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I want this hairstyle.What do I say to my barber?
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You: You know the bad guy from Team America?
Barber: say no more family
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and what about this?
tell him you want the Say No More, or Sayno

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is skinhead /fa/?

traditional, and Oi! welcome
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damn whatever happened to that site? wish it would get updated some time.
ikr, shit was funny
Awful aesthetic

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You kidding me? $1500?
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No it's 1480
No it's $1,480
No, it's $1,480.

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Before and After reading /fa/
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he went from fuccboi to boipucci
Fuck I'm glad I'm white
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What's the best place to buy joggers from?
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Get the app "plndr" and search
Definitely Zanerobe

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look at this reddit fag
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I can already imagine how everyone feels embarrassed by the fit but is giving him this nicely worded safe advice mixed with a thousand compliment instead of telling him that he dressed like shit, as they should.
how to fix:
>lose weight
>wear either a shorter shirt, or a longer jacket
>don't put a dark green jacket over a black and pink floral shirt
>never wear any pants other than black skinny jeans
>what the fuck are on his feet
He looks like most /fa/ggots, desu

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Can someone please help me pick a nice pair of shoes? I need something comfortable and not so bulky as I'm driving 3+ hours a day

I'm not picky at all, I'm just having trouble finding ones that will look good and such. I'm kinda twiggy and a male

The black with overspray like in pic related are very appealing to me, so if anyone has recommendations please let me know
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That over spray is nigger core

Go for adidas sambas or converse for driving, the thinner the sole the better
if you want to get the jordan eclipse in another colorway that'd be okay
I have some Converse already, and the sambas are pretty uncomfortable to me

What about pumas? Any of those /fa/ enough

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>tfw you can't buy Levi 511 jeans online because it seems like even for the same sizes they can be cut and fit completely different
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That's because Levi's a shit. Don't get any of they're cuts. They're all like that

I swear to god I've purchased the same exact fit, size and color at one time before, and they fucking fit differently. What the fuck?
Levi's just has terrible quality control. I think it's because they already have a huge loyal customer base, so they know people will buy whatever they shit out anyway.

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W2C jacket. Plus links on really cheap thin hoodie.
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hi! you must be new to /fa/. you see, no one cares about you, especially not enough for you to start your own thread! haha! post in the fuccboi general for shit you were too fucking lazy to reverse image search.

looks like it might be profoundco, but not sure
The brand name is on the jacket. Do you have DownSyndrom or why can't you google it

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>tfw can't take all my effay clothes on vacation Bc suitcase is too small
I'm away for 2 months. What do?
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layer them all

also stop making shitty threads
get a different suitcase

Should i just buy some replicas of these and call it a day? Its been like 2 years since they were hyped up because of people like kanye wearing them, and the prices are still inflated as fuck, even for a used pair
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just do the thing where you diy a pair with some minnetonka soft soles and a nike free sole. If you're not skilled enough, take the two pairs of shoes and have a cobbler do it
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get the poor boy version
Unlike fake yeezys, these are hardly recognizable. I think these have a pass.

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Hey /fa/
Is there anything other than messenger bags and backpacks for a male to carry around?
I want something that isn't juvenile like a backpack but something that isn't bulky like a messenger bag
I only need to carry a few things, like a water bottle, tablet and a few other small items
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just buy a normal backpack
Tote bags are cringy af if worn wrong. Oh and dont buy a hershell backpack... They are overused and cringeworthy
Try your hands for the tablet and water bottle and your pocket for the rest. I assume that's keys, wallet, phone, and not much else.
Do you have any suggestions on a backpack?
I'm 30 year old so I feel like a backpack would make me look like a manchild
Well I also want to keep a couple battery banks, snacks and stuff. Not really enough room for all that shit. Especially my water bottle. I use a larger 24oz vacuum sealed water bottle so I can't keep it in my pocket.
I like to go to a park every weekend to just unwind and absorb some vitamin d

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Is long hair /fa/ or nay?

Are any of you /fa/ggots growing it out?
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its only /fa/ if you know it's /fa/ and you generally dress /fa/. If you're some school shooter looking kid it's not /fa/.
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What does a school shooter looking kid look like?

We don't really have those in my country
I'm currently growing it out to get that femboy aesthetic going. Had it a year ago but bleached my hair too badly and it was all dead.

File: IMG_20160716_172732.jpg (1MB, 2368x3200px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey! I need a design for something to draw on this shirt. I'd prefer something not too complicated. Also, diy general?
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this. stylized ones
write "post feet" in a cool font

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I'm 5"8' /fa/. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Besides kill myself.
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dude it could be way worse, you should be thankful. If youre a QT at 5'8" and dress well then youre perfectly fine.
Just don't fucking wear sagging pants and too long t-shirts and you'll be fine
Bones is probably a about 5'8", and he fits pretty well.

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