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Anyone know where to get some cheap (max $75ish) high rise pants similar to pic related bt not so baggy/loose? It doesn't seem like there are a lot of options but I don't even know what they are. Should I just size up in pants size and then tailor everything?
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Thrift shop
normally they are not much slimmer than OP pic
Come on manlets we gotta bump this

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What's this aesthetic called?

I'll post examples.
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autism core
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Rate my fit /fa/
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10/10 son
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kobe son.jpg
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Don't @ me

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Ill be living in greece for 6 months and I have no idea where to get good clothes, any people living in athens know where the good stores are?
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>good stores

Sorry lad, you'll have to embrace H&M.
Is there really nothing?
SUFU had it covered

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I'm going to Berlin next week. What are some stores I should visit? (Men's clothing, no high end designer stuff, I'm a rather poor student).

I want to hunt for some sweaters, basics, maybe some sneakers and pants.

Also, does anyone know the prices of PaulsBoutique? I don't want to go there and find overpriced second hand stuff.
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stay safe
spend your money on drugs instead
Check out the vintage/thrift-ish clothing stores situated in the area around the shop Big Brobot, I was there a couple of weeks ago but didn't have time to see them all. One had like three racks of vintage windbreakers for Gosha fans, and even more racks full of old denim jackets. Apart from that, there's plenty of indie shops and one that sells 50s-inspired dresses.

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Phone thread? I'm new to android and was hoping to get some feedback and inspo.
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Looks pretty ok, desu~
I am personally not a fan of dark stuff but well if it suits you.

Please rate my screen /fa/milia... didn't put much effort in it tbqh but I want to switch it and would need some advice on how to make a cute, effay, Cat-related Screen without it looking like it belongs to a 14 years old
I dig it. Its a pretty swanky icon pack imo
i bet u play green outside of BUG/RUG u shitter

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can we have a wallet thread? Mine's ripped and I need a new one. I'm looking for anything but plain ol' leather, preferrably colourful, interesting materials, although painted leather would be perfectly acceptable, too.

please no money clip/bankroll fedora tier shit.
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wallet i use daily, i also own a goyard wallet but i never use it.
that looks fucking awesome.
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Copped, but it's thicker than expected. Well made and v handsome tho, so I use it. Not at all what you're after, sorry OP, jus bloggin

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Does /fa/ wear boxers or briefs? Which brand and why?
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Boxer briefs

Best of both worlds
boxer briefs

best of both, worst of neither
I got sport trunks/briefs for lifting and everyday wear but i noticed these rash looking lines/marks on eitherside of my groin where they sit so I've not been haven't worn them for a week and have gone back to my boxers now but the lines are still there. Has this happened to anyone else? Does wearing tight fitting underwear cause this or would it be something else. I'm freaking out desu

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How bad is my nose? I cant decide if its okay or horrible. After you see something every day you start seeing it differently but the tip just annoys me.
And do you personally think that I would be a good candidate for cheek bone augmentation? Filler, non surgical. I cannot decide whether or not more cheek bone definition would suit my face or not, I have kind of adjusted to this but high cheek bones are something I have always desired.
I have the money now to get minor work done so I thought I would check in here first. I already plan to get some filler on the sides of my chin because I need a bit more definition there. And I think my lips are fine, I wish the upper lip didn't want to roll inwards but I mean its not worth the risk of getting those lumps from fillers so ill leave it be.
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fillers makes everyone look retarded and mishapes over time

surgery or gtfo
dude cheekbones are supposed to be high and sharp, filler is gooey
Guess im fucked then as im not paying 10k$ for surgery. I am fine with the way they are now I just feel like it makes my eyes look droopy.

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/r9k/ said I was autistic for wearing boots, joggers and a button up shirt, but I honestly am trying to improve my fashion sense. I didn't think it looked that bad. Is it shit?
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looks pretty bad
What's bad about it? What mistakes did I make.
lurk here more and then once you get a good sense fucking leave, this board makes you hate everyone also get the fuck off r9k unless you like feeling like a piece of shit

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Bowtie thread. Here's a couple of mine from the week.
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If anyone knows any good online shops for bowties lemme know. I've pretty much exhausted penguins and the tie shop's inventory.
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I hope this is bait, holy shit.

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Is Fogel just an un-effay Telly?
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Lmaoo he's the same guy from kids????? I hade no fucking idea
>implying HIV is /fa/
People hate Kids because it's supposedly "ooh edgy" but that's the point. The kids are assholes. The cult crowd around the film is what made it like that. Bunch of faggots who think following the behavior in the movie is good.

As a kid who grew up in that type of environment in the 90s and saw asshole teenagers of the time when I was a kid, they were like that. It's an accurate depiction of actual 90s youth. Not the "I'm a 90s kid! Look at my gameboy color!" bullshit.

What are some good western style shirts?
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Woody Guthrie.jpg
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LVC, RRL, Pendleton, Woolrich
I found a nice looking Nautica shirt the other day. I would post pictures but my eyes hurt and I want to sleep.
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jimmy dean.jpg
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bumpo. will be posting some inspo from time to time to keep this thread alive. Any one know any other good brands that sell quality western type wear that isnt too autistic (i.e i can wear it in general public without sticking out like a sore thumb). I think wrangler is preety good, specifically their jeans.

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Because of these dubs


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Why don't we have grooming threads on /fa/? I mean nothing says IDGAF like being poorly groomed. I'm a well groomed man myself I'll admit it. Are Harry's razors any good? What about Dollar Shave Club? Is it true they're overpriced rebranded Dorco?Looking for a cheaper alternative to Gilette. No safety razors, I'm a cartridge man myself.
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>What about Dollar Shave Club? Is it true they're overpriced rebranded Dorco?

They are.

>No safety razors.

Seconding this. Go back to plebbit and have a sad cum about it not being the 1950s while you take an extra 15 minutes to shave.

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