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Cap alternatives to look /fa/ under the sun?

PS: I'd use it for running too.
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Boat hat, if you don't mind looking a bit gay.
skullcap has a nice shape and i like a snapback occasionally
...why the fuck you need a cap for running just grab a T, generic sportswear and go. ur hat be all super sweaty and unusable in city if you sacrifice it for sports

File: hatto.jpg (1MB, 2942x2819px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2942x2819px
I found this hat at my grandparents house and was thinking about asking if I could keep it

What do you guys think? Would it be okay to wear even though I'm not a shriner/mason?
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Pitiful self bump
Looks p cool, id wear it
It looks nice

where can i find jeans that fits like this , uk shops pls
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It's a pinroll dipshit

Fucking newfag.
pinrolls?!are those some kind of levi's

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ew disgusting.jpg
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basically a thread on how to not be effay.
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ill shitpost a bit...
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stop it now.jpg
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File: almost done shitposting.jpg (97KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
almost done shitposting.jpg
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What are some /fa/ running shoes? I've been looking for shoes similar to Nike Roshe's (because they look nice but they're awful for running) and haven't been able to find a good minimalistic design running shoe. Help?
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ughhhh, bump
Energy boosts, ultra boost, Air max 2015/16 not really minimalist tho.
any boost shoe really, upvote for ultraboost

/fa/, what about male earrings? What are some good ones?
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Listen, in fashion there are always what I like to call "downgrade accessories". These are for when you're so attractive, downgrading your social attractiveness is in your best interest to make people around you less intimidated. Male earrings are one of these.

What you need to as yourself is this: are you already so attractive that you need to downgrade a bit to make people around you more comfortable? If not, don't fucking wear male earrings. If so, then good on you mate. Thanks for coming down to earth a bit for the rest of us :)
In my opinion, there are 2 types of guys who wear earrings.

1. Ghetto
They wear it cause they think it makes them look badass.
Often latinos, often buff/fat/bulky.
They wear it on the lobe and are usually either very outgoing and/or annoying.

2. Hipsterish
They wear it purely to look like a rebel, often on the high part of the ear instead of the lobe and often more than just 1, albeit almost never on both ears.

It's a similar issue as with haircuts...like most things in fashion, an earring can give you a different vibe, but if you're unattractive you'll still be unattractive while if you're attractive you can basically rock whatever the fuck you want as long as you don't look ridiculous.
Unless youre from southern europe where many guys have earings. Mostly just one ear and mostly teenage boys. Its like snapbacks in california

File: ss+(2016-07-16+at+04.28.22).jpg (68KB, 693x518px)Image search: [Google]
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is this /fa/
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not really
he acts like it's super uncommon to be gay and conservative

all political ideologies are just reflections of personal insecurity and disproportionate value of humanity, we live in an anarchist society only disguised as in order through governments.

people will reply to this because they feel hurt inside

we all are equally worthless
yes but comment on the fit
thanks for the political commentary
>negative canthal tilt

why bother living

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This is the top post in /r/streetwear, remind me why anyone goes there anymore
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you tell me, faggot
File: Twm6CcPl.jpg (39KB, 627x350px)Image search: [Google]
39KB, 627x350px

actually dope as fuck. lil uzi vert core
If I knew the answer I wouldn't be asking, double faggot.

ian cucker took the red pill?
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dam he OD on red pill lads
Hes due for another ass beating
Top kek

File: qhHLPhw.jpg (113KB, 635x621px)Image search: [Google]
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I've been rocking this shia fit and no joke girls give me way more attention now

Masculine fits thread
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kek i dont even need to dress up for women to notice me

i wear full rick and women gravitate towards me regardless
post a fit brodie
It will be a bit later, im hungover in bed with a hard dick waiting for this slut to wake up and let me fuck her before I tell her to kick rocks

File: t3_4t5cp0.jpg (570KB, 2523x1836px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw my sneaker collection is better than 99% of /fa/

stay mad plebs
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My af1s look better than every shoe you posted
lmao three pairs of Y-3s in the same silhouette and colors
fucking redundant

File: dk18imp.jpg (32KB, 443x576px)Image search: [Google]
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Can I wear this?
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File: download (1).jpg (18KB, 336x448px)Image search: [Google]
download (1).jpg
18KB, 336x448px
yes, and combine it with pic related for a sick fit.
Really edgy to not like the national socialist german workers party.

Real new and cool and stuff. Get a DK patch. That way people might mistake you for a nazi and then until you explain the patch they'll think you're top edge
File: image.jpg (96KB, 600x416px)Image search: [Google]
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>implying fascism isn't effay

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/fa/ are there any red flags with that my girlfriend looks like this all of a sudden? She used to dress more modestly and rock long hair.
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shes changing her look, why does there have to be any red flags?
she a ho
File: IMG_20160712_214612.jpg (284KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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This. Dump her and get a nice Muslim girl

File: 4634988936_c7bdd17d7e (1).jpg (177KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
4634988936_c7bdd17d7e (1).jpg
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Is cycling /fa/?
How do arrive on the scene without being all sweaty?
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or just don't eat anything
File: esquire.co uk.jpg (353KB, 500x694px)Image search: [Google]
esquire.co uk.jpg
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Why do we need 2 threads on this topic?

File: tumblr.jpg (82KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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just made this one. very effay

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guns, people i like, and some clothing
File: tumblr_nwb3ouaZ2r1ur7pkro1_1280.jpg (101KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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File: received_1672532382772826.jpg (68KB, 1268x652px)Image search: [Google]
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>stuff i found cool

>some fashion

>some fashion

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