /fit/izen here,
I hope all of you are aware that the most important thing to your aesthetics isn't your clothes or your hair, its your physique. A skinny manlet could have all the knowledge and fashion sense with all the best clothes in the world but he'd still look worse than a 'chad' wearing a decent hoodie and trousers. I'm not saying I look like pic related, but trying to look good with nice clothes and shoes while disregarding the base 'canvas' (your own body) if you will, is ridiculous. If this sounds like you get off /fa/ and hit the gym because all the /fa/shion in the world isn't going to do you shit if you have the body of a 14 year old boy. I see too many of these pretentious manchildren on this board.
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You sound like the kind of guy who wears gym shorts outside of the gym
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Skinny > fit
as opposed to a /fit/ manlet?
when will they learn.....

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OLD >>11502711

>Sale finds
>Runway talk
>Recent purchases

>Season list, Fabric and leather product code list, Leather jacket guide

>Notable Interviews

Sizing FAQ:
Footwear: This is all foot shape dependant, if you have high arches or are flat footed sizing may vary.
>Geobaskets and Cargobaskets
Size down 0.5 to 1 whole size
>Ramones (Highs, Lows, DRKSHDW Lows, DRKSHDW Highs and Vegans)
TTS, High top Mainline Ramones can accomodate sizing down 0.5
>Ramones Socks
Size down 1
>Basket Creepers, Sidezip Creepers, Limo/Spiral Creepers and Combat boots
TTS, old season limo creepers may require sizing down 1
>Adidas Tech Runners, Adidas Vicious Runners, Adidas stretch boot, Adidas Springblades (Lows and Highs)
TTS or down 0.5, Adidas stretch boots should be sized TTS to your UK sizing

>Drawstring pants
Size down 1
>Suiting Pants and Denim
>Blazers and Leather Jackets (Numerical sizing)
Size up
>Leather Jackets (Letter Sizing)
>Tees, tops and tanks
TTS, Sizing should take into account how garment is wanted to fit. Silk blend garments may need sizing up
>Knitwear, Hoodies, Sweaters and general Outerwear

This is only a guide, trying things on in store is the only sure way of knowing if it will fit. Sizing does also vary season to season.
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This is a good week for me, got a pair of memphis shorts, a lamb sleeve denim jacket and a gimp hoodie coming in the next 3 days :D the gimp is gonna go great with my scuba sock + leggings + pods + layer tank + turtleneck longsleeve full rick fit that i posted some threats ago :) what did ya'll get recently?
A hat. I'm now sitting here wondering why I spunked £50 on a hat.

Oh well. life goes on.
Whats life without a few retarded things once in a while, right? Almost bought a rick leather visor as well so i know the feeling

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What Are You Wearing Today?

can we get some decent fits today boys
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I need new shoes
File: clothes2.jpg (147KB, 862x699px)Image search: [Google]
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Nothing special

As do I friend
File: Picture 31.jpg (323KB, 990x1761px)Image search: [Google]
Picture 31.jpg
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File: german-ss-black-for-poser-2.jpg (65KB, 650x503px)Image search: [Google]
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>ITT: How you would dress if it didn't make you ridiculous in the real world

Pic related 4 me. I'm not even German, I dont hate the Jews either. This uniform is just brilliantly designed.
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do you happen to know why they had big ass pocket things like that on their pants?

i thought it was to have leg room when riding horses but i dont think they did any horse riding.
it's literally just the style.
Idky they chose to even wear riding pants. There is different SS uniforms and some without riding pants though.
drop trip stinky bitch ewwwww i can smell ur poo poo breath from over here

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post your luckies, brokens, dailies, or just worn outs
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Are these yours? Do you have more pics please?

I'll post mine later.
File: IMG_9295.jpg (1MB, 2448x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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worn out memeshoes
File: 1165111121.jpg (86KB, 1280x852px)Image search: [Google]
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the gf hates them, but idgaf

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when did france become uneffay and how?
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When Paris was no longer French
when the marxist intellectual scene in the 60's died and neoliberalism took over
>niggers and sandniggers

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W2c that white jacket with grey pockets?
Or something similar?
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