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Will we finally see something new because of this?
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is that a problem though really

some people dont give a fuck about fashion and just wanna attract women and look good

there's nothing wrong with that. probably a much more sane approach to clothing than spending multiple thousands of hours studying fashion on an anime forum
I would not be surprised if a woman wrote this who is butthurt about men giving their attention elsewhere.

That aside dressing in all meme clothing is pathetic. You just end up looking like a sheep with no personality.
>Multiple thousands of hours studying on an anime forum

What? No one even does that you swine

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Beard growth of 2 weeks. I look like a pedi. Meanwhile my alpha friend grows a superhero shade in half a day after shaving. Why even live.
My face is a pizza too and I have no idea why.
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Don't shave for one month, it takes that long to know if you can grow a beard. Yes it'll itch and look like shit for this time, deal with it.

For clearer skin, wash your pillow cases super often or sleep your face on a clean towel. Washing with water a couple times a day helps imo too.
i get that beard in 2 days senpai, still pretty patchy though.
If you're not growing a beard easily, it may be an indicator that your health is suboptimal. You may want to reconsider your diet, how much you exercise, and if you're getting enough vitamin D and zinc.

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post decor inspo
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Hello /fa/
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put them back jamal.
I don't wear jordans though
Why do you have 2 of the same shoe

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Asian guys,

Does anyone know of a product that adds weight to the hair without it feeling greasy/sticky (light slippery oily is fine)?

You know how right after you shower and shampoo in the morning, when your hair dries, it feels like haystraw? Very dry and unconnected. And after a day, during around supper time, your hair feels very soft, and not dry (from the natural scalp oils). Is there anyway to get that night time hair feeling with a product right after a shower?

Left pic represents dry hair, right represents what hair looks like after a whole day.
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I fucking love the dry hair; I wish I could have that all day.

I recommend pommel, which I find isn't as sticky as hair gel. Gatsby is a Japanese brand, so it's probably better for Asian hair.
I just really, really don't like looking like pic related.

Something a lot of asian guys know too well.
I kinda want to look like some k-pop singer, but the effort needed to get that hair is too tryhard for me. I just want one product to put into my hair.

I tried hair oils, but it just dries up quickly and it makes the hair feel greasy, not light oily.

Might consider pommel, I need to find one that's very wet that feels like what I described above when dried, not greasy, but light oily.
I use some cheap Axe pommel. Unless I'm touching my hair, I don't notice it's there. There is no visual distance. Running my hand through my greasy hair, I barely notice that the area with pommel is thicker. If I wasn't expecting it, I wouldn't notice it at all.

Buy some cheap pommel and try it out. If you don't like it, then you're down like $5-$10 bucks. If you do, you can keep it or upgrade to nicer options..

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Post prep questions, inspo, and recent cops
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What are you wearing today? - 16/7
Old one approaching 300

If you mass reply you post fit edition
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v good rule edition op i m proud of u

reposting here
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I like it, you look cozy. Where's your sweater from?
A black tee and a pair of jnco skunks.

Also black pumas.

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old one ded
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faggot /10

why is there a floating head with shoes?!

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Not 100% fashion related but still better than "is % fa" threads

Guess where I live
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a care home for autists?
>laminate countertop
>kitschy shit from Urban Outfitters
>car keys
you live in the suburbs =)
it's a windowsill. also, do you not own a car?

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Let's have another room/interior design thread.

Post your room or (if you are a poorfag like me) post pictures of good looking rooms.
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This pleases my aesthetics.
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I need some dark/black shoes which will go with a lot of outfits, similiar to stan smiths or smth.
Currently leaning for old skool vans but im not sure.
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Bump for interest.
Pleb shoes but solid reliable pleb shoes. Post shit like this in the fuccboi general, it doesn't need it's own thread and that's what they're made for
probably a good idea next time yeah. Any reliable solid non pleb recommendations?

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Is taking antidepressants /fa/?

Are all antidepressants fa or just ones like prozac and zoloft that have media references ?
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Does modafanil count?

Its not an antidepressant so no.
you're a cunt

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Does anyone buy stuff off aliexpress?
I think we should get a general thread going where we post good /fa/ deals from sites like aliexpress.
I want to be /fa/, but I don't want to spend much money on it.
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everything is garbage
and fashion is an expensive hobby, just wear basics from h&m if ure poor
I disagree, they seem to have some alright stuff
chink sizing, defective goods that you cant return and everything smells like chemicals even after wash
yeah no theres a reason that shit is cheap

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Should I cop these? I only own red high-top converse right now.
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is this bait?
No, faggot. I am just not good at buying new pairs of shoes because I get indecisive and I don't know what is good.
its a plain, black, canvas shoe are you fucking retarded? and this doesnt deserve its own thread

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Rate my squad? That's me in the middle.
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you guys are very fa, how do you get crazy fits like this?
I know its hilarious to make fun of frat boys but next time youre sitting in your damp moldy room wiping cum off your dick with your acne jeans, consider these guys have an exorbitant amount of sex and a often a good future ahead of them
>Coming 2017

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